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Owen: Rooney absence 'kick in the teeth'

Wayne Rooney, right, will be upset at not starting according to Michael Owen

Wayne Rooney, right, will be upset at not starting according to Michael Owen

Michael Owen believes Wayne Rooney's omission from Manchester United's Champions League starting line-up on Tuesday night was a "real kick in the teeth" but remains hopeful his former team-mate can rescue his Old Trafford career.

Sir Alex Ferguson's decision to leave Rooney out of his starting line-up to face Real Madrid could have major consequences for the striker's United career. In the past, when Ferguson has left big name players out of high-profile matches, it has proved to be the signal they are surplus to requirements and were to be shipped out at the earliest available opportunity.

"For Rooney not to start is a real kick in the teeth and it's got to be a big worry for him," Owen told TalkSPORT. "It's the biggest game of the season and the manager has shuffled his pack and not included him."

He went on: "Wayne will take it one of two ways.

"He will either get his head down, try to improve and force his way back into the team, or he'll think, 'The manager has not picked me for the biggest game, he obviously doesn't fancy me', and it might not be the end of the story."

Rooney's wife Coleen took to Twitter prior to kick-off on Tuesday night to express her surprise at the 27-year-old's omission. However, that Tweet has now been taken down and Rooney has not offered any reaction to Wednesday night's disappointment, positive or negative.

Ferguson has said repeatedly this season that the striker needs to play matches to keep fit, and takes time to recover when he has a spell out of the side, the reason given for Rooney's omission on Wednesday night.

The United boss has also stressed the professionalism Robin van Persie has brought to Old Trafford this season since his arrival from Arsenal.

It would be easy therefore to draw a negative conclusion about Rooney, although Owen insists he never saw any reason for concern during his three years at United.

"When I was at Manchester United their relationship was very good, they talked, shared jokes and there were no problems whatsoever," said Owen. "I would be surprised if it was something of that nature [a falling-out], but the decision to leave him out isn't going to help if it is that."

07/03/2013 08:10
it's about time Rooney should be drop or even put him for sale he is just average there are other players better than him  who deserve chance to play such as Hernandez . £250.000 a week it's just a kick in the teeth of the fans just think about it . It's decision time probably Rooney knows about it . Manager is right not to pick him from the start .
07/03/2013 03:40
Shame because no matter what you think he is the best team player in the country. He is not greedy like many are if he sees someone can get a goal easier than he can he will pass. I've seen, too often, many players kick the ball as though they think they can score and all it does is rebound off a defender and puts the team into trouble. A great player with lots of football sense and his private life has sod all to do with it if you're inclined to come out with your rubbish.
07/03/2013 10:30
there is no need for personal insults, saf has been a good manger and will be missed when he retires as will other,s,remmember united won nothing for 25 years until he arrived, when he leaves they will struggle to maintain there top position
the reality is fergie can make mustakes and he did on tuesday and paid the ultimate price, cannot blame the ref, chelsea went to barca lost terry and still won, although i rate fergie, his champions league 2 wins is poor for 23 yrs in it
06/03/2013 19:11
we all no why fergie never started rooney  he does not want him to take over his role as most abusive , foul mouth pr**k in the ground 
07/03/2013 10:24
Don't mess with Fergie. Like it or hate it that's the way he runs the club. He never forgets. On £250,000 Rooney does what he is told. Fergie has won a lot of silverware for Utd. Contact PSG he can go play with Beckham.
06/03/2013 19:23

rooney will be there next season not sure saf will tho. time to retire I think before hes health suffers


07/03/2013 08:38
is that a photo of rooney eating a pie on the right ?
Rooney is far to over rated. Gareth bale is a better player in some respects, but even bale is not that good a player either.
07/03/2013 13:12
if I remember right in the first-leg Rooney was no-where 2 be seen unless the camera took a close-up of him growling in frustration, Real madrid had him completely under-control so why play a player who did nothing in the first-leg when Real-madrid would have a game plan 2 control Rooney again he is a good player but that doesn't mean he should start every game on Rep alone.
07/03/2013 11:42

looney as always been over rated looney  this looney that he is a looney shrek 2010 for england looney no one has been picked to go yet but we no one man looney will be going that was sky  and what did he do f-ck all he did not score one goal they said looney world class like messi what a joke

07/03/2013 11:42
Bearing in mind Rooney had a productive game 3 days earlier against Norwich ,scoring and combining well with Van Persie and the fact Kagawa would have been buzzing from his hatrick it seems inconceivable he thought neither would be right choice to contribute to a game where Utd probably needed to score after Sir Alex himself said REAL would score
07/03/2013 11:16
Shreks days at Old Trafford are numbered, SAF losing patience with his drinking and partying, and episodes of weight gain.  Glazers probably require SAF to sell before buying and would be no suprise if Bale or even Ronaldo arrive at Old Trafford next season....
07/03/2013 12:05

Fed up of u **** going on like Rooney is so great he is just hyped up like all the other talentless hyped up  players such as Gerrad Terry,& Lampard u all know its true the media claim that these dudes  are world class players but there not, they only look gud because of the class in their club teams and the fact that the managers build their team around them, im sorry but really what have they won in a international shirt

07/03/2013 14:28
What a load of balony im reading here.................1 Fergie got tactics spot on Tuesday night, the team was playing well and looked comfortable until the sending off........if anything he was slow to react to it as were rest of team who looked like what do we do now, that said we still created chances and if wasnt for some great saves from their keeper cud still have pulled it out of the bag..............as for Rooney it has been said time and time again yet he's still there, his work rate for the team is 2nd to none and does it also mean that Valencia, Kagawa, Evans, Smalling etc all also leaving because didnt play?? Once more the media monster whips up a nonsense story because its Manchester United therefore big news............Rooney will be back in the team Sunday.................
07/03/2013 06:19
Leaving Rooney and Kagawa out was a massive mistake by Ferguson, they would have both gobbled up the two gilt-edged sitters that  Welbeck missed, as would have Hernandez.  Neither Welbeck nor Carrick are good enough for Manchester United's team.  Ferguson is beginning to make too many mistakes and let his 'personal agenda' affect his judgement.  I never thought I would think or say it, but it's time for SAF to go!!  
07/03/2013 13:09

he is only a team player when its all about rooney he must be gutted van the man joined manu .also believe the reason Walcott didn't go to the world cup was rooney doesn't like him and proved  that in pre England games .also rooney was the worst player in the world cup and no one can say any different

united played well tacticaly and without red card clearly would go through. Nani deserved yellow card clearly, not red in such match....still some great chances in 10 men but real keeper saved. real is too strong against 10 men..don´t compare to cheski against barca. chelski had intergalactical luck..barca missed chances against chelski including Messi penalty, they are usualy getting nervous against total parking bus and are too relyed on Messi
07/03/2013 15:27
Wayne Rooney has not been up to standard for 2 years for MUFC or England. When the big games and occasions come around he does not shine for either anymore. He is not world class in my opinion and I have been a united fan all my life. I think maybe we have already seen the best of him and I think MUFC should cash in on him now.
07/03/2013 14:41
Wayne Rooney will be at OT next season, no doubt about it. He is one of the hardest working players in the team. Do not forget he is playing out of position more often than not to cater for Van Persie. 
Danny Wellbeck needs to improve his scoring as he is not prolific enough in front of goal. Again works hard, but not got the eye for goal that Rooney has.
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