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Parker could miss start of season

Scott Parker, right, might need to go under the knife to fix an Achilles tendon injury

Scott Parker, right, might need to go under the knife to fix an Achilles tendon injury

Tottenham and England midfielder Scott Parker could miss the start of the new season if he needs surgery on an Achilles tendon injury.

Parker's injury is currently being evaluated by Spurs medical staff while the first-team squad are on tour in the United States. Manager Andre Villas-Boas may have to do without Parker, who could also miss games for England, for the start of the new season.

Villas-Boas said, in quotes reported by several national newspapers: "There might be a small tear on his Achilles - we are at the moment evaluating the situation regarding a possible operation that can take four to six weeks normally to heal."

Parker's absence could see him sidelined until September, forcing him to miss Spurs' start to the Barclays Premier League campaign.

Parker could also sit out England's friendly against Italy on August 15 and, depending on the operation date and his recovery, the World Cup qualifiers with Moldova on September 7 and Ukraine on September 11.

24/07/2012 13:08
if l was him ld concentrate on club football & forget the england games.things gonna change you wait & see.
25/07/2012 09:37
Parker is a No Frills footballer. A Fans Favourite no one can doubt his work rate and bravery to any cause. Saying that he needs to operate with a high work rate because he is not a natural talent this is why england are miles behind teams like spain and germany our players are just not naturally talented or world class enough to step up.
25/07/2012 08:31
Funny how the shirt affects the posts!!!! He is a 'bland footballer' that does a job breaking up the 
midfield melee, bravely,  AND holds the ball up for more skillful players, get football you know nothin buncha  arse cretins
24/07/2012 08:48
25/07/2012 12:40
“That was during my dark period.” – John Terry

“I don’t shower with the lads after football, they all stare at my bits. I think they’re jealous.” – John Terry

25/07/2012 09:50
If Parker, were a car he would be a Toyota, land cruiser, tough , dependable and moreover will never let you down. Bland he could be but the reputation for reliability is famous, and if thats blandness give it to me all the time.
24/07/2012 22:54
you are bang on.to call parker overrated will be an insult to overrated players.if this so called 'footballer' grew up in spain,italy or brazil he would not have made it as a professional footballer.people talk about his hard work but thats because he is too thick to read the game; thats why he is regularly hoplesly out of  of position,charging around like a headless chicken and burning out within 80mins.when was the last time a continetal team (big or small) showed interest in him? the man is a plank. cant trap,cant pass, cant head,cant shoot,cant dribble,cant cross not forgeting score with limited footbal brain

24/07/2012 21:13
Parker is a frail specimen who is brave putting his body on the line week in week out, when a gust of wind could snap him. The way he uses his groin as a block seems brave until you find out he has a plastic pair.
24/07/2012 16:58
Here's another player made out to be world class when he is nothing of the sort. All he can do is tackle, end of. Everyone goes on about how he is so brave to be "putting his body on the line" and "throwing himself in front of every shot", although my defination of brave must be a little different to everyone else's as an air filled ball hitting you is not exactly going to kill you, To see a REAL defensive midfielder, you need only look down the road to the Emirates. Alex Song can do everything Parker does to a much higher standard, while also being an excellent passer. Song has combined Parker's limited style of football with the passing ability of a top class playmaker. Its like having two players in one. Parker can make a tackle, but he couldnt hit a barn door with a machine gun when it comes to making a pass. To be top class you need more than an extremely one dimentional game. Song has this, Parker does not
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