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Rangers snap up duo

Andy Johnson, pictured, and Ryan Nelsen have signed for QPR

Andy Johnson, pictured, and Ryan Nelsen have signed for QPR

QPR manager Mark Hughes has continued his building plans for next season with the double signing of striker Andrew Johnson and defender Ryan Nelsen on free transfers.

Hughes worked with former England frontman Johnson, 31, during their time at Fulham, while Nelson will sign on at Loftus Road following the end of his contract at Tottenham.

"I have worked closely with Mark before and there are also players here that I have played with previously, including Bobby Zamora and Shaun Derry," Johnson told www.qpr.co.uk.

"Those were factors in me joining, but this is a big, big club."

Johnson feels he is joining Rangers at an exciting time, the west-London club having secured another season in the top flight on the final day, despite a last-gasp defeat at champions Manchester City.

"I have spoken to the chairman and Mark, who both have great ambition for QPR, and it is something that I wanted to be a part of.

"Mark told me about the plans for a new training ground and how the club wants to go forward. That really excited me."

New Zealander Nelson, 34, joined Spurs in January after seven years at Blackburn where he played under Hughes.

Nelson has penned a one-year deal with Rangers and admitted reuniting with his old boss was a "massive draw".

He said: "The owners have got fantastic ambition and it's exciting to become a part of that."

18/06/2012 19:28
Q.P.R more like O.A.P's. Whos next Heskey and Owen
18/06/2012 20:58
Dreadful, just dreadful signings from QPR's mgmt, should be investing in youth, not over the hill, any club will do, journey men!
18/06/2012 18:45

That nice to hear former players has join former manager Mark Hughes at QPR.


Any manchester city player want do the same joining mark at QPR. I don`t think so because the all greedy gone their for bigger pay packet .



18/06/2012 18:36
Lol go QPR buy all the donkeys you bunch of mugs
18/06/2012 21:26


19/06/2012 09:21
The fact of the matter is whilst QPR are one of the richest clubs in the country they will struggle to attract top class players until they are established so they will need to sign mercenaries like AJ and Nelson. There is nothing wrong with that but it needs to be done to move forward think of these players as a stepping stone
18/06/2012 22:10
18/06/2012 18:37
Wonders if sparky is now standing outside the post office these days on pension day lol
18/06/2012 21:17
Free transfer what is all about if there was a second division team who didn't have any money to buy players you would expect them to go trawling clubs to get cheap or even free players, but when a club in the premier league which is regarded as the finest league in the world to gets old knackered players for nothing and probably will pay them the minimum wage i think they should shut up shop and sell the ground to a property company
Ryan Nelson, in his day was one of the best defenders ever to play in the Premiership. These Kiwi, players are very fit and committed people, this could be a good signing for QPR.
Great, a story in which only QPR fans are interested and people are 'allowed' to post comments, whereas the good old thought police of MSN deny us the chance to post on issues more important to far more many people.
19/06/2012 07:22

QPR shopping for freebies and bargain basement players.Wheres the ambition to make the rangers the hip and swinging club mavarick type players used to player for in fashonable west London.

You are really missing a golden oppotunity

19/06/2012 04:37
Thank you QPR ...Delighted you have taken  Ryan Nelson away, Shocking!! LOL 
18/06/2012 18:12
18/06/2012 23:33
Mark Hughes likes a bit of cheap and not very cheerful. He always looks like a miserable bugger. I bet Andrew Johnson and Nelson are a couple of miserable buggers off the pitch too. None of these players like a drink so they are as fit as they could possibly be. Johnsons  acceleration has slowed a bit. Maybe Sparky can teach him how to hold the ball for about five minutes without moving around much so that the rest of the team can huff and puff into attack. Jab around with your elbows, that's how Sparky did it. No defender could get near the ball.
19/06/2012 15:44

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Its like the calibre of player city were signing when they first got rich (with thatThankskin Sinatra chairman). Look at the 1st wave of City signings made. Nothing like the Aguero's and Kompany's they have now. Santa Cruz isnt even a bench player now! City still want better players! Madness, their squad is amazing. My point is, until they are an established mid table/top half EPL team they will struggle to attract a better quality player. But its still a very promising start. Be positive QPR fans, its a long process, but will be worth it in the long run. Good luck to em. Hope to see QPR as future champions. But not before Spurs though ;)

18/06/2012 21:17
what a thing,the msn system does not like the tottenham nickname,go on type in **** and it blanks it out....maybe i should have put y..ids
19/06/2012 14:04
Ha Ha Ha Johnson the journey man stating that QPR is a big big club who just escaped relegation. He is past it has not done nothing for ages always injured I am glad he asked to leave Everton why do you think they let him go so easy.  I think the fans deserve better but maybe he is all they can afford.
19/06/2012 14:43
give nelson back to blackburn they need him more than other teams.
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