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Reds confident of keeping Suarez

Luis Suarez will stay at Liverpool, according to Brendan Rodgers

Luis Suarez will stay at Liverpool, according to Brendan Rodgers

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is confident he can fend off any interest in Luis Suarez.

Italian champions Juventus are reportedly ready to make a move for the Uruguay international if they get any indication he is not entirely happy on Merseyside, but Rodgers is adamant the 25-year-old wants to be part of his new regime and the club are certainly keen to tie him down to a new deal.

"He's really looking forward to being here and we are obviously hoping that we can get him on to another new contract. He's really looking forward to the new season," said the Reds manager.

Suarez had a difficult time last season having been banned for eight matches after the race row with Manchester United defender Patrice Evra, and he may be absent for Liverpool's pre-season tour to the United States as there is a good chance the striker will be part of Uruguay's Olympics side.

However, the former Swansea boss will take that prospect in his stride.

"As a manager you want all your players in and together but there will be a number of players away for that (the Olympics)," he told talkSPORT. "The most important thing is to get fit. If he is in the Olympics he will be doing pre-season with the Olympic squad."

Rodgers has still to make his first signing since taking over from Kenny Dalglish a month ago, although the club have not given up on Hoffenheim midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson - whom he had on loan at Swansea last season - despite Tottenham appearing to have jumped to the front of the queue by reportedly agreeing to meet the 22-year-old's wage demands.

But there are not wholesale changes within the squad, despite them finishing eighth last season.

"I'm looking forward to bringing in three or four players that can really affect the group," added Rodgers. "I've got a wonderful group of players here at the moment.

"I read every day players that are linked with here and unfortunately, especially for the supporters, it's a difficult time because you've got agents linking players with Liverpool just purely because it's great for them to be linked with such an institution of a club. But the reality is there are very few players who can come and make a difference to Liverpool."

03/07/2012 11:59


03/07/2012 12:16
Hope he doesnt get picked for the olympic games rather see him doin pre season for the us cant wait to see who we sign and the style of play rodgers will be moulding the team into well excited !
03/07/2012 18:13

Cant' believe this racist crap is still going around. We all know he is not a racist, he just had a moment of stupidity and i think everyone can relate to that, no one is perfect.

I can't see him going this summer, he will be playing for Liverpool again next season. Rodgers has only taken over a few weeks ago and the euro's has only just finished so he needs to evaluate what he has at the club. It has been weel publicised that he will be getting about 100million to spend so expect activity in the coming weeks. Its going to be an interesting transfer window for many clubs.

03/07/2012 17:43
Anthony Salmon                      grow up
03/07/2012 18:37
i'm still not convinced liverpool will make the the champions league in the the forthcoming season they are a long way of that goal at the moment i just think that brendan took this job at the wrong time he is no doubt a very talented coach and his team played some beautiful football last season and i have nothing but admiration for the style of football he wants his teams to play,but the anfield chiefs are adamant they want a top 4 finish or better...nothing more,nothing less and if we are totally honest can we see that happening next season?......not in a million years the guy needs a couple of seasons to achieve that feat i wish him well c'mon the reds prove us all wrong!!!!!
03/07/2012 12:54
And ask for the last paragraph, what a load of rubbish "very few players that can make a difference" there are plenty of players that can make a difference, it just sounds like you haven't got the muscle to bring them in. After last season, we need at least 4 players to make a real difference from last season, only up side with the previous is that towards the end of last season and in the Euros Carols actually looking like he's becoming the players we spent so much on. (though i still think he's not worth 35m)
03/07/2012 18:29


everyone will be adding this season and some more than others obviously on their needs ,it keeps all of us intrested until the season starts ,and the banter rolls into full swing ,looking forward to it ,rogers is a young manager and will bring his own brand of style and player into the club and will want to keep suarez ,regardless of all the opinion that follows him around and will probably in some quarters  never stop ,

I cannot believe Suarez, is a true racist, as what is claimed by some posters in these posts. Suarez, is badly needed by our club, because we have some very tough times ahead. I say : stop slinging racist accusations at Suarez, and lets concentrate on the football.
03/07/2012 19:33
Despite what some people think I don't think Carroll was a waste of money, he has bags of potential and i expect to see a lot more from him this season. It was a large amount of money for a young man to get his head around, he went from a team built to feed him to a team where he is expected to support play as well. It's alot to take on but keep watch, things can change. Even as a Utd fan i don't think Liverpool are finished they still have some decent players and they have money to spend. I think alot of people will be eating their words next season. I expect the premiership to be as competitive as ever,
03/07/2012 18:59
i've learned over many seasons that you discount the paper talk and only when there is a press call to show off a latest signing then you believe.
03/07/2012 19:11

Tiley, why do sad people come on here and b*tch without saying anything constructive? Look in the mirror and find the definition of sad looking straight back at you.

03/07/2012 19:05
unfortunately liverpool are taking a big gamble on rodgers as his c.v. shows nothing of note so he can either prove the appointment is spot on or show that he really is just a run of the mill manager,for my two penneth i hope he shows how good a decision it was  
03/07/2012 18:52
Why do DIRTY SCUM BASTARDS feel the need to comment on a Liverpool story, SAD SAD people
Downing has to be the most overated `one trick pony` i have ever seen, not fit to wear the red shirt.
04/07/2012 04:16

Paul. You mean Suarez seems like a winner so doesn't fir Liverpool's 'travails'?


Anthony Salmon. Rodgers is from Northern Ireland you pratt.


As a neutral I am looking forward to seeing Liverpool develop well this season. I believe Brendan Rodgers will turn out to be a great appointment. I also believe the new American owners are clever people and will make the right decisions for Liverpool FC including giving Rodgers at least 2 seasons. They gave Kenny his chance, but he let them down badly in the transfer market. They will now be far more careful, so don't expect many big money signings.


04/07/2012 00:21

over many years i have followed liverpool's travails however i can't see where suarez fits the mould

03/07/2012 19:25

I think liverpool are finished as a top club, Dalgleish saw to that by wasting Millions, poor decisions, and blaming everybody else when it went wrong.

I cant see the owners stumping up much more after so much was wasted on Carroll,Henderson,and Downing, who no matter what anybody says were bad buys.

Along with that they have got Mickey Mouse as a manager.

03/07/2012 12:46
All the big clubs have made at least one signing, and Big names at that, and the only News we get is Liverpool are confident we may keep are best player of last season...**** What is Rodgers playing at, get on with it!!
03/07/2012 13:23
the good new is if you finish 6th.......hey an improvement.......good old Brendan........lol
going to miss Kenny though ..cant see mr Rodgers ramblings being as entertaining..

03/07/2012 16:53
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