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Premier League preview - 18-20 August 2012

Statistical and historical pointers for the weekend’s 10 top flight matches

Premier League preview (© Peter Byrne-PA Wire)
  • Premier League preview (© Peter Byrne-PA Wire)
  • Arsenal v Sunderland (© AP Photo-Scott Heppell)
  • Fulham v Norwich City (© AP Photo-Tim Hales)
  • Queens Park Rangers v Swansea City (© AP Photo-Kirsty Wigglesworth)
  • Reading v Stoke City (© Andrew Matthews-EMPICS Sport)
  • West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool
  • West Ham United v Aston Villa (© Martin Rickett-PA Wire)
  • Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur (© AP Photo-Scott Heppell)
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The Premier League returns with an appetising list of opening day fixtures.

We've gathered some statistical and historical pointers for the weekend's 10 top flight matches.

17/08/2012 09:52
MSN is a pretty poor site to be fair, every statistic about the Arsenal match relates to a player who is no longer at the club. What is the point in that? Whoever wrote this article is a moron
18/08/2012 11:44
 Footballers are overpaid Primadonnas.For all the money they are paid they couldn't win anything at the Olympics unlike the rest of the hard working young athletes, who probably had to work hard to find sponsors so they could carry on with their training. What a load of rubbish football is these days, all it is is a money machine for greedy managers and players alike, and the followers who have to pay mega bucks to watch pathetic men kick a bit of leather around a pitch.
18/08/2012 14:06
18/08/2012 14:00
from someone who used to like football it is so pathetic now with all these primadonnas, cheats and mercenaries that I have no time for it anymore. **** the lot of them.
18/08/2012 11:09

Great. Another 9 months worth of having to put up with petulant players and managers. Football is a game I used to enjoy. Now it's just total and utter crap!

Petulant and moaning managers. Petulant and immature players. BBC pundits who are all a big joke. Commentators who seem to be watching two different games. Over obsessive supporters who have to vigouroulsy defend their club as if they own it, and all just because someone has a difference of opinion. It's all just beyond pathetic. A lot of people in the football world really do need to grow up, A LOT!

RVP playing for Arsenil today huh..... does Fergie know about this? more to the point, does RVP!!!
18/08/2012 13:59

I can't wait for the new season. I don't care that we have lost RVP...We have some good signings and Arsenal are famed for making good players into great ones. The door is wide open for all the players to shine. It would be a bit much if Song leaves, but we will handle that also.


One question..Why does everyone think that Man C will win it again..? Teams that buy the league can't keep it up. I think Man U will be much stronger. Fergie doesnt like to lose. Arsenal are going to surprise a few, but after that I can't see Liverpool or Chelsea doing much...sorry Chelsea fans, but you need to retireafew and refresh your squad. They are catching up in age with Fergie. 


MSN are you being paid for the spam..?

17/08/2012 00:06
didn't know becks had a naked relative, does she play football as well?
18/08/2012 11:43
Richard Ratcliffe just read your post and you are entitled to your opinion but there are millions around the world like myself who would disagree with you if you dont want to watch it dont go or switch channels on your tv i'm sure you can find somthing else to watch or moan about
18/08/2012 09:23

Man City are just like their song, they win Trophies once in a Blue Moon, just wait and see!!


If WEST HAM are in another relegation strugle this season ,I would love it to be with manu:
same as above.   your like a dcki that watches a piranha eating a live mouse on youtube then complains that he's watching a piranha eating a live mouse on youtube.

very simple...... you ready? DONT. ****ING. WATCH. 
try bowls.. lovely sport with no controversy and everyone has a pleasant time..
18/08/2012 14:40
18/08/2012 14:56
its the crappiest sport ever, just a big circus show, but defo not the greatest show on earth lol
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