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London clubs in talks over handshake

Chelsea and QPR are in talks over the handshake in their game at the weekend as John Terry and Anton Ferdinand could both start

Chelsea and QPR are in talks over the handshake in their game at the weekend as John Terry and Anton Ferdinand could both start

QPR and Chelsea are in talks about how to handle the pre-match handshake at this weekend's west London derby, Press Association Sport understands.

The Barclays Premier League encounter is the first meeting between the clubs since John Terry was found not guilty of using a racial slur against the Hoops' Anton Ferdinand in the corresponding fixture last October.

Terry, who remains the subject of a Football Association investigation over the charges that he denies, had been a doubt for the Loftus Road clash but is reportedly winning his battle with an ankle injury sustained on England duty.

Ferdinand is also recovering well after a shoulder injury, meaning the defenders are on course to meet for the first time since the Chelsea captain's race trial in July.

The match could also involve Chelsea left-back Ashley Cole - another recovering from injury - following his appearance as a character witness for Terry.

Consequently, there has been speculation as to whether Ferdinand would shake some of his Chelsea counterparts' hands - a tradition that was abandoned in advance of the previous two encounters between the clubs.

Press Association Sport understands that the Hoops are liaising with Chelsea on how to approach Saturday's fixture and plan to make an announcement on the matter before Mark Hughes' pre-match press conference tomorrow afternoon.

Regardless of the tension, the Premier League has no plans to cancel the pre-match handshakes and Press Association Sport understands they expect them to go ahead.

It is understood that the body has not been involved in the ongoing talks between the clubs and does not expect to be approached about cancelling the handshake as there is no active legal case.

13/09/2012 21:34
what i find funny really, is that  R Ferdinand cant forget this,  after months, but could forget about a drug test a few hours before it was sposed to happen, Pima Donna idiots who think there opinions should be in the public domian and even funnier is they think we care, Grow up Rio and Anton stop playing the my Bruvver is bigger than your Bruvver game and get on with your over  payed very privleliged lives 
John Terry, is not a racist. How come that John Terry, has played most of his life with black players, and this is the first complaint we have ever had against J T ? The Ferdinand brothers are complete R Soles.
13/09/2012 21:07
I agree with Paull Rodgers = get on with the game you Ferdinands.   J T was found not guilty in the Courts and that should be en end to iy.
13/09/2012 20:39
This is getting so childish now. This all started in my opinion to get JT out of the England captancy so that Ferdinand could take his place. It didn't work as JT is the better player. The English courts have found JT to be inocent therefore the Ferdinand's should stop throwing their toys out of the pram and get on with playing football. They are the ones who are now bringing the game into disrepute.
13/09/2012 13:18
If you don't like someone ! Why ! shake thier hand? Up to the player's l think and what ever decision they take..leave it at that..nothing to do with any one else!!!
13/09/2012 14:46

more absolute bollxs, who ****..ing well cares, Ferdinand is a useless footballer and has a major problem

no one cares about him or his thick as sh..t brother. Get on with life, this whole pathetic senario is both tired and lame. Only the suits at the Premier League wan't to continue this saga to show how fair and clean they are. Oops what about all the shagging that went on, people in glass houses etc.The UK Courts found no case for John Terry that should have been the end of it. But no, the suits listen to the gross one, Garth Crooks and alike who all have one thing in common, and decide on a witch hunt on JT. give him a break.  I have it on good authority that Roy Hodgson would take Terry back as England captain at the drop of a hat, leave it up to the manager, he picks the team let him pick the captain he wants.

13/09/2012 14:29
Ridiculous , about time everyone moved on. I think they should lead by example and shake hands, the atmosphere is going to be hostile enough as it is. 
13/09/2012 20:15
13/09/2012 19:32
13/09/2012 20:33
life is too short, if you have to talk about it ,... forget it.. and just get  one with it
13/09/2012 20:14

I don't like JT but he was found not guilty so therefore is not a racist.

give him a break and both should grow up and shake hands as they are meant to be frigging role models to lots kid out there

13/09/2012 17:38
13/09/2012 15:04
When is all this crap going to stop? Ban both f*****g Ferdinands from football.
13/09/2012 14:00
Ferdinand may not shake hands with some Chelsea players! Has anyone thought that Chelsea players may not want to shake hands with a person like Ferdinand?
13/09/2012 21:17
Watch Ferdinand creep round the ref as soon as someone goes near him, the chinless wonder will have his leg broken, hes a choc ice, a fake footballer ? (according to his brother)
13/09/2012 20:17

someone (ste99)

You P R I C K JT was found not guilty in a court of law u T W A T

13/09/2012 14:26
Shake hands at the end of the game, not the beginning.
14/09/2012 02:45
If the FA in all their stupidity insist that this handshaking farce goes on should enforce their rulings. Red card those who refuse to handshake  for bringing the game into disrepute. Then  leave it to the club to reprimand them. I can just imagine Hughes or SAF's reaction. I could imagine fellow team players reaction when they lose their win bonus. John Terry must be laughing his head off at the Ferdinands. They are openly showing the football world their true colours.
14/09/2012 03:35
The UK courts found him not guilty, everyone want to move on except for the FA. What does this tell you ?
14/09/2012 00:13
Get the Ferdinand brothers out of football.
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