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No quick return for Rooney

Wayne Rooney, bottom left, faces a lengthy lay-off due to injury

Wayne Rooney, bottom left, faces a lengthy lay-off due to injury

Wayne Rooney's hopes of a quick comeback from the nasty wound he sustained during Manchester United's 3-2 win over Fulham on Saturday look certain to be dashed.

Rooney remained in hospital overnight as medical staff assessed the extent of the injury he sustained when Hugo Rodallega landed on him in stoppage time.

Immediately after the game, Sir Alex Ferguson said it was "a very bad one" which would rule his forward out for four weeks. This has been emphasised by the reaction of surgeons who were "surprised" at the depth of the cut.

Rooney returned home on Sunday morning after a comfortable night. However, his chances of figuring in next Sunday's Premier League encounter with Southampton appear non-existent and it seems inevitable he will also miss England's opening World Cup qualifiers against Moldova and Ukraine next month.

Rooney's condition helped deflect attention away from the fact he did not feature in the United starting line-up yesterday, although Ferguson was at pains to stress there are "no problems" with the forward.

Instead of being paired with new signing Robin van Persie, Rooney was left on the bench as Ferguson kept faith with Shinji Kagawa following that dire defeat at Everton on Monday.

Rooney was amongst those to perform well below expectations at Goodison Park and many fans on Saturday immediately hailed Ferguson's decision as the right one.

However, it must have been a blow to the striker's pride if nothing else. And with the transfer window due to close on Friday, there is bound to be some talk of Rooney's future, if only outside the club.

Certainly Ferguson was quick to quell such talk even as Rooney was heading to hospital.

"He and Robin van Persie are needing games," said the Scot. "To start the two of them would have been too much. Wayne understood that. There is no problem. He played his part when he came on."

26/08/2012 21:46

Don't care much for Rooney - don't rate him either. Reminds of a kid in the school playgound chasing everything with a right strop on! I think his career will mirror Michael Owen's - it all happened early on and will now fizzle away to mediocrity (which is I what I think he has been recently). Overall not really bothered!


26/08/2012 21:30
Stick him in a hospital bed next to some injured troops back from Afganistan - that will wipe that stupid smug look off his face - and maybe he'll learn a little humility on the way!
26/08/2012 13:06
as a man utd fan im gutted for rooney buts lets be truefull he aint been doing nothing  for a while now so a 4,5,week lay off might not be a bad thing for the lad,,and england wont miss him as yet again he aint done nothing in a England shirt for ages either,,so let wellbeck and the others get on with it for england...and RVP is a class player ,,,,,,,,,,,,
26/08/2012 15:46
He's a scum bag, and a tart to boot, who gives a ****. After watching the Olympics surely even the uneducated football fraternity can see the difference between class and this idiot who without some sort of ball talent would be incarcerated. I find footballers and their ghastly entourage (these ridiculous WAG's .. or what ever they may be)a total embarrassment. We once had pride and self-respect .. God help us with this so called 'celebrity 'culture' where the most stupid idiots can find fame and fortune.
26/08/2012 12:19
Whether you like the guy or not, it was a nasty injury to recieve but I can't see anything truly malicious from Rodallega. I would not wish injuries on anybody, hope it all goes well Wayne just try and keep the burger grease out of it ;)
26/08/2012 14:08
Lets hope they only pay him statuary sick pay.
26/08/2012 18:09
(salford steve) i feel sorry for you, you sound to young to remember or to have seen the great players who were proud to play for their clubs, not like todays prima donnas, they were real men who played the real game
26/08/2012 15:00

gready premadona. needs to earn his wages after he held the club to ransom to get 200 plus grand a week. much better players out there on less money and do a better job.

26/08/2012 21:42
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz who cares
26/08/2012 13:34
being a red , it pains me to say this , but wayne rooney is not good enough to play for utd, he never has been,and well overated ,and he held utd to ransom, we wont forget that. hes never been a red so who gives a fcuk
26/08/2012 14:33
To everyone saying the cut was just graze, did you not see it? You know its a deep cut when it doesnt bleed straight away as it is deeper than the blood vessels just beneath the surface of the skin. And Rooneys leg did not bleed very much at all. Also, if some people here bothered to read the article, it says surgeons were even surprised by the depth of the cut. So why would he play on when the game is pretty much over, with a painful gash on his leg, with risk of infection?
26/08/2012 18:16

A picture in the Mail on Sunday showing Rooney being carted off, i noticed how fat he is for a football player!!

26/08/2012 18:43
God, What a loss to Football, I hope they will stop his ridiculous pay while he is away, and build a couple of hospitals with it, he was no good playing for, what used to be England totally rubbish, but that is all forgotten now he is home, Come on England, you've had along long sleep, wake up old girl!!!
26/08/2012 15:39
shrewd old fergie. bought RVP  to replace rooney, not to be his partner.
27/08/2012 08:04
I am disturbed by the amount of people who come on here and post while professing to have no interest in football . If you aren't interested in football then don't come here and write vitriolic diatribes about a young man who has had a nasty injury . I am an ex soldier and i used to help out at the local Mencap society teaching swimming to the kids , so i have done my bit for country and society . The people on here who post about the starving millions in Africa etc are idiots who have NEVER got off their backsides to do anything to help anyone . I hope Wayne gets well soon as he is a world class player ( according to his peers - Professional Footballers who KNOW what they are talking about ) and will be be missed by Utd .
26/08/2012 21:07

I don't feel at all sorry for this grossly overpaid prima donna. He's over weight, over paid and over here. I think he should watch the paralympics and see the real sports stars in action ..... and they don't even get paid. These are real sports people as were the main olympic athletes !!!!!

It could be the best thing for Man Utd having Rooney laid off, let's face it he is well past his sell-by date.  Pity it didnt happen sooner when all the England matches were being played, we might have actually had a result had that been the case. 
It would appear only the gutter press like Rooney, but that is probably due to the fact he is as near the gutter as anybody can feasibly be.

26/08/2012 13:57



Did you actually see the gash on his leg ? Do you really think he could have played on ? Come on get real.

27/08/2012 06:30

you lot kill me really, you go on about everything else , and nothing about the actual artical, if you can't even make a comment about the artical then don't send any, your so pathetic, world events, millions dieing, exactly what are you expecting to achieve, 

what has any of that got to do with rooney injured again, personally i would sell him as soon as he was fit again, he is injury prone and well frankly he is not as good as he is pumped up to be.

27/08/2012 09:55
As a Chelsea fan, I am shocked at the injury to Rooney. I hope he makes a good revcovery gets fit as soon as possible.
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