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Premier League is our priority: Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson is confident Manchester United will bounce back this season

Sir Alex Ferguson is confident Manchester United will bounce back this season

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has made reclaiming the Premier League title "priority number one".

With the sun beating down in South Africa on the Red Devils' pre-season tour, it seemed a world away from the travails of an arduous championship campaign - yet the painful manner in which they lost the title to Manchester City last season means what lies ahead has never been far from Ferguson's mind.

"After the disappointment of last year, we want to recover the title," he said in Durban.

"We either win the title or come second, it's an important part of the history of our club over the last 20 years. We have to recover, as we've done many times. That's our target this year. Priority number one is to win the title back."

The quest is a tough one, with City once again preparing to spend big, possibly on Robin van Persie, with whom Ferguson has also been linked.

United's manager is not one to shirk a challenge though, as he has proved so often before. "When Arsenal won the title from us in 1998 we won the treble the next year," he said.

"Then Chelsea came along and got off to a flyer in the league for the first two years, so we changed our pre-season a little to make sure we got off to quick starts.

"Recovery is so important and the same applies this season."

Not that the preparation is going to be particularly easy. For the first half of a pre-season campaign that will see them fly 22,000 miles - on this leg United also have a game in Cape Town on Saturday before a 13-hour flight to Shanghai for a single game next Wednesday - Ferguson will be without all but Anders Lindegaard of his Euro 2012 contingent.

After that, he will be missing Ryan Giggs and Tom Cleverley, who are about to try and win Olympic gold for Great Britain, but Ferguson insisted he is confident in his young players filling the gaps.

17/07/2012 21:27

Fergie lives for this kind of challenge, he takes it personally, you can just tell. Over the last 20years each time he loses the title it seems to motivate him to adapt, evolve and meet the new threat, be it Blackburn, Arsenal, Chelsea and now City. Have to admit I actually cried when we lost the title in the last couple of minutes, now I know how the Bayern fans felt in 1999, it's worse than losing on penalties! Having said that, like Fergie, and every other United fan, I'm itching for the new season.


In light of the recent silliness regarding racism, bad language and the decline in sportng conduct I would like to wish ALL the teams and supporters the best of luck for the new season. Let's move on from all this crap and get back to the football.

17/07/2012 18:27
Beaten but not gone. Downed but not finished. The fire dampened but not out. The dead wood cleaned out. The new pickings raring to go. The crying has stopped. The roaring has started. The shouting has gone. The singing is back.

The crowd piles in to the Stretford End. The 11 finest warriors in Manchester have a mission to complete. The King observes from his throne in the Old Trafford dug out.

All eyes on the prize waiting at the end of the season. That winning goal sends the red crowd wild. That winning goal sends the blue crowd back in to the dark ages of football.

The King will rise from his throne to lead the charge. The reds will fight back in masses. The Red Devils will bounce back. Manchester United will rise higher than ever before.

Manchester City we are coming for you.

17/07/2012 17:30
Hope it's as entertaining as the last one.
17/07/2012 21:41

Arundel Eden-Lewis...

...well said and couldn't agree more...on all your comments!


Fergie might be 70 but there isn't a manager in this country I would rather have...he is the best by a mile,...several miles...several hundred!!!

17/07/2012 18:08

well done city and chelsea on your wins, however i see the truth is out!  your still obsessed with utd than your own teams!


losing the league on gd being 36 points ahead of liverpool and 15pts clear of chelsea and u call us for being out the league!


one season in yrs we got knocked out early and quite rightly with our form and cockyness costing us!

very quiet the 3 seasons before when we reached 3 finals! oh and 4 out of 5 titles!


just a message to u lot though just remember we can all have barron spells however i hope u can take as much as u give out! 

17/07/2012 22:33
What goes around comes around normally back to old trafford, we have seen them come seen them go...Liverpool, Leeds, Arsenal, Chelsea and more than likely Man City... they roll by like an army of bulldozers...SAF has been there to wave them on there way..form is fleeting...class is permanent...Arsenal have at least the class to keep a manager long enough for the paint to dry on his door...Good Luck to City let the best team win...but based on history it will be Man U once again...City didn't win it with gas to spare.. United let it slip away...there is always a winner and always a loser, in this league or in Spain or Italy...and as a United fan I rather it be City than Chelsea any day.
17/07/2012 18:56
United had 1 of there worst season in the history of the premiership last season yet they still finished way ahead of everyone apart from city, who only just won the league otherwise United would be champions
17/07/2012 23:38

Interesting...check out `footballpantheon.com` and their list of the greatest managers of all time!


They use several methods of scoring, not just the number of trophies won but how they transformed the side and club from when they took over to their highest point and a couple of other methods giving different scores for each one, quite clever really.


Of course I've always thought SAF the finest British manager of all time, that goes without saying, but using their sophisticated scoring method it turns out he's the greatest manager of all time!!!

Now who could argue with that!!!


17/07/2012 21:26

It's good to be back...and the usual sad `abu's` are out in force!


...so Utd run their club correct and properly as a business...working hard to project the club with sponsorship, ticket sales, merchandising etc etc and utilise the profits made from those to enable the club to purchase players, and that is why they can afford to spend big...they are self-funded!

How many teams can say that?

City and Chelsea were badly run clubs for years and years but despite that they managed to find sugar daddies to bail them out and ignore all their mismanagament and infinitely fund them to buy their success regardless of their past.

I would rather Arsenal won the title...at least they, and Utd, work within their budget!

17/07/2012 23:45
Fergie has been wanting the season to start since those 30 secs after the last whistle at Sunderland.It was meant to be Citys year and United did have their chances what with an 8 pt lead and obviously surrendered at City in the 1-0 defeat which inevitably led to City winning the title on Goal difference.As history has shown United have bounced back before in the Premier League era but for 2004-2006 the 3 seasons straight where they werent champions and actually finished 3rd in 2 of those seasons due to Arsenal and Chelsea having great teams during that period.City are here to stay and pending any further problems with the likes of Tevez and players spitting their dummy out over game time should be United's nearest challenges along with Chelsea if their signings settle.A lot depends where Van Persie may go as well.Considering United have got Liverpool,Everton and Chelsea away in the first 9 games then we could see quite early how the challenge is going to go
17/07/2012 22:43

He's a sad old git you've love to have!

And he's still got that energy and drive...at 70!

You should be applauding the man, he's the best you'll ever see in this country!


17/07/2012 22:32
Fergie is up for it as usual, plain talkin about his target, win the prem, so the other competitions are secondary?  no but yeah, what he wants is the lot but if he cant have em then nothing is going to get in the way of reclaiming the title, clear?  chrystal.  Cant wait!
17/07/2012 18:19
he won't be too far away with Vidic back, although Ferdinand needs to pull his finger out or Johnny Evans will be no1 with Vidic.
17/07/2012 20:44
in fairness city fans went on about the way utd spent for years! think its a bit two faced to start defending something u had a go at to begin with!  personnally id be loving it in your situation with the money, however if youve given it out for years u have to learn to take it back!
18/07/2012 18:13
STFU Lee and try supporting your local team, you arrogant, glory hunt1n6 mong.
18/07/2012 16:32

... yes buddy, we should have taken the manyoo route to success and done a Torino, except with better marketing to milk the sympathy vote for all it was worth. Maybe we would have done if we'd been in manyoo's situation... never having a hope in hell of commanding the majority of the support in the city we come from. Who knows?

Love the way you carry on like a typical classless rag moron... have to have the last word despite having had your brainless 'points' shot to pieces... your arrogance merely makes you thicker!

Kevin Spencer...Its never gonna happen, having a minimum number of British players in a side. We're in the EEC........any player from a European member country can play here. Being a footballer is a job, just like any other.  You cant say, on a building site "we have to have so many British brickies". Its just the same.  Eu law comes before any Fifa law.....like it or not.
Kebab Salesman..........eating more than he's selling as usual.

18/07/2012 17:39
The shear arrogance of the cnut, even talking such bs. Who's to say that they have a chance of even getting in the top 5 ? He's going to start the season "expecting" to be that good, to be able to challenge for the Prem title ?? He is kidding his fkkin self. 

This will be the season that we see this club crumble into dust, then were will all the **** rags be ? How many "sh!te" red shirts have we seen on the streets since we won the Prem ? Oh, i did see one in Doncaster, but a canary yellow and green away shirt !!
18/07/2012 16:00
what's your billionaire owner mr glazer (god bless him) done  apart from lumber united  with crippling debts and long may they reign ,you sell your soul to the stock market and you are at the mercy of the money men ,who couldn't give a sh/t about united ,all they care about is the dollar
19/07/2012 10:31
The Premier league is my priority.
After my Whisky, of course!
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