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Rangers pair charged over media comments

Charles Green claimed 'bigotry' was behind the refusal to allow Rangers to compete in the SPL this season

Charles Green claimed 'bigotry' was behind the refusal to allow Rangers to compete in the SPL this season

Rangers manager Ally McCoist and chief executive Charles Green have been issued with notices of complaint by the Scottish Football Association over comments made in the media.

Green faces a charge of bringing the game into disrepute for claiming "bigotry" was one of the reasons behind his club being denied entry to the Clydesdale Bank Premier League.

McCoist has allegedly breached disciplinary rules as a result of comments he made about the SFA's Judicial Panel in April, when he demanded the panel members be named publicly.

Rangers and McCoist have until August 17 to respond, with a principal hearing date of August 30 set for both cases to be heard.

The charge against Green relates to a breach of the SFA's Articles of Association "insofar as...Charles Green brought the game into disrepute and did not act in the best interests of football by not behaving towards other members with the utmost good faith, all by making comments in a media interview which suggested that decisions taken concerning the future of Rangers FC were motivated, in part, by bigotry."

The former Sheffield United chief executive made the comments in an interview at Glebe Park ahead of Rangers' Ramsdens Cup tie against Brechin on July 29.

Green told BBC Scotland: "Some of it has been driven by bigotry, some of it's been driven by jealousy and some of it's been driven by all the wrong motives."

Green's Sevco consortium purchased the assets and business of Rangers when the club were consigned to liquidation over the summer.

SPL clubs then voted against the newco being admitted to Scottish football's top flight before Scottish Football League sides voted in favour of Rangers playing in the Irn-Bru Third Division, with their first game taking place at Peterhead on Saturday.

10/08/2012 19:33

Jees more SFA /SPL witch hunt when will they leave Rangers alone ?

If this had been Celtic fc they would have had a slap on the wrist & a stern talking to.


But when its Rangers they seem to want there pound of flesh & then to drag them over the hot coals.

I hope Every Rangers Fan remembers this for the next 100 years.


RANGERS FANS SHOULD should not help fund the SFA/SPL in anyway they shouldnt buy any scotland strips or pay for any scotland games.

Hurt the SFA in the only way we can the pocket.  

10/08/2012 21:19
always been a scotland fan but wont be buying another shirt after this
11/08/2012 05:51
Don't stop supporting Scotland guys, just buy rugby tops instead if you feel that the SFA should not be getting any money from Rangers fans.
11/08/2012 00:59
10/08/2012 23:50
Go on SFA/SPL. Must be something else you can chuck at Rangers if you try hard enough! Talk about kicking a man when he's down.  Rangers fans, I agree, do not buy Scotland shirts, or anything else that profits SFA. Do not attend Scotland home games. Do not attend away league or cup matches. Hit the B*****ds where it hurts.
10/08/2012 21:18
 For YEARS we supporters of  lesser mortal Clubs have had to put up with the bigotry of BOTH clubs old firm wise. If it wasn`t a collection tin in support of the UDA then it was a tin being jangled under your chin in support of the IRA!.
 Both as bigoted as each other!
Mr Green has obviously not employed the right people to do any background checks before he dared buy the (almost) mighty `Gers and pass comment!
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