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Report: Police clash with City fans

Claims of a clash between Spanish police and Manchester City fans have been reported

Claims of a clash between Spanish police and Manchester City fans have been reported

Claims of a clash between Spanish police and Manchester City fans prior to the club's Champions League match against Real Madrid have been reported.

Natalie Pike, a matchday presenter at the English club but in the Spanish capital as a fan, tweeted about a disturbance at a bar.

About an hour before kick-off she tweeted: "Just watched spanish police batter city fans. A big group of about 100 of us outside a bar opposite the stadium and they tore in battons up. No one doing any harm at all. Very scary stuff. So out of order."

She added: "Been going football 20 years never seen anything like it. On my life city fans doing nothing but singing and having fun.

"Women, kids, teenagers, all treated like scum. So out of order. Am so upset.

"The bar was so busy people were standing on the street outside. All innocent and friendly. No warning, no one asking us to move.

"The police just got there batons out and moved people along by smacking them."

City fans had travelled in large numbers for the eagerly-anticipated Group D opener.

18/09/2012 21:52
19/09/2012 07:53
Out of order if they were just having a good time
19/09/2012 09:36
The Spanish police are well known cowardly kuntz, who are brave when mob handed. Most Spaniards act tough until you stand up to them and then they run away.
19/09/2012 06:47

Now does this report say City fans were doing anything wrong? NO

So for all the Utd fans commenting read the report and get the facts before you start throwing stones,

the report was written by a match day commentator who happens to be a City supporter in Spain as a fan.

The match was enthralling not the 6 - 1 result we had against you on your home ground but a match

that was played with respect and a ref who saw that the game was played fair, maybe some of the UK refs should take a leaf out of his book, its not about supporting either team its his job to be neutral something certain UK refs seriously lack. 




19/09/2012 12:01
unfortunately natalie , that is the way the latin countries respond to following your team. they treat it like a mini invasion and havent the cluedos to understand you are there only for a day or 2.  the northen hemisphere police are a bit more likeable and allow you to go on about your daily business without hinderance . but watch out  if your not. same goes for the israelie old bill when the euro champions played there. a very similiar report came out when the geordies played in scicily a few years ago. the spanish/portugues/ italian police are just thugs in uniform
19/09/2012 08:46
(ste99) and salford steve, were u there?
19/09/2012 14:00
spanish wankers,should kick the **** out of the greasy **** when they come here
19/09/2012 19:42
lock the city fans up and throw away the key! dishonest mouthy arrogant to55ers! gloryhunting tw ats!
18/09/2012 23:24

I seriously cannot wait to read you Rag Muppets bleeting and crying like babies on here write after your trip to Galatasary,  on your way back to Dublin, Stockholm and London or from your Armchair clueless as to where Salford actually is !!!!!!!!!!!
19/09/2012 09:53
These buggers will always support the Argies over the Falklands
18/09/2012 21:50

typical city fans bringing shame on english football!!  they should be ashamed of themselves!


notice the "we didnt do anything wrong" part!!  mmm arrogant city fans with all the mouth on ere etc most are as arrogant as there idols idiots gallagher!! 


priceless joe harts interview!! loved it!  absolutely loved it!

18/09/2012 22:09
18/09/2012 23:30

awww poor phil crying and sticking his dummy out because his team lost a game!  56% of fans in manchester are utd fans lad!  were a global club its got something to do with being one of the biggest clubs in the world!  something your team will never know about! just a small club with a rich owner!  it wont last long then u can go back to stockport!


btw i do a lot of travelling in my job, god u city fans get around these days didnt see any around and all of a sudden u come out of the woodwork!  and u call us gloryhunters! thoe in glass houses phil!!  that asides most city fans are jealous vile fans!

19/09/2012 11:27

peitro massa and Steve Hughes, Get a room.

Hey Steve, Are generalisations always wrong? Or is that being generalistic again? Idiot

18/09/2012 23:38
phil i think it might be the city fans bleeting and crying like babies!!  taking their beatings in spain (well the proper fans anyway!!!)  its a bad thing city being in europe with their arrogant behaviour they will get english football in trouble!
your an idiot williams....do you always strereotype people? 
18/09/2012 23:34
That's Phil there on his way home from watching City at errrrrrr the pub
19/09/2012 10:45

Steve,  just ignore the ignorant, racist jerk



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