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Reds open Bellamy move talks

Liverpool's Craig Bellamy recently competed for Team GB at the Olympics

Liverpool's Craig Bellamy recently competed for Team GB at the Olympics

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has confirmed the club are in talks with Cardiff to let Craig Bellamy return to south Wales.

The 33-year-old has just completed his Olympic Games duty with Great Britain but is now keen to return home for the final years of his career.

"We have been in talks with him and Cardiff," said Rodgers.

Rodgers revealed he spoke to Bellamy during the early stages of the summer, where the striker revealed his desire to be back closer to his family.

"I had a really good meeting with Craig before I moved up here," said Rodgers. "He is a big Liverpool supporter but I also understand his thinking. He is 33 and has travelled around the country all his life, so there are compassionate reasons. We will look at it but we will wish him all the best and move forward."

Rodgers has also confirmed Liverpool would have to receive an acceptable bid for defender Daniel Agger, who has been the subject of interest from Manchester City, before they would consider parting with the Denmark star.

"Daniel is a top player and you do not want to lose your best players," said Rodgers. "He has been here seven years. He loves the club and its supporters. But every player has his price and we will see where it goes."

There has also been plenty of speculation surrounding record-signing Andy Carroll. However, Rodgers spoke positively about the £35million forward, even if it does seem increasingly likely he will leave the Anfield outfit before the transfer window closes on August 31.

"Between now and the end of the window there are going to be players feeling a little bit unsure and insecure," he said. "But Andy has been terrific. He knows exactly where he stands. He is like everyone else. He has to fight for their position. There are not many clubs you could go to and be a guaranteed starter.

"I understand Andy wants to play games. But he really enjoys it here. I have had a number of conversations with him and we will see how that develops."


If he does go then he goes with the blessing of us LFC fans, Cardiff is his favoured destination to be nearer is family and who would deny him that, he has served us well


I wish him all the best for the future

The way he's played in the Olympics no one would bet against a Cardiff promotion if he went back to them. Its a generous move by Liverpool though. He's a class act [ even if  too gobby] and any team that lost him would be weaker as a result, and its a credit to  the Club and Manager that they'll let him go on these very personal grounds.
08/08/2012 15:09
08/08/2012 17:07
Bellamy is a workhorse that doesn't know when to stop. So? He's 33, he's still got a lot to give. We need players of his stamina in the England team.
08/08/2012 16:08

Does Rodgers know what he is doing?

Bellamy has showed, especially during the olympics that he can still change games and has still got the ability to worry defenders. Liverpools attacking line, minus Suarez is poor especially if Carroll does move on.

08/08/2012 14:24
I have never been to Cardiff but if it is anything like Myrtha Tydfil then I can't blame Bellemy for wanting to live there. Never in my life have I been given such a massive portion of fish and chips at the chip shop. I felt like I had gone to heaven eating my fish and chips in such beautiful surroundings. I hope Cardiff has as big portions for Bellemy and that the benches are comfortable. 
08/08/2012 16:26
He was probably the GB outstanding performer in the olympics. As to his Liverpool chances, I would very much doubt that he would start many games, and with the age factor you could not see the amount of appearances increasing. Probably time to move on.
08/08/2012 20:37
Craig had a brilliant Olympics and was a major link in the GB performances. My Mam has been telling me about His fantastic work in poor places and the dedication He gives in this area...A truly nice Person with a big Heart.
08/08/2012 17:44
Lewis Day, I am back at home now from my fly fishing expedition, but saw your tractor parked outside the chip shop at wivlescombe before I left somerset. I could just about make you out through the steamy window in your wellies, corduroy trousers and with your old soldiers beret perched on top. Maybe you should have a word with that old rascal Hoogstraten who posts on here occasionally. He has very generously given away some of his old pin striped suits in the past to the likes of Beirut 68 etc. I am sure you would look much smarter in the chip shop dressed in that clobber. 
Christopher Williams, you are a rascal, winding up all those Highbury devotees. Have you know conscience Williams ? just think of how much blood pressure you have raised among the Highbury faithful.For goodness sake, you have shortened the life of some north Londoners, is there any low level you will not descend to ? Poor old Gooners, sorry Gonners. Christopher, all my tractors are John Deere, make, painted : green and yellow. You probably saw my neighbours tractor, which is a : New Holland, painted in a blue livery, he probably was on the cider.
Christopher Williams, that notorious baiter and winder upper of Arsenal fans, should try the : Sea Shell chipper in Lisson Grove, North West london. I think that all the chemical laden fish and chips, and Brains bitter he consumes in Wales is making him rancorous against the Arsenal. I will have to have a word with his mum.
08/08/2012 22:04

Bellamy was an inspiration to watch in the Olympics and the driving force behind Team GB.  Him leaving Anfield will be Caerdydd's gain and Liverpool's loss.  He's a grafter, no question.  A few more like him in the Liverpool squad and we'll be a force to be reckoned with.


Bellars, we hope to see you again at the Disney Training Camp next summer mate!

08/08/2012 19:58

It is not Highbury any more old chap......It's that wonderful stadium called the Emirates......within it's hallowed walls lay  all the wonderous things that people who visit expect to see....Once inside it easy to see why people fall to their knee's and start to pray to the football gods...For allowing them to step within the wonderous walls of the Emirates Stadium......The Place where the god like figures play their football. on that wonderous football pitch....It feels so privilaged to be allowed inside.....watch the football and walk out feeling so wonderful inside.....If you visit the Emirates Stadium.....You wiil walk outside and shout.to the skies.........Thank you Lord for letting me live to see inside  this wonderful Stadium....

Nothing to compere with it.......Oh go on you ManU lot.....ManC lot.....have your say...about your piles.....and any one else.......I say this If you aint been .You cannot comment..But I know we will get a lot of bulls****ters on here claiming they have..........If you have... what is the first thing you see when entering that wonderous stadium...


"Dont ask me I have never frucking been".......


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