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Oxlade-Chamberlain ruled out

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is ruled out of England's friendly against Italy with an ankle injury

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is ruled out of England's friendly against Italy with an ankle injury

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has become the latest member of Roy Hodgson's England squad to pull out of Wednesday's friendly with Italy in Bern.

The winger reported for duty on Monday morning but, after sustaining an ankle injury in Arsenal's friendly with Cologne on Sunday, has immediately been released back to his club.

Oxlade-Chamberlain's departure follows Sunday night's withdrawals of Joe Hart and Daniel Sturridge. Manchester City defender Joleon Lescott has been called into Hodgson's squad.

The decision to call up Lescott had already been taken before Oxlade-Chamberlain pulled out.

It means Hodgson's squad has been trimmed to 20, with uncapped duo John Ruddy and Jack Butland the only remaining keepers.

13/08/2012 12:47
WE PLAYED THEM ONLY A MONTH AGO.OK BY DEFAULT,WHY BOTHER AGAIN WITH A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SET OF PLAYERS.dont give me all that to give players a lookover...lampard carrick etc have played umpteen times for england over the years.If you dont know how good or bad they are by now youll never know.I HAD TO LAUGH YESTERDAY....CHELSEA V MAN CITY....ROY HODGSON AT THE GAME 18 OF THE 22 STARTING HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR COUNTRY AND 2 OF THE REMAINING FOUR WERE RESTED....ITS LIKE BEING READY TO GET ON A PLANE AND SOMEONE SAYING QUICK I NEED TO GO FOR A PI.S AFTER HAVING HAD ALL DAY TO DO IT...THERES 51 OTHER WEEKS IN THE CALENDER YEAR WHY THIS WEEK.the most important day of the season short of the final one......fact we arent any good....thats why the top sides have foreign players...and the english ones coming through were never good enough.
13/08/2012 12:29
This friendly is a complete waste of time no benifit to anyone, we have just been to Euros and played them there so why do they need another  and just before season starts BLOODY  LUDICROUS
13/08/2012 12:36
This is just a site for free advertising and SPAM. Even if it is reported nothing happens........
13/08/2012 16:52
England football?? Bring back the Olympics. At least the athletes competing in London showed pride, passion and a genuine desire to represent their country!!!
13/08/2012 17:28
Can someone get rid of these promotional texts. They are more and more appearing on MSN comments replacing legitimate comments. No one take them seriously they are just a nuisance.
13/08/2012 11:59
The Ox is going to be a quality player. He has massive potiental and fits perfectly into the Arsenal system. I think this will be a big season for the Ox can't wait to see him establishing himself in Arsenal's team
13/08/2012 13:21
so just wat is the point of this so called game?? with the new season starting weekend if i was a manager i sure as hell would try and stop my players from going...just a waste of time and money ,,if the supporters don't go then u aint got a game so hey stay home chill out and get ready for the weekend ,,,,
13/08/2012 12:33
13/08/2012 17:36

England international football is rubbish. The players don't care and this is very apparent. Now the fans are starting to dismiss it.

I hope the so called professional players are proud of destroying what was once a noble sport. Overpaid, thick, greedy, dishonest and selfish.

The only way to get decent players for the England team is to cut heir club wages by a half or 3/4 and then see how many want to play.

13/08/2012 14:58
Here we go again, the Season is only seconds old and England can't put a full squad together "Due to Injuries". Somebody should have forced those Over-Paid Prima-Donna's to sit and watch the Olympics in the vain hope that they learned what it means to be a Sports Person.
13/08/2012 15:38

it dosn,t matter who,s bean pulled out of the squad they are still a joke,,,,!!

   as a proud england supporter got to say the world cup was embarressing the euro was a fast ,,!!

    i can go on and on but wan,t,,,!!

     how do these players deserve to wear the shirt of england is beyond me,,

  "    no ifs or butts we will learn from our mistakes "

        lets get some pride back.................please..

13/08/2012 17:53
Better off heading down the divisions for a England squad that wants to play for there country forget about prem players there all for the money anyway and there next big move .
13/08/2012 11:32
One good thing is that we wont be seeing the one trick pony! pity about Chamberlain though
he is a talent!!

13/08/2012 22:40
MSN can i advertise my c.v on this website? If not why do you allow all these fcuking annoying sites to make comments that have nothing to do with your headlined story???  
13/08/2012 15:31
If I were you Roy I would start looking at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd division they are tougher,  more skilled at their job and don't moan about it.
14/08/2012 04:20
ZULU :  just what ud expect from some maccaroon.lives and bullies his mum cos his dad fcuked off when he was a kid,walks round with his jeans down to his ar se, walks like hes sat on a cucumber, his ambition in life is to own a gold chain,preferably previously owned by an 80 yr old woman,and thinks a bmw is a passport for nicking a bird.thinks hes a top drug dealer but probably works in mc donalds.
14/08/2012 08:21

Why T F are they playing a pointless friendly a few days before the season starts ???

What will Hodgson learn that he hasn't already seen.

13/08/2012 17:49

@paul trev

   fair comment...couldn,t agree more.

14/08/2012 09:29
Typical Hodgesons meticulous planning! watching what is irrevelant! It is pathetic!!!
and the British public should not now be putting up with all of this BULLSH-T!!
Sven was crucified.....but he at least had a good football side we would want to watch...
This Hodgeson has dashed any dreams we had of doing anything in International Football!
l cannot stress how bad anyone with a semblence of football knowledge feels regarding the whole England set up! It is a total disgrace! They have been totally shown up by the womens GB squad
put together by Hope Powell with her know how and tactics....so much better to watch than Pearces Mens GB team who were dire...with tactics akin to children playing thier mates to **** off the better players that were available to try to prove a point...trying to copy Brian Clough
any one with a brain can see this except Bernstien and Brooking..the old pals act!!!!

13/08/2012 20:13
what the feck is that spear throwing zulu mug on about?
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