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Rodgers rules out Carroll loan

Andy Carroll has been linked with a return to Newcastle

Andy Carroll has been linked with a return to Newcastle

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers insists there is no chance of Andy Carroll leaving the club on loan, but admits the Reds will consider any offers they receive for the striker.

The Anfield club are understood to have turned down a bid from the England international's former club Newcastle to re-sign him on a season-long loan earlier this month. Carroll's Liverpool future is still far from certain, though, after a disappointing first 18 months on Merseyside since his £35million move from the Magpies.

Rodgers told Sky Sports News: "I've spoken openly and honestly with Andy in terms of where he is at, but I have done the same with all of the players, I have spoken to all of them, I have had communication with all of the group."

He continued: "It gets highlighted more with Andy because he is a young player. Maybe others may not see him fitting in with me, but for me he is an important part of the group.

"There is talk of him going on loan, but there is absolutely no way I would be looking to loan a player like that, especially after the investment the club have paid.

"But his condition will be the same as every player. If an offer comes in for any player at the club we would either look at it, or dismiss it, and Andy's no different to that."


this is old news, we already know that Rodgers will not go for a loan move, but I dont understand why Rodgers who still has not met the guy can bin him without the assesment of the whole squad that he has been banging on about,


We should at least give Carroll another season and see where we are at then, I still believe that he will be a powerhouse attacker if given the right tuition and more importantly a fair crack of the whip to prove himself.

21/07/2012 13:57
I wish the manager the best of luck in recouping anything like the silly price they paid for a very average striker
20/07/2012 11:32
still not worth the money,& everybody knows it,
So nothing new there then. As I often posted it is twaddle and poppycock. Just stupid headlining. And MSN are getting to be the world's worst in this regards.
20/07/2012 14:36
Robert Bellend, you will see a different player in Carroll this season, he has scored goals against all the top prem teams in the past and he will do so again for LFC.
20/07/2012 14:01

" the Reds could consider offers " what club in their right mind would pay any more than 5m for him.

Dalglish watched him score a couple of goals for Newcastle and then thought him to be a good player.

Dalglish must have had a bang on the head, what an idiot.

Wasting a total of about 120m he has brought Liverpool to their knees.

And for your info i am not a ManU or ManC fan.

21/07/2012 17:40
Like Henderson the price tag on Carroll has raised expectations. They are young, developing players but because it's the Pool and because of the money they are expected by some to have an instant and huge impact on the fortunes of the club. Sure, sometimes that does happen (Owen/Rooney), but the norm is players of the 20-24 age group need at least a season or two to adjust to a new club. This season will be pivotal for Carroll to prove himself, the same with Torres at Chelsea. Massive fees raise massive expectations, not every player can live up to those expectations. Let's face it, every big club (and some of the not so big ones) have bought a promising player for bags of money that turned out to be a turkey. As much as I admire Ferguson even he has bought some flops over the years (Veron, Djemba Djemba, Bebe, to name but three), but young promising players are a little bit like race horses, the favourite doesn't always win, and when they don't live up to their billing you just hope you can get some of your fee back from the knackers yard. Have Liverpool backed the right horse? (Cue the donkey jokes). It's gonna be interesting watching.
20/07/2012 15:06
You clearly are a bellend for the endless bile you spout at all things LFC.  The players has never been useless, he has not reached his potential as yet.
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