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Oxlade-Chamberlain: We will attack

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (© left)

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (left) is confident England can 'match every team we come up against' at Euro 2012

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain believes England have the quality to "damage any team" during Euro 2012 providing they also adhere to the basics of hard work and physically matching their opponents.

Arsenal winger Oxlade-Chamberlain made his first competitive start for his country in England's 1-1 draw with France on Monday. Roy Hodgson's side put the accent on denying France space and closing them down, but Oxlade-Chamberlain is confident England can also cause their opponents problems ahead of Friday's meeting with Sweden in Kiev.

The 18-year-old said: "It's been a good start for us, we can build from here, we can definitely get stronger, and we showed our quality as well in glimpses. As long as we keep approaching these games in the right way, keep our eye on the goal and work hard and match every team we come up against physically, hopefully our attacking prowess can come out."

He added: "Every game in this competition is going to be very hard for us. Teams wouldn't have qualified unless they had the quality in the first place.

"We will approach every game in the same way and we know it is going to be a tough game against Sweden but we've got the quality in our team to do damage to any team on our day."

Oxlade-Chamberlain showed glimpses of his potential against France but is refusing to contemplate the prospect of becoming a regular starter under Hodgson.

Little over a year ago he was playing in League One for Southampton and has made only six Barclays Premier League starts for Arsenal.

Oxlade-Chamberlain said: "It was a massive honour for me to get out there and represent my country in a competition like this.

"It was a nice surprise but one I needed to expect and be ready for when it came. But look, I'm only 18. Any chance I get, I'll try and take with two hands. I'm always learning from the boys around me. I'm grateful for any chance I get.

"There are really good players in all positions and there are a lot of competition for places and I'm sure there will be squad rotation. We've got the players to do it and there is a lot of physical demands from game to game."

13/06/2012 11:31
The kids a young positive player and all most of you (except 'Pele Messi') seem to do is knock him. No wonder this country always fails under pressure with pessimists like you living here. Well done Oxlade and well done the lads. Good luck. Keep faith and don't listen to these negative so called football fans.
13/06/2012 12:22

We need to retain the ball alot better than we did against France,and create alot more chances than we did.It was a good point,but we need to play alot more positive football.Just because some fans and critics were critical of our performance against France doesn't mean they are not behind the England squad and manager.Scott Parker even said himself that he can't see us winning a tournament playing football like that.Gerrard also said we need to step up our performance against Sweden.


Im my honest opinion we should have gone for a second goal against France,not sit back and allow the french to come onto us.Anyone who watches football knows that 1-0 is a far from safe scoreline.We need to be more ruthless and kill teams off.


We have the players to do well in the tournament,they just need to up their game and perform the way they do at club level.Come on England!

13/06/2012 14:05
I really think that England should win that match. I was really impressed by the way England played throughout the match but Hodgson really should have included Andy Carroll in the second half. We had a lot of free kicks and corners and I think Carroll would have offered some aerial threats and could have possibly scored the second goal. We should play Young in the wing, and give Welbeck or Carroll a striking partner against  Sweden. We're very strong in the defense and midfield, but we really need to be creative at strike instead of being isolated with the opposing defense 
 We may not have the best team in the world, but we have certainly got a team who can beat anyone. England's got one of the best defense in the world, and although some may not agree, we have a surprisingly good attacking players. I reckon this team could shock Europe if we play good and organised. COME ON ENGLAND!!
13/06/2012 12:56
What a great attitude this young lad has!! Very humble and polite too, If all the team had the guts and determination he showed in his first game, then maybe we might have a chance of getting through to the next round, but I wont be holding me breath!
I agree in some respects to Man of Reason, But we gave France far to much respect and backed off of the ball far to much if we had retreated any further we would have been playing in the car park!! France scored a really soft goal through a bunch of England players (who should have been in the way a little further up the pitch) and Hart saw it to late. But if we defend with the whole team in the penalty area pratically, we are just asking for it. Gerrard a midfielder defending the shot from inside the penalty area!! Let the defenders defend they are supposed to be the best in Europe at it. Nasri or anyone else shouldnt have been allowed to get that close, and the trouble is its basic school boy stuff we got wrong. 60% possession with 15 shots on goal we gave France to our 40% with one shot on goal. Pundits bleating on about a perfect start well im sorry maybe we English have come to expect less then of our National team but perfect in my book is a far cry from the performance England showed against France im afraid. 
13/06/2012 11:19

I like Alex's attacking spirit, and it's the right idea, attack is the best form of defence, but I wouldn't be surprised if Roy taught him a lesson about 'Who's Boss' and dropped him for the next game. Roy doesn't like to attack, he likes to play it safe and not lose games. Gerrard being the perfect example is one of the best attacking midfielders in the world but he was playing a holding role most of the time in the last game and rarely got forward with the strikers to make a lethal trio, but Roy has clearly 'instructed' Gerrard to stay back and as a consequence, one of the best attacking midfielders in the world is wasted in his best role within the team. Well done Roy.  


Also Ashley young is a left winger not a forward/striker, it would of been better to have played him in his natural position on the pitch and played Jermain DeFoe alongside the impressive Welbeck. Jermain is a natural born striker who because of the sad death of his father last week will play with even more heart and conviction than ever in his fathers memory.


Milner, as usual looked slow and ineffective out on the right wing, I would play Theo Walcott on the right wing, he scares defenders with his lightning pace and has a good eye for goal. But Roy clearly blundered (again) when he didn't take Adam Johnson as his first choice right winger. Well done Roy. 

13/06/2012 14:25
Some Interesting comments.  I don't understand why Hodgson seems to think he's the new Wenger minus any form of attacking know-how?  Ashley Young, a top wide left player who loves to com inside and put it in the top right corner, played out of position. Milner, god knows what his natural position is but he's on the right wing when we have Oxlade and Theo who would have been miles better there. Adam Johnson also miles better out there, did he even make the squad?  Then Gerrard, as others have said a top attacking mid, holding. Holding, when we have Barry and Parker in the squad.  I mean this was the most testacle-free line-up I have seen in ages.  And because it was another tepid England performance there are idiot 'fans' who think they know it all going on about how we don't have the players. We do. They just need to played and be permitted to express themselves.

The Ox..............Gerrard..............Young

That's how England can win games.

Sort it out Woy, this is one of the most talented England squads in years despite some MAJOR omissions from the entire squad (Walker, Richards, A Johnson for a start) yet you magically made us look desperate when we could have walked away from the France game as heroes after our first scalp of the tournament. Pathetic really. And then you have the most indifferent, typically 'not arsed' scouser giving us the lowdown on how everyone is feeling after the game and we're expected to rejoice. Yawn. I reckon these lads can do well but this 'let's play like a team who would be pleased just to avoid a relegation battle' attitude needs to go.
13/06/2012 13:31

For my own part, I was really impressed with the way England played against France. They kept their shape, and were tight and organised. They reminded me of the old England in style.

I think it is also important that England play to their abilities. It is no use England playing a more attacking open game against a team that is better at attacking than them. You could only expent one result then. That is not to say that you can't attack of course, but when you do you have to be at full strength against a counter attack.

Roy Hodgson knows all this and countless more than the rest of us, but it is interesting having our say anyway.


@Kevin Dilon


Nicely put mate, we did play with a little bit of trepidation because of who we were playing, but the one thing that pleased was we kept our shape and discipline better than we have for a while now,


And you forgot to mention the boys of 1966 who fought and won.

There was an element of Fear in the way England played and it showed in their retreat away from the advance of France. Battles are not won with Fear and Retreat, they are won with Courage and Attack time all the England players grew a pair and just really think about what those 3 lions on a shield actually mean. Agincourt, Trafalga, Waterloo etc etc the list is endless those ENGLISH MEN knew how to FIGHT!!
Obviously not many English people on here today (English anyone born in England) why dont you go on msn.fr TVVATS!!
13/06/2012 17:22
History dictates, its generally the young and upcoming players that Shine/star so here's hoping and have a great tournament Oxlade.
Also Scotty Parker is a hero literally put his body on the line and gave everything he had, wish my team had bought him.

13/06/2012 16:41
i reckon we could have done better but a draw is a good result
13/06/2012 12:07
Get over the halfway line, now thats an attacking move.
13/06/2012 18:19
Reading through the comments and it seems alot of people on here already know what is going to happen?! Am I watching repeats? Has someone already released final standings? Or is msn full of people that knew Chelsea would win the Champs League? hmmm
C'mon the French they have to get other people to fight for them or they Surrender!! We need some good old FIGHTING SPIRIT in the team we have some of the best players in Europe on the pitch they just need to start believing in themselves. And most importantly the fact that we are ENGLAND should be enough to scare the beejeesus out of anybody!!
13/06/2012 12:53
im sure some english fans think we are going to win , we aint got no chance hes taken the wrong players for starters ,i would not of taken any of the older guys who have been hammered before cant believe no micah richards a beast of a player  no arron lennon so fast frightens defenders  no peter crouch proven at international level we should of carried on playing against france we showed them to much respect there back four are not very good we missed a chance there i felt , do not underestimate sweden we always draw with them and ukraine have home advantage thats like having an extra man , i dont buy into alan hansen and dixon saying we will beat em both , heard it all before mate i am a supporter of england and a realist we will be lucky to get out of the group.
13/06/2012 11:35
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