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Rodwell completes City move

Jack Rodwell has signed for Manchester City

Jack Rodwell has signed for Manchester City

Midfielder Jack Rodwell has completed his switch from Everton to Manchester City.

Rodwell came through a medical on Sunday afternoon as his new team-mates were defeating Chelsea in the Community Shield and has signed a five-year contract.

Although the fee was undisclosed, it is believed to be in the region of £12million. There are a number of add-ons as part of the contract, which could eventually push that fee up towards £15m.

Rodwell will wear the number 17 shirt vacated by Jerome Boateng when he joined Bayern Munich last year. The 21-year-old will have little chance to get to know most of his new team-mates though, as he will immediately join up with the England squad for Wednesday's friendly with Italy in Berne.

"I relish the opportunity of playing with some of the best players in the world and continuing my development," Rodwell told www.mcfc.co.uk.

Rodwell has been earmarked as a player of promise for some time. Unfortunately his career has stalled due to a succession of injuries that have hampered his progress and meant he goes into this week's game with just two international caps to his name.

However, he has played a full part in Everton's pre-season programme after being forced to miss the Olympics and will hope to be involved on Sunday when City open their Premier League defence against Southampton at the Etihad Stadium.

"The hard work starts today as I start to help contribute to the club winning more silverware," said Rodwell. "The season has started really well with the Community Shield win."

Not that Rodwell will be getting carried away on the words of manager Roberto Mancini, who has warned his newest recruit not to expect too much too soon.

"He is young and this is the first time he is at a club that plays to win. It will be different for him," said Mancini. "But in a couple of years I am sure he will be a top and stronger midfielder."

13/08/2012 00:28
" A club that plays to win"  !!! who does Mancini think he is?? knobhead!

13/08/2012 00:06
Rodwell has potiental but like Chelsea did to Wright-Phillips a few years ago, City will destroy his future in the game by leaving him on the bench. To Rodwell it must seem like a good move to be joining the champions but it will be a backwards step in his career. He would be much better off staying at Everton for a year or two and establishing himself as a top player, then he would be ready to join a top team and fit into the side. These days there are far too many young players joining the big-money spending sides too early when they're not ready for that level of football and severely damaging their careers in the long term.
12/08/2012 22:33
So he relishes the chance to play with some of the best players in the world, and the hike in wages couldn't possibly have anything to do with it.  Give me a break, not knocking it, but at least be honest and say the pay rise was part of your reason for leaving a club that gave you regular first team footie for a team where you'll join all the other bench warmers.
13/08/2012 07:53
hope he doesn't go the same way as Adam Johnson
13/08/2012 08:58
i am very happy to get that price for him, he is injured more than what he plays
I agree that Rodwell is a far better player than Joe Allen, but there is no way that Rodwell could have joined Liverpool. The hatred of the Everton fans would have been intense.
13/08/2012 10:55
Okay as a lifelong Evertonian I don't like seeing good players moving on but I do know Everton seem perpetually strapped for cash. Rodwell has moved for money and nothing else. Realistically he hasn't been available to Everton much because of injuries and maybe the money would be better invested in a player who perhaps hasn't got Rodwells potential but would be available more often. As for Mancini's comments about his team, and nobody else,  trying to win then remember that firstly he is an idiot and secondly if it wasn't for Joey Barton getting sent off and gifting the last match he would most likely have been sacked.
13/08/2012 11:50

Running dog, just what is your jealous senile rant about. Of course he wants to play for the best team ... that's why he turned  down Man U - Who can blame him as they won't be a force any more for a few seasons now (Top six maybe?)

 How you arrive  at Man City aren't a top team one will never know, that is is farcical. They must be the best in Britain

 Seems you have took a leaf out of Sir Alec's book who thinks that every good player wants to, and should play for him. Fans alike too.  Just look how he bemoans and call any player or club when he don't get his own way, - or a player chooses to go to a better club! He rants about 'High' wages and TRANSFER  fees, when he and Man U have done more than any british club to promote and set the pace in this regards. Then of course it is, 'Bully for us and tough s***T* for any others. What is sauce, Running dog, for the goose is also sauce for the gander and how he and Man U hate the fact that at last other clubs can matcth their wallet!. Get over it. Stick with your over played, over paid and over aged players. Or do what Man u have always done in the past and OUT BID and out price other clubs!

13/08/2012 09:42

What i don't get about these footballer is why they are such blatant liers. Why don't somebody with a spine come out and say "yeah i moved to city because they offered me double my wages for five years and i don't even have to play for the first team"


Good young talent if you can get him fit and play him. otherwise he may end up like so many young english players no good due to lack of playing time

13/08/2012 10:43

Considering Man U have been reportedly after him for some time some comments are jealous ones. He is a good young player who could become a great player, but who knows.

13/08/2012 11:23
i think rodwell isnt that bad a signing as a squad player at 12-15m ...... they could have ended up getting joe average allen as a first teamer for 15m lol
FAIR PLAY TO CITY...but why do they need him,He's yet to play half a season through various injuries and he's got nothing city havent already got in midfield already.
13/08/2012 20:06
Someone should tell young english footballers that joining a club like Man City is not a good idea.
While the wages are great the chances of playing in preference to existing first team players will be rare.

Don't remember reading that Rodwell has been pushing for a move but with Bankers like Everton's they may have had to sell to get cash to fund purchases. You Everton supporters may be being a bit harsh on the lad. And with the number of competitions City are in  the coming season  he's going to get some games. Not sure where he'll fit in if Mancini sticks with this new structure though.
13/08/2012 11:49
Rodwell is good when fit.  I believe Mancini has brought him to replace Barry. De Jong will leave this transfer window (to germany by the looks of it)
13/08/2012 17:13
Tim you are bang on since the departure of Tim Cahill the  club were looking towards the likes of Rodwell to step up to the plate this season as you say good business for Everton but i think Rodwell may have gone backwards in furthering his football career as regular first team football is a none starter under Mancini at City
13/08/2012 13:28
Being a season ticket holder for a  club outside the Prima Donna League  I dont really care who wins it but Paying over the odds for English players has been going on for years United with Rooney,Liverpool with everyone and now City. Facts are United or City will win the league with Chelsea,spurs and Arsenal scrapping for the other 3 places but still a long way behind the Manc clubs. 
13/08/2012 11:19
Its really sad what Man City are doing to football - i'm not bitter towards man city fans, i think they deserve some success after sticking by their team through all those painful years - But the club is now just buying players for the fun of it - they are monopolising the league so that it becomes impossible for anyone else to compete - in other words - Man city are the Tescos of the premier league.

Is Mancini attempting to have a bigger "collection" of midfield players than Mourinho amassed at Chelsea? Bit like football card collections back in the 60's except with a price value from a different stratosphere. Rodwell's done well to earn probably £100K+ a week to train with kids and warm a bench once a month. He'll be yet another holding midfielder alongside the likes of Barry De Jong Toure Milner et al. 

Seems a good buy to me at : fifteen million quid, but just how many games will Rodwell get ? he has a lot of competition. Wenger would not have bought Rodwell because the kid is British, so he buys a fat Spaniard with an eating problem. 
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