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Mancini: United have the best quartet

After signing Robin van Persie, pictured, Roberto Mancini believes Manchester United boast the best strikeforce in world football

After signing Robin van Persie, pictured, Roberto Mancini believes Manchester United boast the best strikeforce in world football

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini believes that with the acquisition of Robin van Persie, Manchester United now boast the best strikeforce in world football.

It was confirmed on Friday that Van Persie's move from Arsenal to United was complete, with the Dutchman putting pen to paper on a four-year deal at Old Trafford. He joins a forward line that already includes Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez, and which as far as Mancini is concerned, is unparalleled at the moment.

"I think it is the best four strikers in the world," Mancini - who has the considerably potent striking quartet of Sergio Aguero, Carlos Tevez, Mario Balotelli and Edin Dzeko at his own disposal - said. "Last year our four strikers did better than other strikers, but we need to work harder than last year because this year United, with Van Persie, are better."

The capture of last season's Golden Boot winner Van Persie represents a bold statement of intent on the part of United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who is on a mission in 2012-13 to reclaim the Barclays Premier League crown his side were pipped to in dramatic fashion by their derby rivals City in May.

Last Friday Mancini labelled Ferguson's men as favourites to win the title this term, and speaking a week on at a press conference to preview City's league campaign-opening home clash with Southampton on Sunday, he made it clear his feeling on the matter had only grown stronger.

Asked if it was even more so the case that United should have the favourites tag with Van Persie among their ranks, Mancini said: "Yes, for sure, and I was serious when I said this last week because United have played for the title always, every year for 20 years.

"Although we won the last championship, we can't change this in one year.

"For this reason, I think they are favourites for the title, and now they have Van Persie."

Questions have been raised over the reported £24million fee for Van Persie, who is 29 and has suffered with injury problems in the past, but Mancini is in no doubt that United are better off for having the Holland striker.

He said: "I think Van Persie is one of the best strikers in the world. I am sure they are better with him. Anybody who bought him would be better.''

18/08/2012 09:28
Vidic...our only `City` quality defender missed most of last season and we still finished with the same points. The rest must be really crap...or better than people think...or maybe City aren't as good as they think they are!
18/08/2012 10:30
Fletcher ...Vidic ...Kagawa ...Van persie ...four players stronger mancini .....it wont be goal diff this yr
18/08/2012 12:24
We have a great squad and great attack force, best in the world? We will find out. Truth of it is both us and City have great attacks with different styles, the PL will be staying in Manchester for sure again, can't wait for the drama to unfold.
18/08/2012 11:11
Mancinis attempt at mind games are insipid, purile, transparant and comical, he is right though,Utd  are going to win the prem.
18/08/2012 13:35
steve geezer (geezerbloke

aw bless your first words.....your mummy and unknown daddy must be proud.......lmfao

18/08/2012 12:00

your top three strikers 50 goals between them last year

our top two 57 goal between them says it all really.

18/08/2012 14:45
I'm reading some City posts and it's as if Mancini is the new messiah of mind games and he actually 'planned' to win the league on goal difference in extra time by out-smarting Ferguson, incredible. When City lost their big lead and Mancini said United would win it, that was a stroke of genius! Let's see him do that for another 20years then we can hail him as the new messiah. He's won 'one' title, let's keep it in persepective.
18/08/2012 10:18
Mancini starting the mind games already, his statement puts pressure on the Utd strikers and gives his own strikers the incentive to prove him wrong 
18/08/2012 12:46
media city...Salford quays ..Lowery centre.....what you got in ..burnage ancoats wythenshawe...at least Salford is famous...an he painted matchstalk men.....hahaha........
18/08/2012 11:52
Mancini doesn't play mind games he just tells the truth as he sees it... Its everyone else who take it as mind games.
18/08/2012 14:37

Fergie said last week that United were the team to beat, this week Mancini agrees. Mind games? No, just two managers speaking the truth. Best quartet in the world? That's up for debate, and can only be answered at the end of the season, at this point it's all 'what might be.' All we have is hopes, expectations and dreams. In no other European league do the second and third tier teams push the first tier so hard, which is why the Prem is still the most exciting to watch. This one's gonna be a cracker, can't wait.


As for letting top strikers go to your rivals, Tevez anyone?? Memories are short.

18/08/2012 11:40
He didn't say united WILL win the Premiership Zimmy. He said they have the best strike force in world football and they are favourites. Big difference.
18/08/2012 17:15

if we want to win league we have to finish above city its that simple.

fergie knows the score.

18/08/2012 15:30
Rude Boy...you are joking...aren't you?
18/08/2012 15:15
Nice signing Fergie...only  hope for your sake that he stands up to all the hype....

18/08/2012 19:08
kevin shaw
if it,s that simple why did you not do it last season
18/08/2012 15:51
the mind games has started, mancini is at it again, there is not much between the two teams now.
19/08/2012 10:30
When Mancini says United have the best quartet he is clearly referring not just to goal scoring ability but team harmony in the dressing room and on the pitch. Tevez throws his toys out of the pram when he doesn't get enough game time and Balotelli throws a wobbly when, well who knows why. Fergie says United are the team to beat, Mancini a week later agrees and the City faithful are hailing him as a mind game genius! Is that a double bluff, or does bluffing the bluffer who knows that you're bluffing...you get the point.
18/08/2012 11:43

500k per week for Laurel and Hardy. How many goals between them at the Euros?

I suspect if he really believed that he'd have accepted the offers he had for Dzeko or Balotelli and gone for RvP. But if United go along with him they'll be less likely to play with eleven defenders next time they come to City.

And if they come out against City , like they did to try to get back into the game at OT last year, it could get painful.

This sort of message can backfire  but  who'd bet against it  also being used to prompt City's own front four to prove he's wrong? And I don't care who United have in the front; they don't have a Silva, They don't have a Yaya Toure and they don't have a Samir Nasri, [although Kagawa's an unknown quantity and Nani had a good Euro's].  Come to that they don't even have a James Milner. And the only back four player that's up to City's quality is Vidic.

So crow on you reds, as you inevitably will, and lets see how the season unrolls. But be wary if you're thinking of betting against  Robertos Manchinery.. It might hurt.

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