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Rodgers: Carroll wants Liverpool stay

Andy Carroll has no desire to leave Liverpool, according to Brendan Rodgers

Andy Carroll has no desire to leave Liverpool, according to Brendan Rodgers

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers insists Andy Carroll is happy to stay at Anfield.

The England international has been linked with a move away from Merseyside after he struggled to make an impact since joining from Newcastle for £35million in January 2011.

But Rodgers is adamant the striker, who came off the substitutes' bench in Liverpool's pre-season goalless draw against Tottenham in America on Saturday, is still in his plans for next season.

Asked if there had been any offers for Carroll, Rodgers said: "Not that I am aware of. Obviously I'll know more when we get back.

"There has been a lot written about Andy, but you saw today he's happy to be here and he's worked very well since he's been here.

"The reality is he's still a Liverpool player, he can fit into how I want to play, and he's happy here.

"I'm certainly not wishing to push him out of the door."

Newcastle have had an initial offer to bring Carroll back to Tyneside turned down.


Of course he wants to stay and why wouldnt he, he is developing as a player and has years ahead of him, he is still on a learning curve and some grit & determination will improve him as a player.


I read so much crap written about him just because of the price tag on his head, but he has shown steady signs of improvement in his last few games for club and country and shown he is willing to stay and fight, it would be foolish to let him leave without giving him a proper chance.

29/07/2012 04:37
No matter what all the anti-Liverpool brigade say (the jealous ones) there is not a single defender in world football that would relish coming up against Carroll. I accept the big man has not been anywhere near the unfair price tag placed on him (due to circumstance more than ability) and he hasn't shown anyone what he is really capable of in a Liverpool shirt. However with a bit of confidence and fitness he has the ability to tear any defender in world football to shreds. I am sure people will laugh at this concept but that does not matter. I can guarantee that if he stays with Liverpool or not, Carroll will make a big impact in English football for many years to come.

I personally hope he stays with us as I feel he has so much potential to offer however if he does move on I can understand and respect for Rodgers is aiming for. 

hahahahahahaaaa, the manure fans r up early today ...................................
29/07/2012 06:17
He's a goalkeepers worst nightmare and not even the likes of John Terry could contain him. 
Good to see this issue put to bed.
29/07/2012 09:01
Liverpool would be stupid to sell him, he's just starting to prove his worth. He was Englands best forward at the Euros by a mile, with double the workrate of Wellbeck.
The reason that Andy Carroll, is still at Liverpool, is that no other clubs are willing to pay serious money for Carroll. West Ham, are said to have offered fifteen million pounds for Carroll, well don't believe it, Gold and Sullivan, are no fools and would not pay over the top for any player. Mike Ashley, the Newcastle chairman, wants to buy back Andy Carroll, for silly money then flog him on again to a club that will pay daft money for Carroll. Ashley, conned Liverpool once, and to be conned again by this cockney wide boy would be gutting.
29/07/2012 11:45

Hi everyone. To all those LFC haters/jealous I keep saying and reiterate this. THIS IS LFC THREAD not Manure or any other clubs so just go look elsewhere for your crap comments. I do understand that most of the threads are about LFC (sorry we can't help it we are still regarded as a legendary club).

As a LFC supporter having seen the pre-season games so far all be it with the youngsters, the signs are there to be seen BR could be the signing of the decade. I can say confidently BR will put LFC back in the CL well within the 3 years of his contract.

29/07/2012 14:59
robert bell-end your a muppet pal carol has come on a ton since he first joined the reds and its to his credit that he wants to stay at a club that he knows he can progress and be the player he wants to be so do me a favour you plank,get a job.
29/07/2012 11:16
What has Spain playing with no centre forward got to do with it? They will not always have the incredible glut of world class midfielders they have now and it's irrelevant to use Spain as any comparison when talking about lfc and Carroll. He's been slow settling in but so was Drogba at Chelsea. He should be given a chance.
29/07/2012 13:52
malcolm how does your man city shirt fit? did you burn your man u shirts or put them in the bins with the other trash

i knew brendan rodgers did'nt want to get rid of andy carroll ,glad that good he's still in the manager's plans for next season.ynwa and jft96.

It seems Rodgers is attempting to talk himself out of a hole here; a bit like Woy did over Joe Cole a couple of seasons ago "I didn't sign him" etc etc; I'm sorry I'm 100% critical of Rodgers here; his man management skills need massive improvement  - He hung Carroll out to dry with talk of a loan move which MUST have had a massive effect on his confidence - which was probably at a season high following his end of season form and his recent time with England at the Euros. Now (after they decided they can't afford to lose £20m on him) He comes out and says he (Carroll) wants to stay; Sorry Who wants WHO to stay??? Rodgers or the Player? This is really only a PR pre cursor to "Andy's going nowhere" (well not for under £25m anyway), Note how it was Rodgers that said he might "benefit" from a loan move and its now Rodgers again saying "He wants to stay" actually I'd put my money on it that Carroll's said none of these things - its just Rodgers and the club shifting any possible blame away from them and on to Andy Carroll irrespective of whether he gets moved on or not. That way if an acceptable bid does come in it would all be down to "Andy's decision" and not the club who "Did everything they could" to keep the player; and if he stays "We're so glad he (Andy) has come to this decision" Im expecting then that a near acceptable bids been made otherwise why come out with this drivel
29/07/2012 18:26
where do all you idiotic mancs get your information about l.f.c. is it out of fergies monologues or do you all subscribe to your mentors newspaper murdochs daily liar who never only hoodwinked the government which is easy enough as they are all clowns but every utd fan believe they won trophies fair and square when every cup in your trophy room aquired over the last 20yrs is tainted by murdochs influence
29/07/2012 17:42
man utd have been playing without a centre forward since they bought berbatov  for £42m with fee and wages,  people in glasshouses comes to mind
29/07/2012 18:36
Wait until the season kicks off, then we will all see if he's at LP or any other club. :0)
29/07/2012 08:11
If Liverpool decide to play the modern way, sideways backwards then back a bit further, Andy Caroll will be no more use than an ornament. Speedy wingers behind defenders then balls into the middle and i think he might prove his ability.     Thanks Roy for the correction.
29/07/2012 13:33
it appears quite obvious that this is a damage limitation exercise...Brendon has not once in 5 or 6 weeks come out and said Carroll is a Liverpool player and is going nowhere..hes allowed all this speculation without stepping up and protecting him......now no realistic sized offers have been tended he will suddenly fit in....at least he`s bought him a new cushion ..them benches can be rough on the bum 80mins every game...
29/07/2012 17:43

Melcolm, would love to know where you dig the tripe up you utter. Neither Rogers, nor the club, let alone Carrol have ever said the wanted away from Liverpool.

 Gosh Like a follower of MSN who believe a misqoute, twisted for headlining purposes by the ****s on MSN and start drwaong and spouting it out parrot fashion. Carrol isn't going anywhere for Petes sake so you, and the rest of the gullible ones take heed. Struth!

29/07/2012 20:13
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