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Park heading to QPR

Ji-Sung Park looks to be heading to QPR

Ji-Sung Park looks to be heading to QPR

QPR are set to complete the marquee signing of Manchester United's Park Ji-sung, Press Association Sport understands.

The South Korea international will move to Loftus Road for a fee of £2million once the relevant paperwork has been completed.

Park, who won four Premier League titles and a Champions League during his time at United, is understood to have been swayed to join QPR by their ambitious plans.

The 31-year-old became one of Sir Alex Ferguson's most reliable players after joining the club in the summer of 2005.

Park began his professional career with Japanese side Kyoto Purple Sanga aged 18 and impressed during Guus Hiddink-led Korea's successful run to the World Cup semi-finals in 2002.

Such performances saw him follow the Dutchman to PSV Eindhoven, where he played for three years before joining United for £4million.

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07/07/2012 09:07

Sad to see Park leave. He has been a great asset to United and probably should have made more appearances than he has. Good luck to him though.

07/07/2012 10:01
cant understand fergie letting him go, hes been a good player for man u and a reliable asset, so i wish him the best of luck,
07/07/2012 08:08
Great signing, QPR going the right way at last. Now get rid of Barton.
07/07/2012 09:55
what a player united fans will miss this boy good luck Park Ji-sung great by QPR
07/07/2012 01:05

@ Chris

Park has been one of our best players for the last 7 years, always giving his all for the team and no, he didn't score a lot of goals but he did score some important ones; like the one he scored which helped Manchester United destroy Wenger's hopes of winning his first European trophy.

But then again, he wasn't signed to score goals or sell shirts. He was signed for his ability and his never say die attitude. You call yourself a Man Utd fan?

07/07/2012 07:32

I was surprized by this move as Park has been a work horse for Utd and has lost none of his running, breaking up opposition possession and providing his share of assists. I only hope that Mark Hughes sees him as a replacement for Joey Barton, so QPR fans know that they have a player who they can rely on. I cant see them both in the same dressing room, let alone the same team.


07/07/2012 00:00

Is a great loss to let Park go, I have the upmost respect for you, thanks for happy memories. Park might not of been the most skillful player or even the best passer on the pitch but if you needed energy then he would run all night for you. Always ready for a battle, breaking down the oppositions play and counter attacking at break neck speed. With Young, Nani and Valencia in the squad it was always going to be a struggle to get a game.

Best wishes for the future!

07/07/2012 01:08
sorry to see park go he was 1 of man u best mid player and all you d**ks who say hes only there to sell fk you bout man u fan
07/07/2012 07:35

Whether you were top drawer is a matter of opinion but you never gave us less than 100% and you can't ask more than that from any individual. A model professional, who doesn't dive or roll over in fake agony. Best of luck at QPR. I hope you are a success.


As for the shirt selling accusations. Are you serious? Park was a top player at PSV when they almost beat Milan to qualify for the Champions League Final. He has gone on to be a valuable member of our squad for 7 years. I think a shirt seller would have left before that. As for Kagawa, do your homework before passing such ill-judged opinions.  

07/07/2012 08:44
well this  is a suprise for me i think that he is a fantastic player  and Ferguson  has  made one of the biggest mistakes on letting park go ,Mark Hughes knows that park has still  got the speed  down that wing, Park  is like another Ryan Giggs a solid winger with speed and accrossy  with the ball he shows great awareness he will be a sad loss but on the anther side sparky knows he has a fantastic player  for years to come ............good  look Park Ji  Sung
07/07/2012 00:10
I think it's the right time for him to move on, he has been a great servant to the club and is well respected amongst his peers and fans alike. Good look at QPR, Park. Thanks for your efforts and dedication.
07/07/2012 00:29

Good deal for both sides. We bought him for 4 million as a young Champions League semi finalist. He can still go on for years yet. I feel sorry for him though, if he has to share a changing room with Joey Barton. Ji epitomises a way a footballer should behave. Barton isn't fit to lace his boots.

Chris please delete that comment. Either that or go check Shinji's stats. You're only saying what you are because he's Japanese. If he was Spanish, Brazilian, German etc you'd be doing back flips. People like you are probably the ones who thought Chicharito was signed only to sell shirts in Mexico.

07/07/2012 07:27
QPR acquisitions have left a lot to be desired. Most are past it or second rate but they have really got this one right.
If they can sign a few more of his stature then they might really start to move forward.
07/07/2012 01:03
Bad move! He will come back to haunt United! But good luck to him, special guy!
07/07/2012 11:48
great player, (and i'm a pool fan) never gave anything but his best, played well kept his nose clean and never been involved in any crap, a real pro. hope he does well
Such a shame to see such a player go. You will be missed, Three-lung Park. It's a great coup for QPR though. 

Interesting fact - Park has scored for Utd in every season since he joined in 2005-06.
Anyone notice how very well behaved Park, and other oriental players are ? this is the result of being educated, and brought up as children to respect the laws of decency. The education system is far superior in Korea, and Japan. When Japan, suffered the awful hurricanes of a few years ago, there was not one case of looting, compare Britain, and the riots, of last year with Japan.
07/07/2012 09:50

Not surprised, but will say he has always been a class act and work horse. Will take some replacing.

 Is Mark, an United old boy going to be 'United Has Beens'? Old friends etc. and I think Parks will be a useful signing. Yes Rio could well be next.

 think rooney will have fat dripping off of him at moment lol.




to say you are a utd fan, you come out with sh1t all the time about your own team, park played in most of the big games! yet you say he was bought to sell shirts lol.

Ferguson is making a big mistake Park is a brilliant player and does not get enough first team time he is better than some of the so called stars
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