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Neville: Management is not my ambition

Gary Neville joined the England coaching set-up ahead of Euro 2012

Gary Neville joined the England coaching set-up ahead of Euro 2012

Gary Neville still insists he has no desire to become a manager.

After abandoning his playing career in January 2011, Neville became a sensation as a TV pundit, so his appointment onto Roy Hodgson's backroom team for Euro 2012 was a major surprise. However, Neville's positive impact at the start of a four-year contract has raised suggestions he might want to branch out even further.

The 37-year-old is quick to quash that theory. He said of his Euro 2012 experience: "I really enjoyed it. Who would not enjoy being part of a tournament? It was an incredible experience for me. But I am acutely aware it is only the very beginning. I am ambitious and young and I want to learn more. I have no aspiration to be a football manager."

Neville will continue with his work for Sky Sports next season and is clearly intent on pursuing the 'green' ideals that have shaped his life.

It is well known that he has constructed an eco-house in the Lancashire hills.

He wants to do much more though and has joined forces with Dale Vince, owner of Conference outfit Forest Green Rovers, to urge sport's rulers to become more active in environmental issues.

A Manchester United XI will visit Forest Green on August 5 as part of the pair's 'Sustainability in Sport' campaign, which Neville hopes will start to have a significant impact amongst his peers.

"Sport is an important part of our everyday lives and we believe, sport as an industry must grasp the green agenda," said Neville.

"The environmental impact of sport is massive but often overlooked - with the Olympics putting sport at the forefront of people's minds, we believe the time is right to launch a green revolution in sport.

"Sporting stars are role-models for people throughout the world and delivering messages on sustainability through sport can reach a diverse global audience."

14/07/2012 16:05
He is a great pundit an I certainly view Gary Neville in a far different light than I did when he played for Utd; not that his effectiveness as a a right back was ever in question
Some people recognise their strengths and stick to them. Some people have ideas above their station. Steve McLaren and Brian Kidd take note.
15/07/2012 13:24

G. Nev is good at whatever he does, eco housing , England coaching, Sky pundit, he should stay in the game ,hes not treading on eggshells when things need to be said,  the numpskulls like woopi doo should wait untill they grow up before commenting.

15/07/2012 13:31
one of THE most irritating people in football
15/07/2012 13:34
Let's hope his agenda doesn't suffer the same bias as his commentating and punditry. 
Is he going to ask Ferguson to use low energy light bulbs in the floodlights? He would probably like the cost savings.
Or Formula 1 drivers could all switch to a Prius? 
Or perhaps, with his "sporting star" persona, he could go to the developing world and ask them to cut their emissions, it would make more difference than any window dressing he can do in UK sport.  Good Luck with that!!
15/07/2012 13:43
Wouldn't it be handy in his crusade if he was actually liked and respected by a lot of people?
He was annoying as hell in his staunch defence of all things Utd and his commentaries and punditry are still biased beyond belief.
Try taking his "sports star" persona (he really rates himself doesn't he) to the developing world and asking them to cut their emissions and see how much clout he really carries. Not much me thinks!!
Any green agenda within sport is window dressing compared to what's being pumped out there.

15/07/2012 11:55
hes still  sh1t.like all the scum at utd
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