21/04/2013 17:45

Luis Suarez bite - jokes

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez doesn't just give ammunition to his critics. He loads their guns and flips of the safety catch. Then he points them at his head and shouts fire.

So Twitter has needed no invitation to capitalise on the latest piece of behaviour so outlandish that it's likely to prompt Mario Ballotelli to admit defeat and post his 'Why always me?' T-shirt  to Liverpool.

Here are a few of the more amusing responses:

Tom Phillips @flashboy

If we're honest, many football matches would be improved by players trying to eat each other. Could replace penalties for deciding a draw.

offthepost.info @offthepost

He didn't want Ivanovic to make his mistake of handling the ball in the box, so he thought he'd bite his arm off. #SuarezExcuses

Paul Kelso @pkelso

Suarez has been criticised for making a meal of things this season, but never quite like this...

Macca @The_Paris_Angel

Imagine if Suarez refused to release his grip like a dog. Everyone just stood around staring at them both on the deck until he was injected.

Ed Malyon @eaamalyon

If you weren't aware, biting someone's arm is a sign of utmost respect in Uruguay. You see it a lot on the streets of Montevideo.

offthepost.info @offthepost

Can you imagine the headlines Luis Suarez is going to be reading as he tucks into his bowl of All-Bran(islav) tomorrow morning?

Bit harder to win now!


If you'd have offered Luis Suarez a point before this game he'd have bitten your hand off.


Suarez would have bitten Frank Lampard but he's watching his cholesterol.

Suarez plan to eat Ivanovic then ask for Cech

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