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Premier League approves Owen Stoke move

Michael Owen's move to Stoke has been given the green light by the Premier League

Michael Owen's move to Stoke has been given the green light by the Premier League

Michael Owen has been cleared to play for new club Stoke following a decision from the Premier League to approve his inclusion in the Potters' 25-man squad.

The England international was a free agent following his release from Manchester United at the end of last season and has agreed a one-year pay-as-you-play deal at the Britannia Stadium.

Owen, 32, was unveiled as Stoke manager Tony Pulis' seventh summer signing but both the player and the club were made to sweat on a decision from the Premier League to confirm his eligibility.

The deal was announced by the club on Tuesday but remained subject to confirmation that the Potters submitted the relevant paperwork prior to the 4pm deadline for the player to be signed on a free agent basis.

The uncertainty meant the Premier League was only able to release the official 25-man squads for 19 of the 20 clubs.

But now a decision has been made and Owen will be available for selection ahead of Stoke's next Barclays Premier League fixture, which sees champions Manchester City visit the Britannia Stadium.

Forward Owen, who has also played for Real Madrid and Newcastle, was linked with a return to former side Liverpool as a solution to their goalscoring worries.

But it is Pulis who has signed Owen on a performance-related contract following the arrivals of Jamie Ness, Geoff Cameron, Michael Kightly, Maurice Edu, Charlie Adam and Steven N'Zonzi at the club over the course of a busy summer.

A Premier League statement read: "The Premier League board has confirmed to Stoke City the registration of Michael Owen. Consequently he can be included in their 25-man playing squad."

Owen confirmed the news himself on Twitter moments before the club posted the decision on their official website. His Tweet read: "It's official! Deal done. I'm a Stoke player. Can't wait to get going."

05/09/2012 18:21
i hope his goals choke a few of the muppets and their teams having a go at him ..good luck michael and Stoke...i hope fergie warned him about not scoring against stablemates..
God......what a bunch of saddos you lot are.  If someone is willing to pay him x amount for what he's offering, whats wrong with that?   Not one of you wouldnt do the same in his position you slugs.
Its just jealousy.  Good luck Owen.

06/09/2012 06:52
he'll play quite well but i dont expect him to score double figures. the real reason why he signed for stoke and not liverpool or any other club in the prem is because stoke is pretty close to his racing stables. check it out! im into football and horse racing, so i know exactly why he went for stoke. All in all thought owen is still a good player, might of lost a bit of pace but still got strikers instinct. and for owen and stoke city football club, this is a good transfer.
05/09/2012 17:16

Well not true selling his soul etc. yes is undoubtedly money oriented. But has £40 odd million in the bank, and More wants more.

 However he could have walked into many Championship clubs, and some Premier over the last two seasons on a set wage! This would have been far more lucrative than any Paid if Play,

 And fienging, or being injured means he gets nowt.

05/09/2012 22:00

Think Owen can still do a job. Stoke have made some interesting signings. Top half finish for them, I think. They buy decent players at a decent price. Not rocket science, but a lot of bigger clubs seems to be incapable of that. With some of the players they have brought in, Stoke might even start to play proper football now.

05/09/2012 19:00

what a bunch of muppetts on here! not one of u wouldnt of wanted him in your team in his prime!  hes on a pay as u play deal so he doesnt get paid for being on the treatment table! he was a bit part player for utd and still managed to do the business ask city fans:)


david jones wanna talk about greed???  why would anybody want to join city???  clearly wasnt for the history or trophies now was it!

and what if he has got 40mill in the bank other players have and play on! so your prob with that is??


hope he makes it up the top gs league table just hope he doesnt do the bus against us but against city in his first game would be a nice little leaving present for us!:)

06/09/2012 12:15
At least he is with a team that will finish above liver POO l.     
06/09/2012 10:39

 some one  that business was not good enough city won  in fergy time lol lol

06/09/2012 13:04
he doesnt need the money, he just wants to play football...in the premiership, stay close to his Horse Business, so a pay as you play is perfect for him. As you have already pointed out, he dont get paid if he is on the treatment table, so lets just see how is fitness goes.  I dont support Stoke City, but good luck to them.
zulu......you talk sens a lot of the time.......but your talking out of your **** this time. Do you honestly think SAF would keep him on to talk about the gee gees you plonker.
06/09/2012 13:17
steve he is being paid 25,000 k a week if he starts scoring well it will double to 50,000 k a week
06/09/2012 12:50
 how do you no they will finish above liverpool  gob shyt
06/09/2012 12:57
David Jones..... I believe you mean SOUL, otherwise the bottom of one of his feet makes no sense at all !!! Do please use the correct terminology if you are going to pass comment, however banal and crass it may be .   Thank You.
05/09/2012 16:23
This man would sell his own soul to the devil, if the price was right.
05/09/2012 16:15
what a greedy little cunnttt. didnt want to play in the championship because hes to good ,more like the championship teams dont pay enough.doesnt want to move from chesire because of his horse business,if he wanted to play that much he would play for any team. this dickkkk is well passed his sell by date hes ****tttt. one word GREED!
05/09/2012 16:19
whats the odds of him feigning an injury  
05/09/2012 18:57
This player has been getting away with murder wife at Manchester United and his contract was been extended because he was always able to make light conversation with Alex Ferguson about, horse breeding but now that Alex Ferguson has woken up to this conman he has now been given his cards. He is to short the Stoke and would have been more suited to joining Arsenal football club.
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