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Maxi rejoins Old Boys

Maxi Rodriguez became a fans' favourite despite struggling to hold down a regular starting place

Maxi Rodriguez became a fans' favourite despite struggling to hold down a regular starting place

Midfielder Maxi Rodriguez has left Liverpool to rejoin former club Newell's Old Boys in Argentina.

The 31-year-old never established himself as a regular first-team starter after joining from Atletico Madrid in January 2010 but he still managed some stand-out performances. The Argentinian, a fans' favourite if not one with the three different managers he had at Anfield, wrote an open letter to supporters.

"Dear Reds, I am leaving Liverpool FC today," it said."Before signing for LFC, I just saw the club as one of the greatest institutions in football. After my time here I can confirm that this is not just a great club but also a great family."

Rodriguez scored 17 goals in 73 appearances, the highlights being two hat-tricks in the space of a couple of weeks against Birmingham and Fulham in 2011, while last season he scored in two victories over Chelsea in quick succession at Stamford Bridge.

He added: "I have tried to give everything every day that I was wearing the LFC crest.

"It has been a great honour to defend this shirt during two and a half years.

"I am returning home with a suitcase full of great memories, good friends within the team and also within this great family that works every day in the club.

"Thanks a lot for your support. Hasta la vista."

A statement from the club read: "Everyone at Liverpool FC would like to thank Maxi for his contribution to the club and wish him all the best for the future."

14/07/2012 09:38
good luck maxi im sure you will be most welcome at your old club after all you are a goalscorer and under used by liverpool thnx for your total dedication to the reds cause just wish some others had it last season but seems turning up was all was needed !!
14/07/2012 00:29
i think its the right time for him to leave. He is now 31 and definatly become more and more of a fringe player. Top bloke though ! !
13/07/2012 19:05
'Maxi, Maxi Rodríguez runs down the wing for me da da da da dada...'
14/07/2012 09:25

A true professonal, always gave his best for L.F.C. never winged and conducted himself in a respectful manner. We all wish him the very best for himself and family. Thank you Maxi.

As to his reasons for leaving, it has to be seen he is in the twilight of his career and he obviousley thought it was the right time to return to Argentina, his and his family's country.

Brendon is building for the future ( a 21 year old in  + an honourable departure of a 31 yr old). Things MIGHT just MIGHT be getting better." Hasta  la vista Max, come back and see us sometime". 

13/07/2012 18:59
liverpool justseem to be getting weaker....knowone of note really wants to sighn for them....Maxi was deffinantly one of liverpools better players
14/07/2012 11:45
Good luck maxi . Shame you didn't get more games 
14/07/2012 13:44
Maxi was sorely underused or even misused by Dalglish and Hodgson, a guy who can score several hatricks from midfield u have got to use, like Yossi Benayoun what is point of  dismissing their creative deficiencies if they can score themselves,after all the name of the game is to score more than the opposition too many other much lauded midfielders look good but achieve very little creatively give me a goal scoring midfielder everytime, like John Wark 28 goals in 70 games better than most Strikers in any league.
14/07/2012 09:09
I am not suprised. He was under used all of his stay at Anfield. When Kenny bought Downing, his number of games decreased and even though Liverpool were finding it so difficult to score, he remained on the bench. The season before he finished the season with 10 goals in about the last 8 games. His reward was to be sat on the bench for about the first 15 games, and then only played a single figure amount of games in the whole year. Result for the year was that Downing scored 0 league goals for the year  and we ended up well down the table, and probably got Kenny the sack.
14/07/2012 11:10
Rodriguez, was one of the best players that ever played for Liverpool, if only he had been given the chance to play more games for his club, that would have given Rodriguez, more confidence to have become a better player.
gud lck Maxi ......................

i can just about understand offloading Kuyt, but this one is a mystery when u look @ Henderson, Adam, Downing, Spearing, Shelvy, Lucas etc .....

i mean, where's the goals gonna come from in middle of park ???



Just a quick point, Brendon Rogers is not English.

14/07/2012 13:43
o no another liverpool player has to walk alone 
14/07/2012 14:14
quality player who liverpool didn't develop what a waste of time, liverpool have had adjust tactics for the team to allow other players to play there best and never really gave this one a chance, saw him play for argentina in the past a quality player who had lots of potential

14/07/2012 09:16
says it all doesnt it? we sign maxi under use him yet he's been one of our better performers. if the like of adam henderson and downing put half as much into the team as maxi did maybe we would be a bit closer to the top four. p.s. rodgers is going to screw the club up even more and i for one will be surprised if he lasts until xmas especially if redknapp is still out of work. 
14/07/2012 12:23
He did better than most when he played, don't know why he didn't get the games, he is 10 times the player Downing could ever be.
14/07/2012 09:26

Iron Eddie pathetic comment.

We all look forward to the day you stop using crayons

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