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Petrov in remission

Stiliyan Petrov was diagnosed with leukaemia four months ago

Stiliyan Petrov was diagnosed with leukaemia four months ago

Aston Villa skipper Stiliyan Petrov appears to be winning his fight to overcome acute leukaemia after the club confirmed the midfielder is in remission.

Bulgarian international Petrov has been undergoing regular treatment at a London hospital since the illness was diagnosed four months ago.

Now the player nicknamed 'Stan' has received a positive bulletin in his battle to defeat the cancer, as Villa, in a club statement, said: "It is with great delight that the club can confirm on behalf of our long-standing captain, Stiliyan Petrov, that Stan's acute leukaemia is in remission."

02/08/2012 17:33

Great news, My dad is currently undergoing treatment fot throat cancer, The people that work in cancer care are the true heroes.


Hope you stay in remission Stiliyan Petrov and all others that have suffered.

02/08/2012 20:12
you done us a lot of damage when at celtic stan but good luck in the future and were all glad to hear the good news up here....Best wishes from a Rangers fan
02/08/2012 17:34
Great news! Keep up the recovery. See you back in the Prem soon.
02/08/2012 17:38

Great News hope it contunues in the vein

02/08/2012 18:44
Fantastic. Best o luck to you and your family.

i'm very happy for his family, stan is a true villa man in every sense we love him

. go on stan!1

02/08/2012 19:26
I hope  Stiliyan Petrov keeps on giving leukaemia a good 2watting. It shows a great strength in character that he has got a hold on leukaemia and has metaphorically head butted it, bringing it to the ground. Let's hope he has the strength to kick it to death. Good work Stan, keep it up.
02/08/2012 19:21
fantastic news,the doctors& nurses are angels.he,s very very lucky many dont make it, stay blessed stan.
03/08/2012 06:38
Nice to hear Stan, come back and play for the Villa boys again, you are a brialliant player. Come on the villans.
When you hear of someone that has cancer, and in Petrovs case a very young man, and that they are beating this awful diese its a wonderful feeling. Its a great inspiration to other cancer sufferers, that other people are beating cancer. I wish Petrov, all the best , he is a great player and a very nice man.
Good news for Stan, best of luck from a "Nose"
03/08/2012 11:49

brilliant news, keep it up...

why do we have to suffer the awful dating messages on serious stories like these?


03/08/2012 00:20
Hope to see you back playing in the Premier League! All the best Stan!
03/08/2012 00:08
Well done Stan, keep fighting it!!! My daughter had the same 8 years ago and you wouldn't believe it to look at her now. She's living proof that these things can be beaten, stay strong and believe!
03/08/2012 00:51
great news stan and for villa M.C.FC.
02/08/2012 21:34
all the best Stan will be glad to see you back. Been supporting Villa since 1942 and you are one of the bestmidfielder I have seen you are in the same class as Mush Calligan and Alex Massie
03/08/2012 08:38
Good Luck for the future, as a fit athlete you have every chance of beating it.
03/08/2012 08:04

Great news about Stan. All of us at home wish him well, it couldn't happn to a nicer guy.


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