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Pearce cites Brazil as Olympic example

Stuart Pearce is taking inspiration from Brazil ahead of the Olympics

Stuart Pearce is taking inspiration from Brazil ahead of the Olympics

Stuart Pearce believes the British public could learn a lesson from the way Brazil are preparing for their Olympic odyssey.

Five-times World Cup winners, the legendary South Americans are yet to strike gold in this competition. However, they have already been installed as favourites to end that barren streak in London this summer, bringing with them a squad that includes tournament star name Neymar, plus Manchester United defender Rafael and in-demand Porto forward Hulk.

Indeed, as Pearce notes, only one of their 18-man party is yet to gain a senior cap, and the Team GB boss said: "They can teach us something in terms of the desperation of all their players and pride to play not just for Brazil, but at the Olympic Games."

He added: "If you read articles in this country it is seen as just for taking part, just for fun, just for everything apart from having a real go at trying to win the competition.

"This Brazil team only have one player that hasn't been capped at senior international level.

"That tells you they are not afraid to put their younger players into the main side to gain experience and also that they are taking it seriously."

Pearce regards Spain as Brazil's nearest challengers, with GB next in the betting, along with Group A rivals Uruguay.

15/07/2012 15:22

Redford is it Pearce's fault, or England's that there are no Scottish players good enough?!

Indeed if one is honest most class players in the SPL were / are second rate oversea's players.

 Never mind, the standard will get even worse now that the Egoist have demoted Rangers and lessen the standard even more for petty jealousy sake.

 This will mean that a Third division side will probably win the Cup and play in Europe and save money to boot. then in 3 -4 season will be the best SPL side.

 And you want that mentality to be chosen for the Olympics? Struth, may as well go the the English Conference side for that class lol.

 Means again one strikes an illogical whim to make a case of biasness... never mind the truth that A. they are not good enough. B. the English lads play a far higher standard of football week in and week out. That they play against the best and do well at club level. No scot is shining I see in the English leagues where as before there were many, and indeed many great players that were the envy and backbone of some great teams. But to quote the Scots song regards a weed .... But that's in the past now, and in the past they must remain ...

15/07/2012 10:27

Yep, like Germany, they are using their youngsters NOW!. We should have had got shot of most of the Old squad 4 years ago. The youngster proved first against Spain that they would run and play for each other. AND the manager.

 To see a fat barrel of lard stuttering jogging aimlessly around like it never knew why or what he was there for proved yet again Rooney is, and always has been a liability to the National side.

 Likewise most of them that thought it was their right to just turn up.

 We could have a squad with 22 youngster of great ability, a few older wiser heads, Parker and Gerard, and Lescott and Ashley Cole, amd maybe Milner, none other.for expierence and inspiration. Lampard, and JT though he played really well for a change in the last cup.

 Of course that is why Roy is there, to pave and create a infrastruture solid for Pearce to take over.

 But for injuries and Micah declining his place I think many more youngsters would have been chosen.

15/07/2012 07:45

I'm so glad that Stuart Peace did not pick David Beckham to be captain for the olympic games because if he was captain all it will be is about him  and not about the rest of team


15/07/2012 08:17
this is not a gb olympic team, pierce doesnt have a clue, there is no irish or scottish players in the team. i hope someone with money challenges gb as a name as it does not represent gb but england as usual. i hope they get humped every game.
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