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Premier League preview - 22-23 September 2012

Statistical and historical pointers for the weekend's 10 top flight matches

Premier League preview - 22-23 September 2012 (© PA Wire-AP Photo-EMPICS Sport)
  • Premier League preview - 22-23 September 2012 (© PA Wire-AP Photo-EMPICS Sport)
  • Swansea City v Everton, Saturday 12:45pm (© Joe Giddens-EMPICS Sport)
  • Chelsea v Stoke City, Saturday 3pm (© Adam Davy-EMPICS Sport)
  • Southampton v Aston Villa, Saturday 3pm (© AP Photo-Tom Hevezi)
  • West Bromwich Albion v Reading, Saturday 3pm (© Simon Cooper-PA Archive)
  • West Ham United v Sunderland, Saturday 3pm (© Matthew Impey-PA Wire)
  • Wigan Athletic v Fulham, Saturday 3pm (© Joe Giddens-EMPICS Sport)
  • Liverpool v Manchester United, Sunday 1:30pm (© Mike Egerton-EMPICS Sport)
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Whether you're looking for an omen that your team will win this weekend or want to do some last-minute tinkering to your fantasy team, our Premier League preview will tell you all you need to know.

Read our statistical and historical pointers on the weekend's 10 top flight matches.

well as long as its friendly match on sunday and no fans singing about hillsborough or munich it will be a good game,robbie fowler thinks that suarez and evra should lay flowers in memory of the 96 who died at hillsborough which i think is a good idea.
21/09/2012 18:10

I'm sure the United fans will show respect for the 96, I hope they will sing YNWA along with Liverpool fans :) just once.


2.0 to United :))

21/09/2012 22:48
I'm a United fan. Respect to Liverpool football club, their fans and the ones that past away.
21/09/2012 11:47
i agree also there should be a two minute silence to honour the brave policewomen callousley mown down earlier this week
21/09/2012 20:18
We all want to see a fair hard match, without recriminations afterwards will all bigots please stay away?
Just like the media to try and stir it before a very important and usually hard game at Anfield, especially as it is the first home game since the apology for the Hillsborough disaster. These are usually hard fought games and are in my opinion what the premier league is all about good hard fast football.
21/09/2012 20:10
Well yeah Vidic will stay on the pitch because Torres doesn't play for Lpool anymore.
So MSN can not stir the fans up over Hillsborough or Suarez and Evra they then publish this stupid article.Why can you not leave this alone.
21/09/2012 23:25
god watched it as a kid, very sad....... come on keep it one to remember with goals and smiles and youre all going home  winners.............
22/09/2012 11:54
22/09/2012 12:50
I'm going to make you commit suicide
Wayne Henton
22/09/2012 11:24
Lord Seb Sautern is right and almost all the other defenders in the Premiership would not last five Minutes either. Get a grip man.
22/09/2012 08:29
Vidic, if he was correctly penalised for every time he pulls an opponent's shirt he wouldn't last five minutes !
22/09/2012 00:27
22/09/2012 02:19
Come on feenan , you are a big a con than saf.
21/09/2012 20:30
more chance of winning the lottery than both set of fans being human towards each other.the hatred will never go away. lfc to win 1.0
22/09/2012 03:47
And you're a Liverpool fan Bob' makes me think you want trouble on Sunday' most of us don't but you're an armchair fan watching from Indonesia grow up Bob boy...and get your dick out of the backsides of your boy workers on that banana plantatgion you own...
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