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Pardew charged over pushing official

Alan Pardew, right, is facing a misconduct charge

Alan Pardew, right, is facing a misconduct charge

Newcastle manager Alan Pardew has been charged with misconduct by the Football Association for pushing an assistant referee.

Pardew shoved the official during his side's Barclays Premier League win over Tottenham on Saturday.

The Magpies boss apologised unreservedly after the match but it has not prevented the FA acting and he now has until 4pm on Thursday to respond to the charge.

Given Pardew's comments after the match, it seems unlikely he will contest it.

He said: "It was ridiculous and I apologised publicly. He was right in front of me and I thought the ball was out and I shoved him.

"I went to see him and told him it was stupid and I don't know what I was thinking."

Pardew reacted angrily having thought the official had missed a throw-in for his side moments before Spurs shot narrowly wide.

The incident was missed by referee Martin Atkinson but it was immediately brought to his attention by fourth official Lee Mason.

Pardew was ordered to watch the final 20 minutes of the match at Sports Direct Arena from the stands.

20/08/2012 21:00
They charge Pardew...but how does Ferguson get away with constantly abusingn the officials, hes at it tonight at Everton...the man really is a CLOWN, dont support either team but Eveton should be 3 or 4 up, sorry Man U fans hope you get stuffed 
21/08/2012 00:39

Is this country turning into a communist state? You can comment on this but, you cannot comment on the p"""k who raped 3 kids ,or the muslims. or the government. Free speech ? not in this communist, muslim state. GREAT BRITAIN? not anymore


21/08/2012 04:04
Wouldn't it be something if just one day the Ref or linesman said to hell with the FA and punched the lights out of one of these brats on live TV.I know their career in Refereeing would be over but I bet they would be very popular and well paid on the media circuit.
20/08/2012 23:46
pi**ing myself thinking of all them tenners taken of united  supporters by bookmakers
on van persie to score first
must have made 24 million
21/08/2012 02:11
what i dont get is manaqgers can be fined so can players but an official who blatantly ignores a ball going out of play or making a massive mistake thats right in their face doesnt face any disipline action at the end of the day what pardew did was wrong but if there were tougher penalties for officials who fail in their duties  or at least did the job correctly if wouldnt happen.
20/08/2012 19:07
Was hardly a shove was it, but there is no need to touch an official for any reason. It's nice to see a manager to lead by example.
I've heard of Newcastle pushing for the title, but this is ridiculous, Alan.
21/08/2012 00:38
Why don't they just let the officials do their jobs
21/08/2012 07:41
This is getting stupid by the FA, all this charging within days by the FA. Get your fingers out of your behinds & sort out the  John Terry Mess, or are they hiding & hoping it will go away. Pushing, chock ice, was ever next??
21/08/2012 01:24
Shouldn't Martin O'neil be prosecuted for impersonating a football manager. Pardew is a legend!
20/08/2012 23:20
Gotta love Pards, he's a real football fan.  That said, if Wenger gets touchline bans for simply saying the ref was cack, Pards deffo needs to be punished for this!
21/08/2012 07:50
what should happen.if you push a ref the club should get 3 points taken off them.throw the book at pardew
21/08/2012 01:36

Let's put this into perspective. Di Canio got a 12 match ban for shoving a ref to the ground. Any player in parks football who assaults an official can face a ban of a season, or maybe even a lifetime ban.

Just because Pardew is a manager doesn't make him any less guilty. The FA need to hammer him for what he did.

For the record, as an ex-ref who was assaulted on the field of play, I have no axe to grind with NUFC, I just want to stand up for match officials. After all, football needs us and fools like Pardew need to be punished properly!

20/08/2012 23:35
it was in the heat of the moment and hardly anything,but he knows he shouldn't have done it and will take it on the chin. Well done pardew i hope others will learn off you....Mr. wenger was you watching :)
20/08/2012 23:34
they will definitely be commenting on MU tommorrow, bye,bye fergie!
20/08/2012 22:19
I laugh at the fact that, no matter what thread I look at, whether is may be a FA case or something about Cheryl Cole, Manchester United is always commented on somewhere by someone.
21/08/2012 09:29
Please, please, please, lets not become like the Americans! he was very apologetic, knew it was stupid, just move on. Its the sheer passion for the game that gets overexuberated at times thats all. Move on for goodness sake.
21/08/2012 09:35
Bloody typical, blame the official, well people if you feel you can do a better job, then the county FA run referee course on a regular basis, may I suggest you enrol on one of these courses , then you can judge     
21/08/2012 09:31
Rather than considering the right and wrong of this Football players and fans may want to consider the image they are giving to the rest of the world.  Footbal needs to take some lessons from other sports on social conduct.
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