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Powell urges calm after Brazil victory

Steph Houghton scored her third goal this Games as Team GB beat Brazil

Steph Houghton scored her third goal this Games as Team GB beat Brazil

Hope Powell urged the nation not to get carried away after Great Britain's women's football team produced arguably one of the finest results in their history to beat Brazil 1-0 at the Olympics.

Steph Houghton's third goal in as many games was enough to maintain Team GB's flawless Group E campaign at London 2012 on a record-breaking night at Wembley. Such was the magnitude of the result, Powell's players and the 70,584 crowd - by far the largest ever for a women's game in Britain - celebrated at the final whistle almost as if a gold medal had been won.

But their manager was as stony-faced as ever and urged caution ahead of Friday's quarter-final against Canada in Coventry, and she said: "Every game, we've done well, we've won the game, we've topped the group. The danger is that everybody starts jumping on this 'medal'. We still have to play Canada. They want a medal as much as anybody else."

She added: "We're not in a position yet to get a medal."

Powell was similarly ambivalent about her side's performance, despite Britain creating the better of the chances and Kelly Smith missing a penalty.

She said: "Yes, we played well in patches. It wasn't the complete performance by any stretch of the imagination. But we did a job, very resilient, worked hard. You saw the girls at the end. They were dead on their feet."

Powell was nevertheless "really pleased" with the outcome and the "electric" support of the unprecedented crowd.

"I must say the crowd were really inspiring tonight," she said. "I think they gave us a little bit of an edge, which was great for us."

She added: "As a manager, certainly I've never experienced it. When I talk on the sidelines, the girls can usually hear me.

"Tonight was a good excuse for them to ignore me, which is what they tried to do...We actually spoke about it beforehand that 90% of the crowd were there to support Team GB and, 'Go out there and enjoy it and they'll get behind you'."

and we certainly did get behind them, the were a joy to watch and deserved their win, Canada is the next obstacle but if we can overcome Brazil, then anyone else is fair game.
01/08/2012 08:51

well done girls ..show the boys how its done..no rolling about on the pitch when u go down not like the silly boys team

01/08/2012 08:18
HOPE POWELL and THE GB TEAM  is a breath of fresh air,how they play the game,super attacking flair and a resilience that has not been seen from a British team since the efforts
of David Beckham against Greece! l just love to watch these girls,thier attitude and tremendous skill at times! all of them have been excellent and the mighty atom KIM LITTLE was absolutely brilliant!!
A great performance against a very good Brazil squad,but l must say Brazil were lucky it was only 1-0 could have been more....thier keeper had an inspired game...Well done GB !!!

01/08/2012 09:19
Hmmm, I was watching this and the girls, definately dont hold back in challenges. I think they are the only International (in a way) side which is atleast British that has a chance of winning anything gold in the near future, well played.
Christopher Williams, that most erudite of posters, and pedigree cat breeder, notably sealpoints, has gone absolutely bananas over ladies footer. Williams, was in the Plume of Feathers, Blagdon, Somerset the other evening trying to form a ladies village football team. Its rumoured that Williams, drank ten pints of doom bitter, and then announced he would be the coach of the ladies team, carrying out intimate inspections of the ladies team before going on to the field. Well if he tried that type of behaviour in my local pub, the Cricketers in Ockley, Surrey, he would be thrown in the village pond.
01/08/2012 11:50
Tony you would need a bull dozer to get that fat unfit Rooney to move any quicker. Maybe upto 7 miles an hour at a push  lol.
01/08/2012 09:53

Nice one the womens team did very well, but I wish all these commentators would stop saying that we are in line for a gold in..., all it does is to set the wrong expectations and loads the athlete with all sorts of pressure!

Given that the National Anthem is the British (NOT English) National Anthem, why are some players not singing it, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland are part of the British Isles!

01/08/2012 09:53
bbc should cover the girls teams more aftrer the olympic games are over not just england but scotland too what i like here them play instead of god save the queen in these games has some are from wales scotland n ireland his land of hope and bloody glory like the man said in the film  brassed off .and when the girs get  foule they dont roll about like bloody actors has if they been shot  
01/08/2012 13:15
As a rugby union fan I normally avoid soccer like the plague because of the spiteful, childish, arrogant muppets who play it and the neanderthals on the terraces unable to speak without using vile language.
This however was great sport and the girls deserve plaudits for their skill, attitude and work rate. The crowd were also sporting and civilised which is a bonus.
Well done girls and good luck for the next game.

I think bravo girls.... some of the Men's squad hould be forced to watch... and repeatedly so in regards Rooney and the other egoistic morons who can't stay fit for 5 weeks and be shown how to play for their country. Both sides, and nigh all the sides in this Woman's tournement put them to shame with ethic regards the rules / game effing and bling and doing their utmost.

 Gosh Roy, have you and Pearce got a job on your hands.

 Mind Rooney / Young and co should be long gone before the next game. Well done girls.

 Was and is how one should play for their country, and how it used to be!

01/08/2012 15:50
nice one girls top performances so far, the prima donna guys could do with taking a leaf or two out your book .
01/08/2012 19:18
well done girls perhaps the premier league overpaid pansies take notice and play proper football for a change get out there and do what there paid to do instead of rolling around and diving you lot are a credit to the game and our country.
01/08/2012 09:29
what rot ome of you guys are talking about do you know what i like to see Hope Powell as the England lads team manager at least she get`s the girls going  and she talks sence no they havnt got a medel yet but i Hope THEY GET AT LEAST A BRONZE .ts  pity the women team of England scotland dont get croiws like that at every game at leastthey play for because they want to a not just turn up for the money
01/08/2012 17:58
Footballs coming home!!!!
 Ive never been into womens football. I am now.
01/08/2012 22:13
The Great Britain women and mens team have been billiant a credit to Great Britain and proper Great Britain supporters......so much for the minority of Anti-Great Britain Saddos...mud on your face, totally wrong.   7O,OOO plus Supporters of Great.....Great......Great.....Great Britain Football.  
01/08/2012 20:28
I won't get carried away with the excitement of it all. I shall try to keep calm as Powell advises. I watched this match in The Cricketers in Ockley and had to cool off afterwards by having a dip in a pond situated in a locals back garden. The owner came out screaming and shouting in his paisley pyjamas and waving a zulu spear. Luckily the Rum Bugger couldn't run very fast.
01/08/2012 08:59
Can we stop comparing the women's game to the mens game, they are nothing alike, yes the women are doing well, but its not as physical and the tackling is nowhere near as rough.
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