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Rodgers hails 'outstanding' Shelvey

Brendan Rodgers was delighted his much-changed side were able to secure three points

Brendan Rodgers was delighted his much-changed side were able to secure three points

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is predicting a bright future for midfielder Jonjo Shelvey after a two-goal cameo substitute appearance in the 5-3 Europa League win over Young Boys in Bern.

Shelvey, 20, came off the bench with his side 3-2 down and scored within nine minutes before adding another late on in an impressive personal display.

"He has been outstanding," Rodgers said.

"He is still only 20 years of age and is developing and growing all the time and you saw his confidence when he came on. His (first) goal, we worked it very well and he did what he can do very well and I think he will be a big player for Liverpool."

The England Under-21 international, signed from Charlton in the summer of 2010, stood out following his introduction in the 67th minute. He was making his 45th appearance in a side which started with three debutants, two of whom were a couple of years younger, but he showed what that first-team experience had done for his game.

"I felt it was the time of the game we needed him really," Rodgers added. "It worked well for us because once we got the equaliser they went to more 4-4-2, it gave us the extra man in midfield and we were able to dominate that bit more."

Another player to enjoy a good night was Andre Wisdom, who produced a brilliant leap to power home a first-half header and restore his side's lead after Raphael Nuzzolo had equalised Juhani Ojala's own goal. It was Liverpool's 200th goal in the competition since they first took part in 1967-68.

"In his first game for Liverpool, and especially it being in Europe, he scored a wonderful header," Rodgers said of Wisdom. "Andre has played a lot at centre-back but I think he has all the qualities to be a top Premier League right-back, but they all have a lot to learn and have a lot of work to do."

At that stage Liverpool looked in control, but goals from Ojala and Gonzalo Zarate turned things around only for Sebastian Coates' header to set the stage for Shelvey's double. And Rodgers, who made 11 changes, admits the victory has given everyone a lift after two points from their opening four league matches made it the club's worst start for a century.

"It is important to win. We are in the business of winning," he said. The performance level in a lot of the games has been very good so far and I have been really pleased with the players."

21/09/2012 10:59
Why do Manure "fans" think they need to post on other teams reports? they should get back in their box and shut up!!  
21/09/2012 10:56

@ Steve Jones


Obviously need to go back to Nursery School to learn to count.

21/09/2012 12:13

They beat Spurs 3 - 2 at home two years ago.  Dismissing BSC Young Boys as a mickey mouse club just highlights the arrogance and ignorance of followers, who think football begins and ends with the so called European big clubs. (I call them followers not supporters, though glory hunters would be a better discription. The vast majority probably never attend a football match and justify there allegiance due to the fact they have a club mug or hat which was given to them by their grand parents when they were 5.)

so rodgers should be proud of jonjo shelvey,like to see him do that more in the premiership,but like rodgers has said they still have a lot to learn and have a lot of work to do,but never mind it was a tough game but liverpool came out the winners in the end and that's all that matters really.ynwa and jft96
21/09/2012 11:28
yes young boy are a mickey mouse team but liverpool did put a youthful side out. if you ever wanted to know something about liverpool ask a man u fan
21/09/2012 13:38

@ Steve Jones (again)


Your rmarks about Hillsborough just show what an ignorant creature you are.



21/09/2012 13:10
Typical posts from the ever predictable Steve Jones (always a loser)
21/09/2012 12:20
@Rob Waldron

Can you please not use the Hillsborough disaster as a tool to score points from opposition fans.

Your as bad as those that chant about it.

21/09/2012 12:24
Jonjo was immense.  We have been seeing signs of his improvement at the tail end of last year.  If Rodgers is trying to develop 2 similarly adept Liverpool teams ( one for battling Prem and one for the future), he is already succeeding.  This is the best way for youngsters to get ready.  

SAF did this and this is where Beckham, Scholes and Butt came from. Look what happened there.
21/09/2012 13:18
Not just Shelvey, Henderson did really well playing more of a Lucas type role.
A good result to raise spirits before a tough test on Sunday,
 talking of which, has Alex named his Ref yet?
21/09/2012 13:20
'Outstanding Shelvey'.....what in a line up of really ugly dwarfs??  Seriously though not a bad player with a good attitude...damn ugly though and surely must have some gypsy in him with a name like that?!
OUTSTANDING.......would that be the guy who couldnt even get a game on charltons bench 18 months ago when they were a division lower than they are now.Leave it out rodgers,he scored 2 goas a against a sunday league team.

can someone tell me why is so hard to get an answer from a scouser?

no wonder the report took 23 years to come out, a scouser was probably incharge of it.

21/09/2012 11:08

How can you count this as a good win against a Mickey Mouse team like Young boys.

Rodgers is a joke with his A--se covering comments.

ask rob waldron a question and watch him run a mile
21/09/2012 08:14
Forwards still looked shot shy. I think the score flattered Liverpool.

I still cant get over how many liverpool fans were at the game. about 7?

talk about plastic fans

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