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Martinez: Everton can make step up

Roberto Martinez, right, won the FA Cup with Wigan last month

Roberto Martinez, right, won the FA Cup with Wigan last month

New Everton manager Roberto Martinez is ready to embrace the challenge of taking the club to the next level.

The Spaniard has signed a four-year contract to become Manchester United-bound David Moyes' successor at Goodison Park and the Toffees' 14th permanent manager in 135 years.

Martinez, 39, leaves Wigan after four years which ended with him winning the FA Cup but also getting relegated. "It is a real special day to come to Everton and have this feeling already of excitement and honour and I'd like to thank the chairman (Bill Kenwright) for this opportunity," he said at his unveiling press conference.

"There is huge pressure but I am extremely proud of that pressure because it means what David Moyes did in 11 years is set high standards and lay an incredible platform. I feel lucky to be able to carry on that work."

Asked why he had chosen now to leave Wigan, having turned down Aston Villa and Liverpool previously, he added: "It is simple: it came in a natural way. It has been a phenomenal time at Wigan but after four seasons this was the right time and I knew Everton was the right club. It has been a natural transition to be involved in such an exciting club."

Martinez said his aim was to get Everton into the Champions League - which Moyes managed just once during his reign - but that it would not be immediate. He said: "The aim for Everton should be to get into the Champions League. That doesn't mean next season but that has to be the aim for the future."

One of Martinez's first jobs will be to persuade the likes of Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini, both linked with summer moves away, to stay at the club. Kenwright insists no players have asked to leave and he is confident that will remain so. He also pledged to back his new manager financially.

"I'll give him a few quid to spend. The others are not for sale. We don't want them to go, they have worked massively hard for this club," Kenwright said. "Roberto doesn't want them to go, he has all their numbers and he will be on the phone asking them not to go. Not one person has even half-indicated they want to go."

Martinez has been linked with moves for some of his former players like midfielder James McCarthy and forwards Arouna Kone and ex-Toffees youth team prospect Callum McManaman.

"There is always a normal assumption that when a manager moves on he will bring those players along," said the new Toffees boss. "It would be a big mistake to look at the manager's previous team. We have to look at the whole range, world football is a big market."

05/06/2013 21:29
Everton to get relegated next season?! Tell you what, if they do I`ll give you the money myself. No chance. Have you not got it yet? Everton don`t do relegation.
05/06/2013 18:20
Don't think Martinez IS the right choice for the job, Think fans deserve a bigger name, someone  with  a much better CV  as for the champions league,,only on a playstation!!!!!
06/06/2013 03:28
It's the likes of 'LittleErn' that got this site closed before. I wouldn't mind if this idiot was posting cutting edge  remarks. But he is just being stupid for stupid's sake. I mean the little bugger is even answering his own posts. Sad really isn't it?
05/06/2013 18:19
lol I notice after 'turning down Aston Villa and Liverpool, now is the perfect time to move" just happens to coincide with Wigan being relegated..... so shallow its unreal
05/06/2013 20:00
dont see this as the right choice, dont think il ever understand the workings of football you take a manager from a relegated team and expect wonders from him, well we will have to see.

Hearty congrats on the new job Roberto son. I know of a striker going cheap, here in West London who'd like to join you at Goodison Park. Speaks fluent Spanish, Cockney and Scouse, has a quite wonderful goal scoring record.....on Merseyside.


Thanks for reading, big boss. Jose Mourinho


Carefree....braised in Celery.


Go well and be lucky.





06/06/2013 04:25
Good luck ,, hope he does as good as he has already at Swansea and Wigan ,,, good choice Everton , honest , straight talking and humble , al la David Moyes ,
06/06/2013 06:40
Good Luck Roberto, Well done for winning the FA Cup , but Everton fans will not be happy with Premier League survival like your loyal Wigan fans were.There is no doubt you are a great fighter amongst the lower rated teams, its a different game at the other end of the table, I genuinely wish you well, its going to be a tough year for you
05/06/2013 19:43
all you Liverpool fans knocking the leading Merseyside clubs manager...getting even more worried r u 
06/06/2013 00:18
Everton making the next step UP.......tee hee hee.
05/06/2013 19:08
Could be worst, at least Everton have a manager that has won something.
Buena suerte Roberto.
05/06/2013 21:37
what a lot of free money tennrer on everton going down
05/06/2013 19:54
oh well a new manager thats been floating and now been relegated... Everton im having a £10 on relegation next season
05/06/2013 18:45
get ready for your relegation battle,he didnt turn villa down because he was never actually offered the job, thank god
05/06/2013 23:40
Typical Liverpool supporters  you think they had the best manger in the world ! BUCK ROGERS ! CRAP TEAM CRAP MANGER , i cant wait for you lot to go down !!  get the fat  spanish  waiter back you might get in the top ten LOL .
05/06/2013 18:27
This guy is a complete joke, first he supposedly turns down Aston Villa and then Liverpool before he finds his 'perfect' club. This guy is all talk and I'm really happy Liverpool didn't plump for this fool. What exactly has he ever achieved anyway, apart from taking Wigan down?
05/06/2013 20:01
I'v had gay sex with Martinez quite a few times and he's an ok guy so stop knocking him
Oh dear yet another merseyside **** up lol.
Martinez to manage Everton he couldn't manage a school outing. Win have been regular relegation candidates for the last few years and now finally are gone. Oh dear great choice Everton lol, 
And what may I hear you ask about Liverpool? Well they are an even bigger joke.
1.Taking Dalgleish back.
2.Paying £35 million for Carroll.
3.Paying £16 million for Henderson
4. Signing Joe "Who" Allen.
Not to mention having Hannibal the Cannibal Suarez as their main striker. Still I should think he will be off to pastures new in the transfer window.

Big thank you to Everton and Liverpool for providing so many laughs in the past, present and judging by Martinez the future.
Maybe he would  be a better option for manchester united....with all credit to Moyes
05/06/2013 17:21
i was gutted that brendon rodger took over.now we have the better deal  everton are going down this season i hope liverpool donot do the same
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