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Moyes bemoans costly decisions

David Moyes, left, says two disputed decisions cost Everton dearly

David Moyes, left, says two disputed decisions cost Everton dearly

Everton manager David Moyes was left to bemoan two disputed decisions by officials which cost his side the chance of victory in a 2-2 draw at home to Newcastle.

Having seen Leighton Baines' opener cancelled out by Demba Ba just after half-time, Moyes was aggrieved Marouane Fellaini had one effort ruled out for offside and Victor Anichebe's header was not spotted by linesman Ceri Richards despite appearing to cross the line. Anichebe then netted a goal with two minutes remaining only for Ba's second of the night to snatch a point.

"There are two goals missed so I can't get them back but you hope that the linesman has a look and sees how he missed them," said Moyes, who spoke to the officials after the game. "I had a word and said 'You've missed two goals' and it does affect the outcome of the game but what can I do about it?"

He added: "I am sure the referee will have a look at them himself and see if he got it right or wrong - which we all know because we have seen it. Fellaini's goal was onside and if your job is to look along the line you hope the linesman sees if the ball crosses the line, but we've seen many occasions where they don't get it right.

"I thought the offside goal was a goal from the touchline so I was surprised when it was ruled out. The other one you can't really tell but the reaction of the players was that they felt it was over and they are not usually far off the mark."

Newcastle manager Alan Pardew, who had to watch from the stands as he served the first game of a two-match touchline ban, admitted Everton had been hard done to.

"The one over the line was definitely in," he said. "I have been saying all along that technology must come in and it has cost Everton a crucial goal."

Pardew, who was missing goalkeeper Tim Krul and Fabricio Coloccini among others, was dismayed by his side's performance in the opening 45 minutes.

"The first half was as bad as I've seen us play under my tenure," he added. "It was a team who lacked belief. I've never sent out a team to contain or defend. Demba's performance gave us belief but everyone stepped on to Everton and on the second-half showing we just about deserved a point.

"We were fortunate to come in at 1-0 down. The second half I thought we gave a really good account of ourselves with the team we had."

18/09/2012 07:55

Wouldn't it be nice if a player said at the time ' sorry ref that was well over the line, you missed it'.


It's probably not a very good advert for fat old linesmen either !!


Hi ,Clive (Donaldson) what you say is about right, but we have to have more precision and accuracy in football. I say lets bring in  video evidence, like the rugby has, because rugby rarely has these rows. 
Where's the goal line technology when its needed? Always  on the way. That's tough on Everton. What Moyes and his squad have  achieved with limited resources is a lesson to all the other teams in the Premiership and they really deserve more luck. And competent officials. If anything the standard seem to be getting worse. Stoke getting a hand ball goal; Everton denied one , and probably two, and this is over  one weekend.

Lewis Day is right and the  video evidence is already available at premiership clubs. Why can't the FA make an independent decision about using it? Are they blocked by FIFA and Platini's obsession with maintaining 1930's standards? It doesn't mess up rugby; it just makes it fairer.


Hi Lewis

I totally agree and have been saying the same thing for years, Sepp Blatter is the one who always vetoed the idea for reasons which only he would know, this small bit of technology could have saved or made millions for clubs around the world, and its only the durassic Blatter that has prevented it being already in use.


I believe in the next couple of season that this small bit of kit will be introduced but how they will govern it will be an issue.

18/09/2012 10:06
Video evidence would have sorted this out. The governing bodies need sacking. Referees blunders are a disgrace. This isn't the dark ages.
Everton will still be the best club on merseyside at the end of the season. Got to admire him for the job he's done with the pittance from the board.
Moynes, is right Everton were robbed. I would not have these officials in charge of a wooden spoon race they were so bad. We have to have electronic systems like they do in Rugby, to prevent more perverse decisions.
18/09/2012 13:36
David Moyes is one hell of a manager, i think he will be in charge of one of the top four in a few years
The Toon were very fortunate to have nicked a point, but I admire both teams for the good football they play, Everton were a bit hard done by I feel as the ball clearly crossed the line, but these things balance themselves out over the course of a season so Everton will get their bit of fortune and goodluck so they shouldnt complain too much
Christopher Williams, you were extremely fortunate to be acquitted in the great Bristol, downs flashing case, a few years ago. If it were not for some amateur photographer, snapping you sunbathing in your underpants, near the mens toilets on the downs it could have been proven that you were there for a more sinister reason. Anyway, I agreed with the beak when you were acquitted.
18/09/2012 12:08
Moyes. Shut up.  This isn't a game of two halves it's a game lasting a whole football season.  Next week or a couple of weeks later your opposition will have two over the line ignored and you'll score from a clear offside position!  The game incidents and decisions even themselves out for all teams. shut up and play football! 
18/09/2012 10:53
the linesman cocked up, big deal it happens. football is a fast game and mistakes happen. so it wasnt given, doesnt explain the shocking defending for the equaliser does it? its all to easy to pin the result on one decision within 90 mins but at the end of the day newcastle went to goodison scored twice and played well enough to warrant a draw, end of story.
18/09/2012 08:56
toon has shown resilience and character worthy of a first class team, ha'way the lads.

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