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McDermott slams officials after loss

Replays suggested Fernando Torres, right, was offside when he scored Chelsea's third goal

Replays suggested Fernando Torres, right, was offside when he scored Chelsea's third goal

Reading boss Brian McDermott confirmed he confronted the assistant referee he accused of costing his side a famous result against the European champions after their 4-2 defeat at Chelsea.

McDermott's Barclays Premier League new boys were on course for at least a 2-2 draw in their opening away game at Stamford Bridge when the officials allowed an offside-looking Fernando Torres goal to stand.

Admitting he had made a beeline for the assistant who kept his flag down after the final whistle, a "gutted" McDermott said: "He (Torres) was offside and it was not a good night for him (the assistant). It's not been a good night for me, either."

He added: "I just said to him he'd got it wrong. My gut feeling was that it was offside, and it was clearly offside. Unfortunate for him. He said he'd have a look at it. He can have a look at it. That's life.

"People makes mistakes, and he's made a mistake. It's just a shame it was for such a crucial goal because we would definitely have got a point. I'm really disappointed for the players. We didn't deserve to lose the game. I thought we were going to win it when we got to 70-odd minutes."

Indeed, npower Championship winners Reading held a shock 2-1 lead until the 69th minute, having bounced back from Frank Lampard's penalty through Pavel Pogrebnyak and Danny Guthrie's first goals for the club. The latter came courtesy of a Petr Cech howler but it was not only the Chelsea goalkeeper and officials who messed up.

Reading keeper Adam Federici had a nightmare of his own for the second time in five days to gift Gary Cahill an equaliser.

Chelsea boss Roberto Di Matteo said he had yet to see Torres' goal, which also allowed Branislav Ivanovic to kill off Reading on the break.

"I looked at the linesman straight away and he gave it straight away, so I can't comment," said Di Matteo, who was pleased to see his side go top of the Premier League for the first time since November 2010.

He said: "We are very pleased with six points after two games. I was very happy with the team performance for long periods of the game. We lost a bit our composure after Reading scored the equaliser and second goal, but we'd started off very well, with some great football, and finished off very strongly."

23/08/2012 06:42
You've gotta love this league, Reading had a real go at Chelsea, who must feel like they got out of jail this morning.
If the rest of the seasons games are played like this one its going to be a cracker.
We have got some of the Worst Referees in the Country  Like the Match last Week the Ball had gone gone over  the line The Linesman was as Blind as a Bat  What a Joke these Offficials   
23/08/2012 07:33
lol and everyone says Man United get all the favours from the ref's. Now everyone will see that Man City and Chelsea get a lot more than United do. Even so it should all even out at the end, still hard to take at the time though. What's needed is the fourth official to be in the TV box who can see replays in seconds and get on the radio to tell the referee if something went wrong or got missed. It's a very hard job being a referee and they have half a second to see something and make a call, while we with TV's and different angles can see everything in slow motion over and over. The referees can't do this and if they could this would help them.
23/08/2012 08:10
when are the officials and the fa going to stop persecuting the teams below the top four? Things will never change at the top of the table if this is allowed to continue season after season!! Stand up and be counted officials and stop hiding behind the top teams, you load of yellow bellies! What ever happened to fair play????

on the tv highlights Mcdermott talked quite calmly and matter of fact about the goal being offside, it was a mistake, and had possibly cost them 3 points. He didn't shout or make any insults about the linesman,  just said there had been a mistake. Possibly he had acted more loudly and aggressively to the linesman on the pitch.

Just making sure this sensation headline do not lead to FA investigation and touchline ban, for what I heard as reasonable post match review, as opposed to a Fergie rant which goes unpunished. Well Done Reading- keep playing good style of football and you'll be alright.

BTW- with offside is it measured as 'any part of the body' being offside or does it have to be 'feet'? because Torres' body was leaning forward and offiside but I thought his feet were level?

23/08/2012 09:07

I just new that some decisions would be missed when I saw who the REF was. Sorry, but Mr. Mason was his usual useless self again at The Bridge. Surprised he gave a penalty as he usually give absolutely nothing.

23/08/2012 08:58
its a good idea, but could you imagine Sep Blatter going along with that, football might become a fairer game can't expect the ruling body to want to do anything to help the little clubs get an even break can we. ;-)
23/08/2012 11:47

It's time for officials to cross polinate across Europe. With English and overseas officials sharing dities in different leagues within Europe. That's the only way that we will eventually achieve consistency.

When English teams go to Eurpoean countries to play, they often get penalized for things that they would get away with at home. When foriegn players come to England they can't understand why they don't get a lot of decisions they would get in other leagues.

As for offside the rule states that there must be clear daylight between the two players.

The rule also needs to revert to it's old interpretation. This phasing rubbish only adds to the confusion.

An attacker is still interfering with play in my book if he's offside in the first phase and then given onside in the second phase, simply because the defender has to take him into consideration.

W'eve seen plenty of incidencies of attackers standing offside at free kicks to obcstruct the view of goal keepers, then a goal being allowed because they have not touched the ball.

It would also seem that only certain teams are allowed to take quick free kicks (Arsenal Spring to Mind) and others get theirs pulled back. I think in the interest of fairness everything should happen on the instruction of the referees whistle. Not a player making a split second deal with the referee.

Which leads us to the old saying if he is not interfering with play what is he doing on the pitch
I thought Reading gave Chelsea a tough time and were worth a draw. Chelsea, are an attractive side but they have a lot of diddy men in their team. Chelsea lack a physical presence, they have too many small men. A team like Man City, with very tough players like Vincent Kompany, ect will blow them away.
23/08/2012 16:57

Does this fat muppet, with his favourite food store sponsoring his team, and no doubt himself. really think Reading would have won or even drawn this game regardless  of the officials decision for one goal, Chelsea beat Reading by two goals, so fat boy have your poxy goal back, you still lost 3-2.


McDonadls are looking for a team, and in your case a fat bloke to sponsor, so get you skates on.


23/08/2012 13:18
If football had Rugby technology this game may well have seen Reading earn a point, or maybe 3.
23/08/2012 17:14

david jones


if football had rugby technology you would also have seen Chelsea reach the 2009 CL final.


"IF" is the biggest word in the English language

23/08/2012 15:57
Sian, i think that u should leave football and go back to reading ur celebrity magazines,
23/08/2012 10:49
i agree with the remark  that we have the worst officials in europe the reason being the newspapers and the football association are only interested in about 3 or 4 teams chelsea spurs man utd and arsenal and now they are brown nosing man city what the fools who know nothing about football fail to realise if they told officials to referee honestly there would be 10 or 12 teams fighting right to the end of the season instead of 3 or 4
23/08/2012 13:54

Christopher Williams, or is it Chris Burford


You are turning out to be a right idiot, and not afraid to show it either! How do you know Reading would have won? That is impossible for anyone to say, not to mention highly unlikely.


The ref bribed because a debatable goal was allowed to stand? What planet are you on?? Are you going to claim this every time a dodgy decision is made or only when it benefits Chelsea? No prizes for guessing the answer to that.


23/08/2012 07:18
just like Wigan last year-the little club 'cheated' and no-one says a thing!!
24/08/2012 10:40

Had a silly, tipical reply from Sean a Man U. fan, who states so - called facts regards when Man U. are or were tops.

 Whatever this has to do with preferential treatment 'they had and have got from Refs and FA alike will of course baffle every one.... Unless of course he is refering to how and when they were and got top WAS with the bias and unfair treatment given them and points that Man U didn't deserve or were entitled to. Ah sean now I see where you are coming from. Of course everyone else knows that points ngiven by these governing bodies DO and DID mean that is why so very often they were Top!

23/08/2012 15:46
Didn't actually watch the match myself so I can't comment, however my interpretation of the offside rule has always been that there has to be two defending players between the goal and the attacking player.  My apologies if this is wrong.  Maybe the simpler solution would be to actually do away with the rule, if I have got the definition right, then why should an attacking player be penalised for beating the defenders to the goal area.
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