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Rangers vote raises SPL questions

Charles Green said Rangers will accept their fate

Charles Green said Rangers will accept their fate

Rangers newco have been voted into the Irn-Bru Third Division in a day of drama which leaves huge questions over the future of the Scottish Premier League.

An overwhelming majority of Scottish Football League clubs - 25 to five - who met at Hampden decided to place the Ibrox club into the bottom tier with SFL chief executive David Longmuir claiming it was a decision based on "sporting fairness, the fundamental principle of the SFL".

It was a massive blow for the SPL and the Scottish Football Association, who were hopeful that Ally McCoist's side, who had been denied admittance into the top league, would be parachuted into the First Division, with SFA chief executive Stewart Regan claiming that putting Charles Green's club into the Third Division would bring financial catastrophe and a "slow, lingering death" of the game.

After the historic vote Inverness revealed they would be holding an emergency board meeting to discuss the financial implications of the decision which is certain to lead to a loss of revenue to all SPL clubs and put the future of several of them in jeopardy.

SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster forecast that SPL clubs would lose £16 million next season if the Ibrox club were not admitted into the First Division.

The prospect of an SPL 2 - a possible contingency plan to keep Rangers within one season of a return to the top flight - was flagged up by the official Light Blues' website with a statement which said: "It was mooted last week that plans for an SPL2 would swing into action in the event of today's outcome but it is not known if this will be the case."

However, the show of solidarity by the SFL clubs, from which Longmuir took "great succour", would make it all but impossible for SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster to pull that off.

There was also speculation surrounding the prospect of the Govan club being invited straight into the SPL at its AGM at Hampden on Monday, but that would leave the top flight stripped of any credibility and leave Doncaster's position untenable, if it is not already under threat.

But Green, who, along with Regan, addressed the SFL meeting, said they would accept Rangers' fate.

Green said: "We wish to play a constructive part in Division Three and encourage our fans to support the other clubs within the league by attending matches and delivering to them the benefits of having Rangers within their league."

14/07/2012 06:02
All the Clubs in the SPL voted Rangers out now dont start to cry because the cash cow has gone.You will have to stop spending Millions on top class players lol.As a Rangers fan the slate has been wiped clean a new start in Div 3 suits us we will rise again.Its just a shame we cant join the Conference in England as I now fear for the future of the Game in Scotland run by clowns.
14/07/2012 07:25
now the Panic starts, and it's a situation of their own making, having vilified Rangers for being responsible for everything wrong with Scottish Football, and citing 'Sporting Intergrity' for the reason for every newly created penalty awarded against them, they now realise how much money this called cheating actually contributed to the Clubs of the SPL and Scottish football in general. Lets not forget that Rangers published their accounts to the SPL for decades, with no questions asked before and that the EBT case stil hasn't actually been found against them even after all these years of the threat of it hanging over them! But yes they have went into liquidation and been reformed so they must accept the consequences........................and so must the rest of the SPL clubs, don't take this holier than thou approach, when they secretly hoped that the SFL would 'save them' financially by inviting Rangers straight into Div 1. It was either take the pragmatic approach and put them back into the SPL as a NEWCO or follow their so called sporting intergrity and we go back to Div 3......... me , I'm happy in Div 3
14/07/2012 05:11
Have to laugh ' Inverness will be holding an emergency board meeting', so will Motherwell, Hearts, Hibs, Dundee Utd etc and in about 6 months celtic. These clowns have bit the hand that fed! They voted through sheer bloody malice. The best of it is, it is now Rangers that is the driving seat when it comes to demands. The SPL can invite them in all they like, but Rangers can hold them to ransom and the Rangers support will never forget or forgive. The big wheel really has turned. 
14/07/2012 02:48
Well, as an East Stirling supporter i am more than happy to welcome Rangers to Div 3. As for them automatically winning the league im not so sure. Most of there players will have left and basically they will field an under 21 side. I appreciate the clubs  in this division will love the fact that matches against Rangers will attract 4000-5000 supporters thus bringing huge revenues to them but the associated issues will be crap. Who really wants the mindless, moronic hordes(with 19th century mentalities) to be running amok in your town? Winning the league here is tough, going north in January on a Tuesday in January is not going to be easy, good luck!!!
14/07/2012 07:32

how many scottish SPL clubs are not in debt? please answer somebody

14/07/2012 01:31
Seeing still a lot of bull**** about peoples religion here, whats up still cant leave this stuff as private?  Only in Scotland and Ireland do the rest of us have to listen to the inane hate filled crap all the time.  Get over it for Christs sake, ( by the way he wasn't either, bombshell! )  This is supposed to be a column about sport for the fans who may be mature enough!  If you love football, talk about that but all the other ****, mabye you need a different website cos your polluting this one.
13/07/2012 23:21
Someone, you seem to think scottish fitba is good when in fact its total pish, yes rangers are gone from the top flight for at least 3 years but its not going to make the product better, It would not suprise me if it gets worse alot worse especially when SKY pull the money. YOUR THE DELUDED ONE
13/07/2012 23:42
So the turkeys have all voted for Christmas..  I for one have little sympathy if they then go under.  Rangers with their support will be more than ok!  As a supporter I am glad we are in Division 3 - we will come back stronger and the rest of Scottish football is not our responsibility.  Nobody can now say we have had any favours.  Sky must be wondering what their investment in the SPL is worth as there is probably now more people interested in watching a live third division match than the rest of the SPL put together!!!  
14/07/2012 07:31
I'm not Scottish nor am I a Ranger's fan but these are sad times for football fans.  One of the greatest and grandest clubs in football is in danger of disappearing. The only way the club can be saved in the long term is to play in the English Premier League.  The idea might disgust a few fans but they will need to decide between their national pride or the long term prospect of their Club.  If a Welsh club can do it than I don't see why a Scottish club can't.  By choosing to play in the EPL, Swansea have secured their long term future.
14/07/2012 07:25

Just cut off your nose to spite your face, a good Scottish saying.

Members of the SPL / SFL Where are your Business plans?

Are you letting the lunatics run the asylum 

13/07/2012 23:39
rfc will b stronger and the spl will b finished withour the gers in it
14/07/2012 00:36
Why is Someone getting his choir-boy knickers in a twist if he thinks we are dead ?- Sorry to disappoint you but RFC will never die!!!  You cant kill the heart of Rangers - the rest of Scottish football can dance for a short time - until their creditors move in and the money dries up - Be careful what you wish for!!
13/07/2012 23:47
its people like you who bring scottish football down with all your bull ch*t ok past owners ******d rangers thats a fact now division 3  thats we wanted we dont need any help to get back to the spl but remember this you reap what you saw and i have never seen so many people wont to ruin scottish football and what i would say is look at the average attandance of every football team in scotland pretty poor hope they support your teams because i know and you know for the first 5 or 6 games they will then it will faid then you are trouble SPL without rangers there no chance
14/07/2012 07:00
BY the time we get to the 15/16 season there wont be an spl. We deserved to be punished but as they all know the money problems will raise their head before the end of this season. Watch the skittles fall.
14/07/2012 03:34
It's quite simple really, SPL clubs will need to stop splashing out on foreign players and paying them ridiculous wages. It's high time for a major change to our approach in football anyway. It's time to focus on raising and exporting young Scottish talent to top foreign leagues. This is what has led to the success of so many other small nations who far outperform us, despite having nowhere near the funds we do.

Many SFL clubs haven't played Celtic or Rangers in decades, and their finances are far more secure than most of the SPL teams who play both teams four times a year.

Time for Doncaster and Regan to go, bunch of short sighted fatcats intent on a one tier league with two teams, Celtic and Rangers playing each other 38 times a season, great vision.
Time to get rid of these foreigners and replace them with Scottish people with a real desire to improve Scottish football rather than simply make money. People with an optimistic and ambitious vision for youth development and a balanced and competitive league.

A bright future lies ahead for Scottish football, if we clean out the blind fools in charge.

Remember this also breaks the Old Firm's strangehold on voting power within the undemocratic 11-1 voting system of the SPL. This means other SPL teams can now vote through for a fair share of TV revenue as well as make real progress on things like league reconstruction and perhaps even enlargement.

14/07/2012 01:59
I'm fed up with all the shannanigans. The high chiefs are the ones to blame for putting Rangers in the third division, if they managed the club properly, this would not have happened.I feel sorry for the players and loyal fans who have been totally betrayed. I'm sure that Rangers will rise above all this and climb up the 3rd, 2nd and 1st divisions. By the way, I'm a Celtic fan and look forward to the days when we can have a good old pop at Rangers again, until then, I hope that the other clubs in the Premier League can put in a great effort, as they always do. xx
14/07/2012 03:06

As a suporter of a league 2 team in England I have no axe to grind with anyone or any thing to do with Scotish football, but in a sporting sense I think the right decision has been made, but feel for their suporters.

              I think the powers to be that run football, have made an error with the so called "Fair Play Rules". The so called "BIG" clubs will remain at the top of the pile with no chance of a lesser supported team being able to gate crash their monopoly. I have no problem with a "Sugar Daddy" buying a club, and It would make far more sense to make the owners of any club responsible for the clubs debts and any offences.... That way it wouldn't be the  the club itself and its supporters that get shafted everytime.

14/07/2012 00:25

Hey Someone (afraid to use your real name ?)

Why do you whitter on about people being illiterate ?

You are a complete and utter MORON, read your own posts and weep !!

You spelt inbreeding as inbreading and also spelt thieving as theiving, so take a look in the mirror and you will see exactly what everyone on here knows you are, a complete and utter wa**er.

We will follow Rangers, under any name or banner, to where ever they play, simple as.....

We don't do walking away, not like other scum glory hunters...


14/07/2012 02:16
Why is it being read as a massive blow? R.F.C. as it was were fiddling their taxes to a MASSIVE degree along side double contracting. They broke the law alongside cheating in the SPL. It`s not as if they were innocent!
 I am a Dundee FC supporter and feel sorry for Dunfermline. They were relegated on points yes. But were also playing in a league which had a corrupt member!
14/07/2012 07:01
Follow Follow,If they play on the streets, we will support them from the pavements.Nuff Said WATP
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