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Rodgers open to big offer for Agger

Brendan Rodgers insists centre-halves like Daniel Agger, pictured, will be valued at 'a premium'

Brendan Rodgers insists centre-halves like Daniel Agger, pictured, will be valued at 'a premium'

Brendan Rodgers has warned Manchester City they will have to dig deep if they want to prise Daniel Agger away from Liverpool.

The Premier League champions have been heavily linked with Agger as Roberto Mancini grows increasingly impatient at the lack of new faces this summer. City rate the Denmark defender in the £18million bracket.

However, Rodgers, whilst admitting he does not want to lose Agger, acknowledges that everyone is for sale if the price is right. "Every player has a price and top centre-halves are at a premium. He (Agger) is one of the leading players in European football, so it is going to be a big valuation."

Rodgers added: "Is he a player I want to lose? No. He understands how I want to work and can play a real pivotal part in how I want to play. But I am a realist. If someone comes in with a massive bid and it is in the best interests of the club, whether it is Daniel or any other player, you have to look at it."

Rodgers confirmed talks with Cardiff are on-going over Craig Bellamy, who wishes to move back to south Wales for the final stages of his career. Somewhat more confusing is the status of Andy Carroll, who has been the subject of interest from West Ham but is only keen on returning to former club Newcastle.

"Between now and the end of the window there are going to be players feeling a little bit unsure and insecure," said Rodgers. "There is a new manager and more players to come in. But Andy has been terrific. He knows exactly where he stands.

"I understand Andy wants to play games but he has to fight for his position. There are not many clubs you could go to and be a guaranteed starter. The point is when that transfer window shuts everyone has to be totally focussed about being here. There can be no regrets about not going if you had the chance to on loan or not."

Thus far, Rodgers has been unable to strengthen and refused to confirm the status of his obvious interest in Swansea midfielder Joe Allen. It is all rather unsettling ahead of Thursday night's Europa League return with Belarus outfit FC Gomel.

Liverpool head into the Anfield encounter a goal ahead, which at least means that the Northern Irishman should be able to enjoy his first home game in charge.

"Anfield is so inspiring," he said. "You see the flags and scarves and there is so much tradition and heritage at the place. That is the draw. That is why I came here. It is a club that can really go forward. There will be no prouder man than myself tomorrow night."

08/08/2012 20:07
I hope Agger stays as he is an excellent player and who would we get to replace him. I don't mind Rogers selling fringe players and dead wood ,but you think he would fight to keep our best players. Why fix something if it is not broken, our defence is good and something to be built on. We have quality in Reina, Glen Johnson, Agger, Skytl and Jose Enrique. Up front we are ok, it is in midfeild that needs sorting.Downing and Henderson need to pull their weight this season or be shown the door. Gerrard is good but getting to the latter stages of his career and Charlie Adams just isn't good enough for Liverpool. We need to be spending money not selling the good players we have. The only reason Rogers got the job is he is a yes man for the board, lets face it he as been told to get back some of the money King K threw away.
08/08/2012 20:15
.........looks like lfc are now turning into a selling club........the decline is gathering pace..........
you would have thought he would have bust a gut to keep Agger and not tout him to the highest bidder, I have never been 100% convinced about the appoinment of BR, but time will tell
08/08/2012 18:56

Rodgers seems to be destroying what was left of Liverpool, with around 3 weeks left of the transfer window he now wants to unsettle his defence. Agger has had a lot of injuries but when he has been fit he has made quite a good partnership with Skrtel.

I think most Liverpool fans are expecting to wait 2/3 years before they see themselves competing at the top again but buy unsettling the team and trying to flog players off to the highest bidder, it will take longer via the championship.

08/08/2012 18:03
We cant let the caliber of this sort of player walk from LFC.  
08/08/2012 17:37
I love Agger and would be gutted to see him go. I would however be prepared to sell any player in our team. Can we replace him? Yes, Do we Have time to replace him? I would suggest not!!! But a slong has a replacement in mind who is able and avaliable. Most of the good centre backs have been bought. We will see but by a big offer I would want £25m plus, £20m is not enough to get a replacement and add to our kitty. Carragher is lacking now and Coates is not ready and for them to fill the void even short term is a massive ask!!! At least this way Skrtle is not being highlighted for offer as he is less indury prone and better on the tackle. A centre back ball player is not essential until the rest of the team is up to scratch!!!
09/08/2012 08:34

I think some of you are completely missing the bigger picture here. Agger has one year left on his contract and at this stage is not looking to sign a new one although LFC did try mid season last season to open talks.


So lets wait until the end of the season or next year and let him leave for free!!


If he doesn't want to sign a new contract then cash in and sell him, I would hate to see him go but its about time these players realise they work for the club not the other way around and that goes for any player of any club.


Also most seem to forget that Martin Kelly is a CB and not a FB, if we sell Agger play Kelly at CB. He was outstanding last season before he got injured.



08/08/2012 18:43
All we seem to hear about is Rendon Bodgers wanting to or has sold someone. Suppose we will have to get used to the new Liverpool way!.
If Agger goes who will play with Skyrtl ?? we have only Carragher as cover, unless u count Coates, which i don't really ........................

I think if City or anyone offer close to £20m we shud grab it. 

Problem is, Rodgers is selling off the deadwood (tho i wouldn't class Agger in that bracket) without adding any quality ............ ??

I know having Lucas back will be great, but he will need games.

I hope re-calling Joe Cole and Aquilani doesn't mean we won't see any major purchases ??

Aquilani could certainly do a job, but he is no Alonso, and Joe Cole surely won't figure that much, will he ?? Is he any better than Maxi or Kuyt ??

Rodgers has only as recently as yesterday promised more signings, but with less than 2 weeks til KO it seems unlikely any 'big names' will be joining us, which will be disappointing to say the least.

I hope he knows what he is doing, honestly, i do hope he knows .................................


08/08/2012 19:31
lets sell another liverpool player and replace with a swansea or has played for swansea player,its nice to know rodgers is planning a bright future...he be trying to anfield next.kenny wasn't sacked he was sold by rodgers.season starts in less than 2 weeks and all rodgers has got in is a chelsea reject who scored for him in the championship at swansea.also he wants to spend millions on joe "who" allen.this season i can see myself becoming a alcoholic
08/08/2012 17:52
Yes, every player has his price in the Big Liverpool Clearout. This probably comes down to a personality clash if Agger has been talking about Rodgers behind his back. Some of the old guard may be plotting a mutiny and Rodgers needs to act swiftly if he is to contain it. Selling them is one solution, giving them a kicking one at a time in the car park is the other.
08/08/2012 21:24
brendan rodgers with weeks to go you start talking that players eg agger can go if the price is right, what sort of confidence does that instil in your players,andy carroll came to the club with a specifc job to do , score goals and has failed badly, now nobodody wants him so we are stuck with a bench warmer for another season,  borini wow, champions leauge dont make me laugh, we will be lucky to get mid table at this rate, i hope rodgers proves me wrong but sack by new year?
Allen in, Agger out, I despair, things just get worse at Liverpool.
Once again we have a new Liverpool manager wanting to spend shed loads of money on a player that's had just one season in the Premiership. King Kenny, did it with the useless Charlie Adam, Henderson, Downing and Carroll. I am not saying Allen is not a good player but he is hardly : Lucca Modric. I am worried, any more money wasted then our Yank owners will stop the transfer funds from flowing.
08/08/2012 19:46

so he wants carrol,bellamy,agger,skrtel to join aquilani,maxi,kuyt out of the door...while he has got in borini (the championship goal scorer) and................nobody.   how many liverpool fans he think he is kidding with this ???  what next we go down the same road as man u by getting retired players back like rush,molby,redknapp,hanson???


Decent Player at a decent price; so I guess he'll end up bench warming at the Council House then
09/08/2012 10:17
F C Gomel on Thursday--just shows how far liverpool have fallen--now just here to make up the numbers--pathetic.
08/08/2012 21:40
there's plenty of players like him around 22 million is too much for someone who you can get for around 5-10 mil. kompany was around the same and he turned out to be really good for city, toure on the other hand was better but was very injury prone.  22 million is a lot for a player that liverpool have received for a long time.  
08/08/2012 22:17
doesnt really matter if they sell him or not. liverpool are a has been club.
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