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McCoist did consider Rangers future

Ally McCoist has decided to stay on as Rangers manager after meeting with Charles Green

Ally McCoist has decided to stay on as Rangers manager after meeting with Charles Green

Ally McCoist has admitted he considered stepping down this week before deciding to remain as manager of Charles Green's Rangers.

McCoist was "furious" after hearing second-hand reports that Green wanted to replace him. The former Rangers striker decided to stay after a meeting with Green on Friday, but the Ibrox chief executive still faces a fight to get fans to buy into his newco club.

McCoist told the Daily Record: "At first, when I was told there might have been a move to get me out my reaction was natural. I was furious."

He added: "I did confront Charles Green about it on Wednesday. I was looking for answers and that meeting didn't end well. I was then left with no other option, but to contemplate my future believing that I wasn't part of the plans."

After the talks with Green, McCoist said: "I've reassessed my position and taken a step back from the brink. As things stand at the moment I am still manager."

Green has faced pressure to sell his club to a consortium led by former Rangers manager Walter Smith and McCoist stressed that the future of his club was all that mattered rather than his future and his relationship with Green did not matter.

"So let's just see what happens but it must always be the right thing for Rangers," he added.

McCoist was warned about his future by Dave King, who is a director of the original Rangers company, which was consigned to liquidation this week.

King claims Green said he would not continue with a manager at the wage level McCoist is on, during a phone call when he was asked to invest in the new company.

But Green urged McCoist to stay on and dismissed the story as "rubbish" after completing his £5.5million purchase of Rangers' assets and business on Thursday.

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16/06/2012 21:39

Why should scots support anything English,you dont suppoert anything Scottish.

Your wonderfully unbiase press put your teams up on pedastiles just so they can shoot them down.They talk of scots as also rans,

You are just a bunch of arrogant fools,

I do feel sorry for you,but,its you own fault.

16/06/2012 18:26
naw trebane think engrrrrrrrrrrrland will stick with the pound
16/06/2012 21:41
Regarding Ally,he is no ones fool,if he believes that he is being used he will walk,he is Rangers thru and thru,but,if he thinks that his new boss is acting in his own interest and not that of Rangers he will walk.
16/06/2012 17:43

'Rule Britannia'  I think is a favourite famous song at Ibrok.


I really can't understand why as they refuse to support anything associated with ENGLAND.


Britannia's Tax Inspector certainly rules in the northern colony       OK!


Won't be singing our songs in the north again



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