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Mourinho: Fergie friendship will survive

Jose Mourinho, pictured, is proud of his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson

Jose Mourinho, pictured, is proud of his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson

Jose Mourinho is confident his friendship with Sir Alex Ferguson will continue no matter what the outcome of this week's Champions League showdown between Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Mourinho met with Ferguson ahead of United's 2-0 win over Everton at Old Trafford on Sunday, an indication of the close relationship between the pair. And, while the Madrid boss knows no quarter is going to be given at the Bernabeu on Wednesday, he thinks his relationship with Ferguson is strong enough for the loser to feel a small degree of pleasure at the other man's success.

"I feel privileged about that because he is such an important person in the world of football and, more importantly, he is a good person," Mourinho told MUTV. "I have always had a fantastic relationship with him, and I am proud of it."

He added: "We have had so many matches between us which started with Porto. We had some with Chelsea, Inter and now Real. Some I have won, some I have lost, others I have drawn.

"Of course, I want to win and he wants to win, but I believe the loser will have a little bit of space to feel a little bit happy because of the friendship.

"But make no mistake, I want to win."

Mourinho will hope Cristiano Ronaldo can prove to be an inspirational presence against his former club.

Ronaldo scored yet another hat-trick against Sevilla on Saturday, proving what good form he is in, even if Madrid remain a distant third to Barcelona in La Liga.

Nevertheless, as Mourinho points out, it is a match that has captivated the imagination.

"It is the match the world is waiting for," he said. "People think we are under pressure because a big team will be out. But it is the kind of match we want and the people are not waiting for any other game. I hope we give them what they want."

11/02/2013 10:05
Just one word to add to Jose's statement  "Respect"
11/02/2013 14:05
I can't wait to see what the match brings, and it's humbling to see Mourhino so respectful when he could easily have started playing ames with old Ferguson. Two great managers, two great teams, it'll be a great game, and I'm a Liverpool fan!  For the sake of English football, good luck MUFC.
11/02/2013 15:05

kebab boy. You clearly hate united and fergie...why i ask? Jealous because you are a city fan who have won one fa cup and one title in god know how many years! Fergie has a drink problem? stick to the football son, plenty could be said about city and their plastic players, there for the money etc etc but it really is just about the winning and sadly city aint been doing much of that lately.

I am a life long (early 70s) united fan who has been to many games and cup finals including champions league finals over the years, but guess what? I dont live live in manchester, shock, how dare i suport united being from leicester. its called freedom, and being able to support who you like, and there are many different ways you get affiliated to your chosen team.

Now, if you want to respond, do so on an interlectual level with the plastic, arm chair jibes, they are silly and boring, no one cares, and why? Cos you got done non your own patch and the title is returning to OT for a 20th time you clot!

11/02/2013 17:11
I'm a Leeds fan & I want ALL British teams to win in Europe (even Man U). The rivalry between British clubs is healthy. The hostile hatred between them MAKES ME SICK!!!
To be fair Jose always paid respect to Fergie when he was at Chelsea. He admitted to asking his advice on a number of occasions  and I seem to remember him calling fergie "the Boss".

And I think the respect is mutual; they're both winners and respect that quality in each other. But will  they be feeling warm and cuddly towards each other  on the two legs? Nah.

You watch them come out of their seats if the other starts finger waving at the officials.

This is going to be a great contest  both on the field and  on its edges. I can feel my back itching already. My moneys on home wins  in both legs, with the odds slightly in Reals  favour for the combined result. That said  with their domestic competition  over the two games being even more congested than United's  its a hell of a close call ....on paper. If it comes down to the team spirit rather than moments of brilliance from Ronaldo. United could take it.

11/02/2013 14:08

mind games? ! explain!


Which bit of (paraphrasing)' sometimes I win, sometimes he wins, sometimes we draw, but don't worry I really want to win' is a 'mind game'?


And no, I'm not a particular fan of Fergie, also didn't know he had an alcohol problem!

11/02/2013 16:37
deffo wants to follow fergie into the hottest seat in club football....hence the charm...he`s cant wait
11/02/2013 16:52
Mourinho has to much class to resort to childish mind games, 

this myth created by the media about old Rudolf the red nose randier being this king of 
mind games is a joke, pathetic really,

the best team on the pitch will win the game and that's how it should be.
11/02/2013 16:56

Lining himself up nicely for when Sir Alex retires.


Probably the only person even remotely capable of filling them shoes (living or dead)!

12/02/2013 16:19
how is he the greatest manager ever???????????? what a hand shandy ur are hahahahahaha 
12/02/2013 16:17
cabbage  he dumped us as he knew he could go no further he made the mistake of thinking he could con the Spanish  did he get us the champs league?no did he win more cups then giani no  so this is the deal dry lunch you support the club who ever is in charge you so called fans boo girls has cost us points at home ****
11/02/2013 15:20
mourinho get ur head out of your arse there should be no boss pals in football thats why ur so far behind barca u muppet keep away from chelsea we dont want u back
11/02/2013 10:20
so the mind games have started before this weeks game ,you've got to give José credit ,and he always fools plenty  "you've got a friend in me José laments "come off it mourinho the plastics might get away with pretending they like fergie ,but that's about the limit of the old sot ,,fergies only  friend lies at the bottom of a glass
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