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Owen close to finding new club

Stoke City thought to be leading race for Michael Owen's signature

Stoke City thought to be leading race for Michael Owen's signature

Michael Owen has indicated he is on the brink of resolving his future.

Owen was released by Manchester United earlier this summer after three seasons at Old Trafford which were plagued by injury woes. Stoke are understood to be leading the race for the 32-year-old former England international, who managed just four appearances for United last season, with his last on November 2.

Via his Twitter account, Owen said: "Getting closer to finding a new club. Had a good deal of interest but just need to pick right! Can't wait to get going again."

Everton have also been rumoured to be keen on Owen, despite his former allegiance to Liverpool where he spent eight seasons up to 2004 before moving on to Real Madrid, Newcastle and then United.

17/07/2012 17:40
hope who ever gets him pays pay as you play
17/07/2012 17:40
Thought he had retired! Might as well all the injuries his had of late!
17/07/2012 19:04
this bloke is a joke and well past his sell by date and im a newcastle fan.how can a bloke like him turn round and say i dont want to play in the championship when he is no longer at premier league standard.because he wants to sit on the bench or go to the horses and still get paid.grreeddyy midget wankaaaaa
17/07/2012 17:52
Stoke would be better off buying a player that worked. You don't buy an old banger for Formula 1. Does Owen come with his own crutches and wheelchair these days?
17/07/2012 22:58
Whoever wants to sign him must be mad. Always injured. I just wish I could have had as many sick notes during my working life without getting the push as  Owen.
17/07/2012 18:00

Michael mate your starting to become a serious embarassment to the game.

Players should know when to retire their playing careers and yours ended years ago!!!

One match a season mate aint cutting it!

Ive got a spare 9 iron here if he wants it.
17/07/2012 18:59

Could borrow Paul Scholes zimmer frame ?

18/07/2012 09:08
18/07/2012 09:23
A cross between Tyrone Dobbs and Jason Manford. Good on Son
18/07/2012 11:28
The picture was clearly wrongly chosen as I suspect he was looking in his golf bag for a club! He is head and shoulders above all other pro' players as dreadful value for money. If truth be told it would be no surprise to learn that he actually doesn't enjoy playing. As a Newcastle fan, who witnessed his mercenary behaviour, I wouldn't wish him on the Mackems.
18/07/2012 11:17
Michael, me old mate. Give it pal, its getting beyond a joke.
18/07/2012 10:48
I hear Aldershot need a new striker.
18/07/2012 11:29

Michael Owen in a Stoke City shirt, now thats something I gotta see, wouldn't of thought he would of been TP's typical buy cos he's not Black and built like a sh*thouse lol.


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