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Owen keen to stay in Premier League

Michael Owen wants to remain in the Premier League, with Stoke among those interested

Michael Owen wants to remain in the Premier League, with Stoke among those interested

Michael Owen is still holding out hope of a future in the Barclays Premier League.

The former England striker was released by Manchester United at the end of last season and has since been linked with a host of clubs. Stoke have emerged as his most determined suitors, with manager Tony Pulis and Owen's former England team-mate Peter Crouch both encouraging the 32-year-old to join them at the Britannia Stadium.

With almost two weeks of the transfer window remaining, Owen is keeping his options open, but he admits his desire is to continue to play Premier League football. He told Sky Sports 1: "I'm wanting to play and eager to start again. I just wish the fans on my Twitter account were running the clubs, then I'd sign for anyone I wanted!"

Owen went on: "I want to play in the best possible team. If it was local to my house, excellent. I want to play more often, but that's not written in the contract. I don't really want to play in the Championship, I know I can still play in the Premier League and can still score goals.

"Obviously the question mark for any potential buyers is injuries but I just need a good run of games and I just didn't have that at Manchester United. I need to regularly train and play.

"There's been interest from all corners of the Earth, every nation you can think of - Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey. My ideal is the Premier League, I want to play in the Premier League - then it's whoever's the best team, then things like location, the deal, different things will play a part."

Alongside football, horse racing has played an increased role in Owen's life in recent years, with his interest in owning and breeding horses - his colt Brown Panther won June's King George V Stakes at Royal Ascot.

But he insists his passion for raceday will never supplant football in his affections, even when his playing days are over.

"Football will always be my main passion and horse racing is a distant second," he said.

"But footballers are often criticised for not planning ahead, you hear terrible stories about when footballers retire, about depression or having nothing to turn to, so it's about planning for life after football as well."

19/08/2012 18:06
maybe man utd should re sign him, cos RVP is gonna be very lonely on the treatment table most of the season ?
19/08/2012 19:21
He loves sitting on the bench. Has done it for united for years. He has no interest in football at all otherwise he would play for a team where he could get first team action.
19/08/2012 18:07
he was a canny player --- but just retire
19/08/2012 17:36
Some comments about Michael here are just vicious and totally out of order. Compared to many top footballers Michael is very low key in the public profile when he could employ one of those top 'agents' to keep him up there in the media. He does not do that. He gets on with his life.
19/08/2012 20:26

He loves football and does not want to stop trying. It's easy to poke fun at injury plagued players when all they want is to play the game they love.

Good luck Owen, hope you find a team that will give you a chance.

19/08/2012 19:33
In football they get payed way too much and everyone else has to suffer..

And yet people support some football team because supporters are brainwashed. £40 million to transfer a football player to another club ?

The hell is wrong with you people!!!

19/08/2012 20:38
This guy has been getting megabucks for doing f*** all for the past 10 years.

Fair play to him :)

19/08/2012 20:24

He will end up at Stoke, cos its only 30 mins from where he lives, he would probably get a game every week at Stoke, and his mate is here Crouchy, so we shall see.


19/08/2012 17:57
good player in his day like but dunno if he has the pace anymore for the prem. granted teddy sherringham played till his 40,s as did graham alexander for burnley but these men were super fit athletes. on the other hand i think he would be an asset to a championship club with his experiance and knowlage of the game..probably be a good mentor to the younger championship players or even in the lower leagues anyways good luck to him
19/08/2012 16:57
he prefers premier league physio tables..
19/08/2012 18:36
Retire gracefully, stop being greedy
19/08/2012 17:07
Hang yeh boots up yeh greedy little git,you was finished when you left liverpool...Another mr sicknote..
19/08/2012 18:38
the way he was talking it was if between the lines saying look i know liverpool need a striker who has a goal scoring record second to none so come and get me now.
19/08/2012 17:42
what has he done in the last 7 years?   oh yea sit around watching on huge wages.time to retire mercenary
19/08/2012 23:33
I think a club like Swansea or Wigan would best suit Owen. He has had his time at the top and nobody can ever take away his glorious history, but now maybe it is time to just see out his playing days by actually playing week in week out.
Swansea and Wigan play possession football and due to Owens natural ability to read the game and get into the right position to score, these clubs would be perfect for him. 
19/08/2012 18:06
Thought he had done nothing for the last twelve months. Hope he was planning early
19/08/2012 18:58
Always injured, past his best about 5 years ago. He will be lucky if a championship club wants him but he won't take the drop in wages. So bye bye!
20/08/2012 01:07

Owen was a quality striker. He is now at the tail end of his career and if he wants to go out on a high and prove that he is not ruled by money then he should sign for any side in the premiership that is willing to sign him.

He can then play his heart out and have a swan song that would befit a great striker.

If Owen doesnt do this he will be known as the striker that had it all but turned into a mercinary.

Do the right thing Michael. Go out on a high playing regular football and scoring goals.

19/08/2012 17:41
its hard enough being a liverpool fan at the moment,without that little **** michael owen, back at liverpool NEVER
19/08/2012 17:38
Keen to sit on the bench for 50K a week more like
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