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Redknapp poised to leave Spurs

Harry Redknapp could leave Tottenham despite securing fourth place in the Barclays Premier League

Harry Redknapp could leave Tottenham despite securing fourth place in the Barclays Premier League

Harry Redknapp is in talks with Tottenham over a compensation package as he prepares to leave the White Hart Lane club, Press Association Sport understands.

Redknapp and agent Paul Stretford have been in negotiations with Spurs chairman Daniel Levy about his future and it is understood the two parties are close to agreeing a package that will see Redknapp's three-and-a-half-year tenure end.

The 65-year-old has 12 months left on his contract and is understood to have been unhappy with Levy's failure to offer him a new three-year deal.

It is anticipated Redknapp's camp and Spurs will meet again on Thursday to iron out the remaining details on the compensation package before it is officially announced by the London club.

Everton boss David Moyes is the odds-on favourite to replace Redknapp, whose failure to secure Champions League football looks to have led to his impending departure.

On Tuesday night Redknapp discredited speculation he was on his way out as "an outrage" but, after failing to get the backing he wanted, it is thought he now sees his future away from White Hart Lane.

Negotiations over a new deal for Redknapp have stalled since the start of the year when Redknapp, who guided Spurs to fourth place in the Barclays Premier League last season, was linked with the then vacant England manager's job.

In the past week Redknapp has made it known he would be uncomfortable heading into the new season without a longer deal. It has been claimed Levy was only willing to offer Redknapp a rolling 12-month contract but the former Portsmouth manager wanted a longer deal that would have made the London club his last job in management.

Redknapp did achieve Levy's goal of reaching the top four, but Spurs missed out on the Champions League after Chelsea's win over Bayern Munich in last month's final. An exit may seem harsh but his critics point to the fact his team would have qualified for Europe's premier club competition had they not thrown away a 10-point lead over Arsenal.

In denying he was on his way out on ESPN, Redknapp said: "No, I haven't resigned, and I have no idea why it is being suggested that I have resigned. This is an outrage; an absolute liberty for people to be putting around this kind of rumour on the internet. It is not true, there is not a chance I will resign. Why should I? I have a year left on my contract."

13/06/2012 23:13
Cue the scramble for spurs top players!
13/06/2012 23:24

Well, Thats Tottenham screwed!!!!!! The steady rise to well over due greatness is now officially over.


Thanks a lot Daniel Levy, it must be said that you are a colossal moron!!!! The next Spurs boss is going to be a total waste of time and probably get spurs relegated (or near to it).


 Spurs are going backwards now, and I suppose its time to say good bye to Spurs' top players!!!!!!

14/06/2012 00:02
When he joined Spurs he saved them from what looked like certain relegation. If they think they can tempt someone better than Harry to take on the job then hey are living in dreamland.
14/06/2012 01:17

According to the latest reports on the BBC sport website, Harry has left Spurs.


What a shame to take them so far & only lose out on a Champions League spot due to another Prem League team winning the CL.


Guess the media speculation around the England job didn't do him any favours but then again the British press are w*nkers & won't leave people alone, in the end it's the Spurs fans who will lose out most as Levy won't spend a penny on players & fcuk alone knows who you'll get as manager now.


Seriously there are some Prem League chairman who don't have a clue when they are well off, 4th place & you have the gall to say you were dissapointed with the run in. Levy take a serious look at yourself as you've allowed the best thing that's happened to your club to walk outta the door. You TOOL !


My sincere apologies to Spurs fans but I hope you end up in the Championship just to spite Levy.


Football, the game for the common man run by imbeciles. Perhaps you might get lucky & Levy will get a top job with the FA as he'd fit right in there and at least you'd be free of him.



My guess is Qatar National team are paying him mega bucks to manage them up to and including the world cup thats a 6 year contract and probably his retirement fund. He's 65 years old and if somone was waving millions of tax free (you know what Harry's like for tax free) dollars under my nose i would be off and so would everyone else. Spur's (Harry) had no control over the Chelsea result but he did oversee the loss of the 10 point lead over Arsenal, but I think there is probably a bit more to it than that (scratch the surface and theres more underneath) because I think spurs will not be just saying goodbye to Harry but also Modric and Bale, they are two players who will not want to miss out on the chance of playing champions league football (or more money) next season. And really maybe Harry doesnt want to manage a spurs team without those players. Watch this space spurs fans!! Thumbs down this artical if you like but you heard it here first!! 
14/06/2012 00:54

I think spurs are crazy to let Harry go. He is one of the best managers in the game.


I think he will retire. Where else is there for him to go. Not England, none of the London clubs.


I can 't imagine that he will go north of Watford.


I think now is the time to go.


Best wishes to you Harry, whatever you decide.



14/06/2012 05:40
They should be able to fob him off with a couple of quid because in redknapps own words, he knows nothing about financial things. Just ask the taxman
14/06/2012 01:15
The first time spurs had played good football for years Harry had assembled a very good squad of players loved watching them play you must be mad this from an up north supporter
14/06/2012 00:21
Kyle - Why do people like you bother posting on football forums when you clearly don't know anything about the game. I am guessing your opinion on Capello and Benitez is based on the past 2 years?

Capello won 7 Serie A titles, 5 Italian Cups, 2 La Liga titles and a Champions League. You will struggle to find that many managers with a better record than that. 
Benitez won back to back La Liga titles and the Europa league with Valencia and then won the Champions League with a poor Liverpool squad and then went on to win the FA cup.

These two managers are basically crap?? Haaa i suggest you start following cricket or something. 
13/06/2012 23:45
Get shot of Harry! When he thought he might get the England job he took his eye of the ball and threw away a 10 point lead on arsenal! Get moyes in and see what he can do with some money behind him!
13/06/2012 23:44
What is his dog gonna do he'll lose his income
14/06/2012 03:32
I am a lifelong Tottenham Hotspur F.C. supporter for 32 years. I don't want Harry Redknapp decides to resign his manager job. Please STAY and continue his current job as Spurs boss. He is a good manager for Spurs!
14/06/2012 05:11
Harry Redknapp is an absolute gem in this game, I am a life long Man Utd fan and I hope Harry stops at Spurs and the club decides to renew his contract.  Harry has done wonders with spurs and has shown time and time again that he has a great passion for Football, he also cares about the players both on a professional and personal basis, I know this by having listened to the interviews on Radio 5.  I would just like to end it on the note of, " all the best Harry for you and your family and GL for the future8-) ".
14/06/2012 00:29
David Moyes. Levy as no chance, I am afraid he is getting rid of the best man for the job
14/06/2012 02:15

I find it quite hard to believe any Chairman is prepared to let go of a manager like Harry Redknapp. One with a proven record at his club; who turned the club around from relegation form, and had his team playing some of the best football in the EPL over the last 2 seasons.


There are no guarantees in football, no matter who you appoint, except perhaps Mourinho. Blackburn's sacking of Sam Allardyce comes to mind. This may just come back to bite you in the backside Mr Levy.

14/06/2012 07:13
All this must be very TAXING for poor old millionaire Harry.!
14/06/2012 00:14
Thank god Chelsea gave De Matteo the mangers job today, at least we can stop worrying about Redknapp getting it now !

If they're negotiating a settlement figure it sounds more as though he's been asked to leave. Unless he could justify a constructive dismissal case, and unless the rules in football are different to everywhere else, i would have thought walking out would mean he'd not be entitled to any compensation.


So that would indicate Mr Levy has played his usual hard ball game and told him that if he isn't prepared to accept a rolling contract he can go. Odd, considering he's been the most successful manager they've had for twenty years


I'd be worried for Everton though, if Spurs go for David Moyes. He looks like a good fit, [although I'd have thought he'd make a good successor for Fergie in a couple of years]. If DM   leaves Merseyside I wonder how many of his squad that club would be able to retain.


On the other hand  Levy is, by reputation, a less amenable Chairman than Bill Kenwright, and  DM  might find the working environment less pleasant than at Goodison, despite all the financial pressures he has to deal with in Liverpool.


Must be a worrying time for a few clubs as a result of this turn of events. Be interesting to see Harrys [and Levy's] next move.

14/06/2012 01:25

Did Harry Get Greedy or is Daniel Levy a Prat


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