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Murphy lured by 'enthusiastic' Kean

Danny Murphy cited Steve Kean's passion as a reason for him joining Blackburn

Danny Murphy cited Steve Kean's passion as a reason for him joining Blackburn

Blackburn new signing Danny Murphy revealed manager Steve Kean's passion for success was one of the main reasons he chose to return to the north west.

Former England international Murphy, 35, who signed a two-year deal at Ewood Park on Monday, had several options following the expiry of his contract at Fulham but was persuaded by the resolute Kean, who remains determined to win over Blackburn's fans following relegation last month.

The club's Indian owners Venkys confirmed last week that Kean would still be in charge when Blackburn embark on their first season outside the top flight in 11 years.

Murphy, who has spent the last eight years in London with Charlton, Tottenham and Fulham, told Blackburn's official website: "I'm absolutely delighted to be signing for Blackburn Rovers.

When meeting Steve Kean I soon realised the passion, enthusiasm and ambition he has for the club and how much he wants the team to bounce straight back up to the Premier League.

"His desire to get me to the club was a huge factor in my decision to join. The owners were also very passionate about their desire to move Blackburn forward as a club and create a squad that is able to achieve promotion.

"I'm excited about my new challenge and can't wait to get started. I have enjoyed a fantastic five years at Fulham and I'd like to thank the club and the fans for all their support.

"Now my new challenge is to help Blackburn get promoted and repay the manager's and the owners' faith in me."

25/06/2012 17:48
Murphy is a great professional, and I hope he goes on to have another couple of very good years with Blackburn. Where ever Danny Murphy, has gone he has behaved in an exemplary manner, he is a credit to the game.
25/06/2012 18:28
Danny is a soldier a true soldier and this will work for him and Blackburn. At 35 this guy still ahs much to give to the game and a team like Blackburn.
great signing and i wish both him and the club all the best.
Not a Blackburn fan as such but can see this working well for both parties. wll all 3 parties. Danny, the club and the great steve Kean. A top manager.

25/06/2012 18:46
Christopher Williams  How fitting after the Euros that Danny like England a few years ago is Coming Home!
Was Kean playing the bagpipes or something? You know the song, "Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling". Kean can talk the talk but can he walk the walk? Well yes he can, because he sleepwalked Rovers into the Championship.
25/06/2012 18:30
25/06/2012 23:38
Lewis Day, I can not believe you have also been picnicking in London's Parks and listening to the delightful negro choirs. I am guessing that you have patched up your differences with Hoogy and have become his body guard in Ockley. I am sure that the Dexters are settling in well to Hoogy's back garden. I can not think of any other plausible explanation. You will also find that Doom is brewed in Cornwall. 
25/06/2012 22:03
good luck danny,and as for terry he was caught bang to rights being a racist so he cant do anything to besmirch ferdinands reputation.
26/06/2012 08:05
Gutted we lost Murphy but given his age it was bound to happen.  But "Steve Kean's desire for success"?  Did Blackburn just hire another Steve Kean?  Because they can't be talking about Steve Kean, one of the most hated managers in the club's history who managed to get a good team with a great history relegated?
25/06/2012 18:42
Danny Murphy is back home in the North West, the true home of Premiership football. He leaves behind a city in decline. Who could blame anyone for wanting to escape the increasing violence and racial tension on the streets of London? Well done Danny, you have performed well in the capital and should be knighted by the Queen.
25/06/2012 23:21
26/06/2012 06:03
Good luck to him, he gave is all for Fulham and will be missed but a sensible move for both clubs.
To : Christopher williams, I heard a wonderful black chap, singing : I get a kick out of you, it was in Victoria Park, Hackney, East London, on sunday morning. The lyrics, of the song were extrordinary, they went something like this : I get a kick, not from cocaine, but I get a kick from meeting you. Well it brought a tear to my eye, sadly the local youths of Ockley, have taken to reefer smoking, but I am going to suggest  they form choirs and sing songs worshipping the lord .The Cricketers, have a guest beer from Sussex, called the : Doom, something, and the beer is very good. We had a few pints while watching England, making fools of themselves against the Italiano team.
25/06/2012 19:23
To : Christopher williams, where on earth did you get that idea that London, is a violent place simmering with racial tension ? Did you know that the coloured chaps, have formed choirs in Finsbury Park, and sing wonderful spirituals as they praise god. I urge you to come to London, and listen to a wonderful Negros songs, like : The Camp Down races, and : Oh Dem Golden Slippers, and : I shall be released. We have no racial violence in London, only a complete love in between the races.
25/06/2012 19:45
Hoogstraten, I stand corrected. If the negros have all joined choirs and are in the parks praising the Lord then I shall feel safe visiting the capital. Finsbury Park is such a picturesque place to be, I would be delighted to spend a day there while on holiday. The last time I was there was dacades ago but the early signs of decline were evident, litter blowing around and people with scruffy trousers on. The culture of shanty towns and banana plantations was around but the spirit of Jah tempered that. Praise the Lord, The Cricketers Inn, Ockley and the Queen.
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