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Redknapp 'set to leave Spurs'

Harry Redknapp is set to leave Tottenham Hotspur after nearly four years in charge at White Hart Lane, according to reports by Sky Sports and ESPN.

Harry Redknapp (© PA Photos)

Redknapp is reported to have held talks with chairman Daniel Levy amid claims the 65-year-old's tenure at White Hart Lane is set to come to an end.

The Spurs manager's camp and the club have not commented on reports that both parties have not been able to reach agreement over an extension to his current deal, which is due to expire next summer.

It has been claimed that Levy is only willing to offer Redknapp a rolling 12-month contract whereas the former Portsmouth manager is thought to want a longer deal that will make the London club his last job in management.

Redknapp did achieve Levy's goal of reaching the top four last term, but Spurs missed out on playing in Europe's top club competition after Chelsea's penalty shootout win over Bayern Munich last month.

An exit may seem harsh on Redknapp but his critics point to the fact that his team would have qualified directly for the Champions League had they not thrown away a 10-point lead over Arsenal towards the end of the season after a poor run of form.

Another source of frustration for Redknapp's critics is that the run coincided with his public flirtation with the idea of becoming England manager, although he denied that had an impact on results.

Redknapp has repeated his call for Levy to hand him a new deal, claiming the impasse could see an exodus of the club's top players like Luka Modric and Gareth Bale.

"The simple situation is, I've got a year left on my contract," he told ESPN Soccernet. "It's up to Tottenham whether they want to extend that contract or not."

13/06/2012 23:06
Should never have left Pompey Harry, the only club you won trophies at.
13/06/2012 22:58
And Totters slide back to familiar obscurity!!
13/06/2012 22:55
Oh well spuds, you can now shift the focus on getting a new manager rather than focusing on whether or not RVP stays at  Arsenal.

Has Levy become the new Abramovich? Getting rid off your most successful manager in ages.

13/06/2012 23:22
news on the radio up here in the pool Moyes is favourite for spurs again ! HOPE NOT kenwrite pull your finger out your arse and give moyes some money and keep are players
23/06/2012 19:19
June 23rd 2012. Are your editorial staff still alive?
13/06/2012 23:28
if this is true then it shows that 'arry Is after his last payday....otherwise he would've accepted the one year rolling contract.
13/06/2012 23:20
Harry only has himself to blame. He had a top job at Spurs but threw it to the wind when he thought he was getting the England post. He let us all down - including England fans.
13/06/2012 23:01
no way will dalglish become a possible manager for everton
13/06/2012 23:08
successful managers  They can't do the job if they hav.nt got millions to spend. Good managers are the one.s in the lower divisions One good thing came out of this "HE DID'NT GET THE ENGLAND JOB"
14/06/2012 11:08

Told you all he'd walk once the going got tough!

No CL footie, no more money in the kitty to spend on expensive signings.

A spend spend spend manager that has left every club he has managed in financial sh1t.

His off filed antics cost Spurs 3rd spot and CL footie.

No wonder Levy lost patience with him.

Failed 2 years in a row to secure CL footie and Levy invested a small fortune in Spurs. 

Overrated manager that has won one FA cup in 35 years and spent a fortune bankrupting the club in doing so!!!

What's wrong with a 1 year rolling contract?

If you're good enough the results will speak for themselves and the chairman will offer you a new improved contract.

Deliberately put himself in a position with Spurs where Spurs had no option but to let him go by making demands on the chairman who finally wised up to Redknapp.

Pity some of you Redknapp sycophants haven't done so yet!!!

14/06/2012 16:54

We should all be glad that Levy has finally wised up!  Greedy Old Harry's  just got no  loyalty.

It's blatently obvious, in the wake of the disaster  that Rednapp started with Pompey and Southampton.

Good honest established  Clubs that now  struggle to survive, after  Harry's had his hands on the money. 

Levy is wise to Rednapp's greed and lack of loyalty so he has finally given Harry the OLD Boot.

Martinez would work wonders with the Spurs Squad. Get to it Levy and please  Spurs loyal  supporters.

13/06/2012 22:53

Manager roundabout time.


Redknapp leaves, he's replaced by Moyes, who in turn gets replaced by Dalglish.



12/07/2012 21:45
It's now 12th July! (FTP !! ) Harry's long gone. Wake up MSN.
11/07/2012 14:59
11/07/2012 14:25
13/06/2012 23:23

Spurs need to get rid of Daniel Levy. What is he thinking, only offering a 1 year rolling contact? And this is the latest of his strange decisions, all starting with when he got rid of Martin Jol and sold Dimitar Berbatov.

 Harry has achieved the target that was set. This decision will come back to haunt him.

 Whenever Spurs seem to be getting it right and challenging, they go and drop a bombshell on themselves.

13/06/2012 23:39
Redknapp leaves post as Tottenham Hotspur manager

Manager Harry Redknapp leaves Tottenham Hotspur after almost four years in charge at White Hart Lane despite having 12 months left on his deal.

14/06/2012 06:26
Redknapp said he would of taken the England job, theirs no loyalty in football its all about money...he also has a new agent that has something to prove... its been a great 4 years under harry as a spurs fan, he gave us back our swagger we were harder to beat not just a role over... i for one hope the chairman has a few tricks up his sleeve when choosing the next manager. can i say that David Moyes is not the man...but Martinez or Guus Hiddink even Ian Holloway... should be considered...but my pick is FABIO CAPELLO...ITALIAN MANAGERS all the rage at the moment...?
19/06/2012 08:08
It's about time. Harry Redknapp is one of the most overrated managers. I'm so glad he never got the England job. It would have been like Kevin Keegan all over again. He plays attacking football with good players, but go one goal down or they can't break down a defence and Harry is tactically inept. Take away Spurs with the millions he had to spend and Harry is nothing.

As others have said, Harry is all about the money and has no loyalty to any club. He goes to clubs, bankrupts them and then moves on. Sure he plays some nice football with Spurs for HALF a season and now everyone thinks he should be England manager. The fans and media are so fickle.
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