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Rangers welcome acceptance into SFL

Charles Green has supported the decision to place Rangers in the Scottish Third Division

Charles Green has supported the decision to place Rangers in the Scottish Third Division

Newco Rangers chief executive Charles Green believes the decision taken by Scottish Football League chairmen to install the club into the Irn-Bru Third Division maintains Scottish football's 'sporting integrity'.

At a meeting at Hampden on Friday the 30 SFL clubs voted 25-5 in favour of entering Rangers into the bottom tier and Green is now looking forward to the club getting back to footballing matters.

"We are grateful to be accepted as members of the SFL and accept their decision to vote us into Division Three," he told the official Rangers website.

"It is a matter of regret for all of us involved with Rangers that the issues surrounding the club resulted in the SFL and its members being placed in a very difficult position not of their own making. From the outset, we made clear we would play where we were told to play and we just want to get back to playing football.

"This decision maintains the sporting integrity that clubs and fans across Scotland have been calling for but it also impacts massively on Scottish football as a whole and only time will tell what the consequences will be.

"Rangers has been handed the ultimate punishment of starting again from the bottom of the leagues but there is an overwhelming feeling among fans and within the club of 'wiping the slate clean' as a club free of sanctions.

"We have been greatly encouraged by the number of supporters who have committed to buying season tickets no matter where we ended up playing and I personally want to thank them for their continued loyalty to the club.

"We are a football club and we just want to get back to playing football. Now is the time to move on and start afresh."

"Our task to rebuild the club will take longer now but we are committed to the job and fully believe we will bring success back to Rangers."

Green also said the club were keen to rebuild and be an active member of the Third Division. He said: "The people who brought shame on this great club are no longer part of it and everyone at Rangers is focused on rebuilding the club on top of a solid financial foundation."

13/07/2012 18:21
This will be good for the smaller clubx and they will soon be back where they should be. Lets hoe criminal charges follow for those responsible.
13/07/2012 18:35
While this is not good for Rangers I think it was the right thing to do for the integrity of scottish football.It will also be a shot in the arm, financially, for cash strapped Div 3 clubs
13/07/2012 19:39

As a true blue for 50years we've got to accept the punishment  and do the porridge. But i hope that people like Murray and Advocatt who caused this mess are proud of what they've done to my club

and i hope the Taxman goes after all the Tax dodgers as they have done with the club.

On a lighter note if we have any loyal players left at the start of the season, lets get back up to the premier as quick as possible.

Here's a thought i wonder how Celtic, Hearts or the rest in the premier league will feel if they are knocked out of the cup competions by a third division club, we might have the last laugh.

13/07/2012 17:16
The right result I suppose, but you can't help thinking that the Scottish league is now on par with the English Conference.
13/07/2012 18:44

When you think how everyone voted what about hearts managment not paying wages on time or their tax bill on time they should face the same


13/07/2012 20:52
this was the right way to punish rangers for what they done,not fines and blocking transfers.but i thought scotish football was dull before(who win the league ...rangers or celtic zzzzzzz) now its just celtic.abit of a joke
13/07/2012 17:58
dont support any scottish clubs, but seems un fair that one club goes skint and has to begin at bottem, whilst other clubs fans chant ter***ist songs and get away with it, and there not even got scottish backgrounds
13/07/2012 19:55

sorry folks but i do believe this is also the beginning of the end for celtic also...who seriously is going to want to go there now ???  how does the saying go ??? be careful what you wish for !!!


13/07/2012 20:23
all the clubs in the third division must be licking their lips at the prospect of all the Rangers fans invading and the money it will bring into much needed bank accounts for the minnows
13/07/2012 20:16

Well it will be interesting to see how many true blues show up for 3rd division matches this season.

If what i've herard is true season ticket sales are doing ok, and at least we will spread the money

around in the lower divisions and help the poorer clubs. Maybe the Premier will be bankrupt in 4 to 5 years without Rangers money and SKY etc..

I don't think it will be as easy to climb out of the lower leagues as alot of people think with a youth team

but at the end of the day why did we build Murray Park facilities if we are not going to use them.

13/07/2012 19:45
@ Someone: you sound pretty septic yourself. I don't like either side of the divide when it comes to religious nonsense. As a non-sun reading, Scottish (not british), anti-monarchist, atheist Rangers supporter, most likely with a higher IQ than you (and neither illiterate, nor imbecillic), I think the 3rd division is a fair result for everyone. How long it takes, or whether they get back, remains to be seen. No, I'm not apologetic, shamed, or embarrased, as you seem to want. Firstly because I don't care what people think (a pre-requisite for all of these), secondly, because even if I did care, it wasn't me, or any other Rangers fan, who caused the mess. Get over it. They are where they are, and whatever comes from that should be accepted by everyone, including Rangers fans. People like you perpetuate the nonsense that Scottish football is full of, and you're no better, maybe even worse, than the people you're referring to.
13/07/2012 20:06

Rangers fans need to back the club and the new owner!  It was ridiculous to see the fans protesting a few days after this man and his backers saved this club by buying it.  Now they are in the third division they can clear the decks and get back to football.  They are clearly a massive club but this is a reality check and they will be better of if the financies are properly accounted for!  The lose of revenue to other clubs in Scotland will hopefully be reacted by them slashing the wages of the players and staff who have been getting over paid for far to long.  With any luck this will effect the Scottish game by seeing clubs improving faciliitys and ticket prices for fas instead of players demands! 

As a Hearts fan I will be watching to see Rangers' progress and hoping that Hearts dont follow them into the terrible position that the previous owners have lead Rangers into!

13/07/2012 18:14

Yes, the vote today was a vote for sporting integrity, the SPL didn't want us in their league, but they

didn't want us too far away so that they were still making money from us, so stuff the lot of them

and let's see how they get on now without SKY and other sponsors' money.

It wont be too long before they're blaming Rangers for the mess that they are all going to be in, but Rangers will come back stronger and better and with their heads held high.



13/07/2012 19:31
We wanted 3rd Division and we got it, now will wait and see how long it takes before the SPL clubs go down. It may take more than 4 seasons for us to come back but for one sure thing we WILL be stronger and better financially than them in the SPL. Bring it on!

We Are The People
every footballing country has at least two big rival clubs in their respective leagues . the celtic fans are rightfully mocking rangers, but once the season starts i think reality will be hitting home for both clubs. every big club around europe should take heed whats happening in scotland and maybe learn from it. if all clubs had more or less the same money to spend ,football will be worth watching again.
13/07/2012 21:34
hopefully rfc will sign up under18ns and build and train them up like they did in previous yrs and that way we may get a decent national team and qualify for the big tournements again  
13/07/2012 20:39
How can a new club be punished and  put down to the 3rd div, All new clubs must start at the bottom.
13/07/2012 21:43
Morag i will miss the ranger,s celtic game,s you were lion,s lead by donkey,s the fan,s are not to blame
13/07/2012 19:22
someone, who do you think you are criticising another because of their spelling! How do you know that they ( Maine) are not foreign and that English is their second language? At least Rangers only fiddled their taxes, not up to their eyes in kiddie fiddling like the terrorist loving scum! Do you honestly believe that other premier clubs are not going to suffer? I am all for Rangers getting heavily sanctioned for financial mis-management, I do not support them or their rivals, however in the cold light of day the simple fact is that the SPL needed the big two to survive. Your league will become a joke very very quickly. Clubs will not get stronger, in fact the opposite will happen. Why would any half decent player want to go to a league where the title will be won by christmas at the latest? You will get third rate players, early european exits, low attendances and minimal sponsor deals. Clear your hatred and bitterness away and look at things clearly. Now run away and collect your dole cheque and pick up your next fix silly little boy
13/07/2012 19:19

all the best rangers

its the fans that suffer as its their club

the owners come and go and should be accountable for what they have created

dont think it is fair on the fans to be put in league 3

hope those other money men at other clubs that voted them out  have their turn and see how they like it

before you IRA idiots go on  i dont  support scottish football and i dont think your club has a place with all yee paddy hatred

oh yes remember BIG JOCK KNEW

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