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Pearce names GB squad

Stuart Pearce has named his 18-man Team GB squad for the Olympics

Stuart Pearce has named his 18-man Team GB squad for the Olympics

Five Welsh and 13 English players have been selected for Great Britain's men's Olympic football squad for London 2012.

Team GB manager Stuart Pearce has not picked any Scottish or Northern Irish players for the tournament. The announcement of the squad confirmed that David Beckham has missed out with Ryan Giggs, Craig Bellamy and Micah Richards named as the three over-age players allowed - all the others have to be under 23.

Swansea have three players named, the most of any club - Scott Sinclair, Joe Allen and Neil Taylor, while Tottenham defender Steven Caulker, who has also been included, was on loan at the Liberty Stadium last season.

Chelsea's Daniel Sturridge is also chosen, as is Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey and Manchester United Tom Cleverley. Tottenham's Gareth Bale would have been selected but has been ruled out due to injury.

Pearce confirmed there was no political pressure on him to select Beckham for his Team GB Olympic squad - and would not have accepted the job if there had been. As expected, the omission of Beckham - a key figure in the London 2012 bid process and beyond - somewhat overshadowed the naming of the 18 players who will line up at the Games.

"From the offset, when I sat down with the (Football Association) chairman David Bernstein, some time before Christmas, he offered me the opportunity to pick the squad," he said. "If at that stage he had said to me that certain individuals would have to be included I certainly wouldn't do that job. I don't know any manager worth their salt who would have."

Asked directly if Beckham would be part of the touchline team - much as he was at the 2010 World Cup which he missed through injury - Pearce said: "We only have seven passes (for backroom staff). We have no passes for that. The players have to be prepared to come through the door on form alone and that happens to be the case with staffing too: they have their role to play."

London 2012 will be the first time that Team GB have competed in the men's football competition since the 1960 Games in Rome. Team GB kick off their campaign at Old Trafford against Senegal on July 26, before playing the United Arab Emirates at Wembley on July 29 and Uruguay at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium on August 1.

Team GB squad: Jack Butland (Birmingham), Jason Steele (Middlesbrough); Ryan Bertrand (Chelsea), Steven Caulker (Tottenham), Craig Dawson (West Brom), Micah Richards (Manchester City), Neil Taylor (Swansea), James Tomkins (West Ham).

Joe Allen (Swansea), Tom Cleverley (Manchester United), Jack Cork (Southampton), Ryan Giggs (Manchester United), Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal), Danny Rose (Tottenham), Scott Sinclair (Swansea); Craig Bellamy (Liverpool), Marvin Sordell (Bolton), Daniel Sturridge (Chelsea).

02/07/2012 15:49

As a supporter of all things British, I am really disgusted and annoyed by this squad selection.

Please explain to me why there is no Northern Irish or Scottish representation in the squad. Why Team G.B?.. Should this not now be Team England/Wales?.

There should be, at the very least, one player from Northern Ireland and one from Scotland.

Where is the incentive to watch progress of this team when all the home nations are not represented?

I can only assume that Pearce does not know any Northern Irish or Scottish players, or is simply not interested in considering any of them.

02/07/2012 16:58
Sorry u r getting stick; Didn't the Scots opt out in case it affected their Word cup status?
02/07/2012 15:48
Not a hope in hell for england and wales
02/07/2012 16:04

Bang goes any support you may have had from Northern Ireland and Scotland. Both nations will just want the so called team GB to get thumped and knocked out yet again early doors.


Beckham if nothing else would have been a crowd puller and for his efforts to promote the attempt to win the hosting of the games should have been included and Captained his country. 


Stuart Pearce should admit he was wrong.

02/07/2012 15:56
so much for team GB No N Irish no Scots
02/07/2012 15:56
well there is a shocker, team "GB" no Scottish or Northern Ireland players....well done Mr Pearce you have lived up to your English mentality...... 
02/07/2012 16:06
Before we all complain about those who have been selected, why not give a full list of those players/clubs who indicated that they did not wish to be considered for inclusion in what David Beckham considers to be a prestigious competition.  
02/07/2012 17:37
I'm bored of being English and bored of  being related to Britain leaving out Great, and un-united Kingdom. No matter what sporting event be it English football team or now the GB Olympics team people are beating up individuals.
Stuart Pearce was tasked with a framework to work within and has picked players for a specific job, same as all other managers. Its always negative with most English, and its boring quite frankly.
If PE was given more time in schools, coaching was of a better standard and the government and councils stopped selling every asset that gives kids access to sports and maybe funded our kids instead of fighting in other countries or building swanky government buildings then as a nation we might produce sports men and woman that we'd be proud of. ITS THE BEST WE'VE GOT so shut up and maybe support all men and woman involved
02/07/2012 15:52
A selection destined for failure, no quality in there at all.
02/07/2012 16:04

I'm not a football fan but bought tickets for my family to watch an England match in Cardiff purely on the strength of Beckham playing.  It doesn't matter what you think but the guy is a national icon and has done more for the Olympic cause than most.


Now; we are not interested!

02/07/2012 18:13
everyone slagging of Pearce they don't know what they are talking about he is the England under 21 manager and knows the best young talent in England. Dropping Beckham is not a bad thing we have young players in form who are deserving. Beckham also plays in America that great footballing nation lol. Stuart Pearce is not a yes man or else he would have choose Beckham so instead of slagging him off wait until after the Olympics.
02/07/2012 16:00
Well, physco, you've certainly made a name for youself other than physco haven't you, got everyone talking about you and thats what you wanted isn't it? now you're well known for something else apart from going on the p.i.s.s. between your matches when you played for England, you certainly didn't care about your country like David Beckham does did you, you t.o.s.s.e.r
02/07/2012 20:17
I'm Scottish, and if i was Team GB manager and got the option to pick Scottish and N.Ireland players i would laugh at them all and tell them to **** off! Both Nations standard of Football and Football players development is very poor! 

Pearce you got yourself a decent squad of young talent! Show Hodgson how the English team  should play football!
02/07/2012 17:43
The silliest and therefore most obvious omission to Team GB is Huddersfield Town's young striker - JORDAN RHODES who scored 40 odd goals for Club and Country. 
02/07/2012 15:50
Surprised no Irish or Scottish players?................. me neither, only surprised it included some Welsh players. Lets hope it doesn't come down to penalties.
02/07/2012 18:40
Can the Scottish not read or something? It has been stated many many times already that the SFA wanted no part in team GB. Stop being so damn ignorant and read why before posting the same bs over and over again. Even if the Scottish were permitted to play then there would only be a token inclusion because lets face it, your sh*t.
02/07/2012 17:10

The simple Scots just don' seem to get it, have you all pickled your brains or something? You did not want to take part, What can't you comprehend???

02/07/2012 18:30
Im Scottish but i cant think of any scottish player who is good enough to make the squad --as for the Beckham issue---personally i like the man --he has been amazing for his country, he was a factor in the GB bid for the Olympics , and i still havent seen anyone cross a ball better  but Stuart Pearce is the manager and if thats his choice then the decision is his to make
02/07/2012 19:10

So I thought the GB Olympics team would be the best of our young footballers from England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland ... Ryan Giggs, although a great player is 39, Craig Bellamy is 33. Are there really no good players under the age of 25 that could have taken the place of those OLD guys? Maybe a player from Northern Ireland or Scotland under 21 squad?


How about players like David Wotherspoon, Paul Hanlon, Ross Perry, Danny Wilson who have multiple caps for Scotland? Or Oliver Norwood, Will Grigg or Shane Ferguson who have multiple caps for Northern Ireland? What is wrong with those guys?


David Beckham at 37 should not have been considered for a position on the field, but may have been beneficial as an assistant coach and could have been a great talisman for the GB squad. Furthermore, with him in the dugout more people would watch the matches both in the stands and on TV.

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