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Rodgers open to Carroll loan

Liverpool's Andy Carroll struggled to find his best form last season

Liverpool's Andy Carroll struggled to find his best form last season

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers would consider sending England striker Andy Carroll out on loan.

The 23-year-old has struggled to live up to expectations since moving to Anfield from Newcastle for £35million 18 months ago.

He is reportedly wanted on a season-long by AC Milan, and Rodgers said in The Daily Telegraph: "It's something I would have to look at, I have to be honest."

He added: "I'm not going to sit here and say I will never let anyone go on loan, then come in here in two weeks and a player's gone, and you're saying 'you said you wouldn't let them go'.

"There are many things to going on loan. Is it going to be beneficial for the club, that's the most important thing?

"Sometimes a player going out on loan - in general, not just Andy - can benefit the club in the long term.

"It gets them game experience, and they come back a better player, a more confident one. Certainly more so than if they've been sitting on the bench for the majority of the season.

"Andy's always going to be linked with clubs, whether he was here or not. I have spoken to him on his holidays, he knows exactly where he stands, but I have had no inquiries about him."

10/07/2012 10:16

So once again we read a NONE STORY written presumably by a NONE JOURNALIST. The manager is open to various options as he should be. This is simply twisting a reply to a question asked and making it into a Statement of fact, which of course it was not.


Can we have some real stories by real journaists please. Trouble is though, MSN have taken away the option to express your opinion in the blogs when a real story is offered up. MSN you could be a world beating blog site, but your more of a rubbish dump.



This could be a blessing in disguise for both club & player if indeed he does go out on loan, personally I would like him to start the season with us especially if he can continue the form he showed at the end of last season.


he is a works in progress, very young and has time on his side, so to go out on loan especially has already mooted to AC Milan then it could be a good thing.


but if he doesn't go out on loan that suits me too.

10/07/2012 10:04
What the hell are we doing loaning out Carroll, when we need all the fire power we have playing for Liverpool. Andy Carroll, has to prove him self at Anfield, and not at Milan, he either has it , or does not have it. If he cannot hack it at Liverpool, sell Carroll, and with the money buy a proven striker. The problem with Carroll, is that he is highly inconsistant, and likes night clubs more than the training ground.
10/07/2012 15:47

What a lovely bit of business that was from Mike Ashley and his cockney mafia.......Sold for £35 million and then bought Demba Ba for nowt and Papis Cisse for what seems a bargain £10 million  -  Howay the lads!!


10/07/2012 10:00
I agree with Steve. Buying a striker and then not giving them the service that they require is stupid. Give Carroll some respect. Yes players can adapt to new team styles, but denying them the chance to do what they have specialised in is ridiculous. 
10/07/2012 19:57
you can say what you like about mike ashley, but he really can sell a player.
Only yesterday, BR said that Carroll was going nowhere. This was in a press conference. Believe what you see and hear. Why would LFC deal with AC Milan after they have reneged on their promise to buy Aquilani? Italian clubs are not to be trusted. Big Andy should be allowed to terrorise English defences for Liverpool and not be carted off to Berlusconi's toy club. YNWA
10/07/2012 10:01
i agree with clive, at the end of the season Carroll showed why we signed him in the first place, he also did a fantastic job when called upon in the England games. I think if we want to do well this season i think we need to keep him up front with Suarez. Looking forward to the new season
10/07/2012 13:55
I would like to see Andy playing a t anfield this season , as part of a Liverpool team , If Brendon wants rid of him he should sell him and not send him away , the lads needs games and a quality midfield to feed him the ball .YNWA.  Oh and to the mupet who wants to get rid of our Kop and the song we sing , get a life !
10/07/2012 11:17
This is not a bad idea for Carroll and the club. Carroll cost £35 milllion selling him now you make a loss, You loan him to a better team "ala" AC Milan he gets experience, plays Champions League games and his value goes up. Also Liverpool get their man back. This also benefits the England squad. 3 of the best English players of the past 25 years played in Italy. David Platt, Gazza and Paul Ince.
10/07/2012 12:01
Jesus, what a pathetic story. The man says he would always consider loan moves if he felt that was right.  Think the media have taken the bait and spun some silly yarn....again! Let the silly season commence. 
10/07/2012 12:31
Give the guy a break he was excellent in the euro´s at least he tried not like overrated Rooney who in view is unfit and is not playing like a striker. The England Manager should be Harry and to be honest the newspapers picked Rooney. I think Carroll played the dogs nuts for England and he went up and down the pitch with ease. I think the England Manager should play Carroll and Defoe not just put one Donkey up front like Rooney and hope for the best. Over-rated over-payed and over-the hill. 

10/07/2012 12:31
All this interest in Carrol from AC is just bull**** blown up out of proportion just because an AC staff member said he liked the look of Carrol during the Euro's (he was pushed to praise any english player). Cmon people wisen up.
10/07/2012 14:25

He started playing well towards the end of the season and lets be honest now.. he played good in the Euro's when he played. Seems a bit harsh reading most of the comments about him after his improvements. I do hope come the end of the season I can laugh at you all for your quick to judge attitudes :D


What I do find funny is the AC Milan link, if he wants more game time AC Milan isnt the place to be as he would be hard pressed to even make it onto the bench let alone their starting 11.


Anyways good luck to Brendan as hes got an uphill battle - 1/2 the kop already hate him because hes taken Kenny's job so hes not going 2 get much support there and the other 1/2 dont think hes up to the job because their still deluded Liverpool are 1 of the best.

10/07/2012 20:56

Sure, Milan can have Andy.


Just as soon as they send Pato our way...

10/07/2012 18:15

Madness! He can't let carroll go on loan, he needs premiership experience for Liverpool. Carroll has a great deal of potential, he showed that at Newcastle and those abilities are not lost with a transfer. He has had time now to get used to being a highly paid, highly rated youngster, he has had time away with England and would have learnt from that. I'm thinking that he will have a good season at Liverpool if he is allowed to do so.

Andy Carroll will be a great English striker just you all wait and see, and thats from a Utd fan.

10/07/2012 16:18
WHat a fool Rodgers is. he seems to be going down the john gregory route of talking too much. What signal does it send if a few weeks in the job he is talking about sending out a 35 million pound striker on loan rather than give him a chance or try and get the best out of him. How is it in the clubs best interests to send a 35 million pound guy out on loan he isnt exactly a 20-22 year old youngster. Hes a 23-24 year old. Its not a Sturridge type situation. Carrol is a couple of years ahead of that hes had 1 full championship and 2 full premiership campaigns and been to a euros tournament where he played in almost every game.
Nobody is having a go at Andy Carroll, the fact is that Carroll, is not doing the business for Liverpool. In the army, if you don't do your job properly then you are told : " on your way " and someone else replaces you. All this nonsense, about giving him more time, and sentiments about his youth ,and he will come good is twaddle. Carroll, is a fully grown man, and as a player that cost : thirty five million quid, Carroll, should be scoring goals. Its not a happy time to be a Liverpool, supporter, when I think of some of the awful dross that is playing for the club.
10/07/2012 13:40
Liverpool, has been in decline for years, and it makes me sad, as a Chelsea, fan I always looked forward to playing the top teams like : Liverpool. Spurs, turned it around and now have one of the finest squads in the league, if Spurs, can do it, then so can Liverpool. King Kenny, has grown old in mind and body, and is not the same man that brought triumph to Liverpool, many years ago, and he had to go.
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