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Ronaldo robs City with late winner

Cristiano Ronaldo, left, scored the winner as Real Madrid beat Manchester City 3-2

Cristiano Ronaldo, left, scored the winner as Real Madrid beat Manchester City 3-2

Former Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo sank Manchester City with a dramatic late winner in their 3-2 Champions League Group D defeat to Real Madrid.

City looked like they might snatch a clash in which they had been outplayed when Aleksandar Kolarov struck late on but Madrid responded to the delight of the Bernabeu as Karim Benzema levelled and Ronaldo won it at the death.

The visitors had taken a 1-0 lead against the run of play through substitute Edin Dzeko in the second half but Marcelo quickly cancelled out the strike.

Ronaldo twice tested Joe Hart in the opening minutes, first after being released by Michael Essien. The Portuguese, booed loudly by City's vocal fans, cut inside Vincent Kompany but Hart was equal to his low effort. Ronaldo then beat Maicon on the left to extend Hart again but City survived.

City had an opportunity after a good break by Yaya Toure but Samir Nasri's effort was blocked. It proved Nasri's last meaningful involvement as he limped off moments later to be replaced by Kolarov.

The Spaniards appeared to be completely monopolising possession as the second half began but City broke away to open the scoring against the run of play in the 68th minute. Toure was again the driving force and his ball for the newly-introduced Dzeko was perfect. The Bosnian took the pass in his stride and finished with great composure.

The lead could not last. Madrid produced a strong response and this time Marcelo got lucky as he cut inside and fired a shot past Hart, with the possible aid of a deflection off Javi Garcia.

City were not content to sit back for a point and looked like they might snatch it when a Kolarov free-kick from the right crept through the box, taking a slight touch off Xabi Alonso, to hit the net with four minutes remaining. However, Real sensed the urgency and powered forward in a pulsating finish.

Benzema turned brilliantly on the edge of the area and levelled with an equally composed finish. It was the least the hosts deserved - but Hart did not deserve to be beaten.

The England goalkeeper again showed his brilliance in the dying moments to save from Ronaldo - but the Bernabeu hero could not be kept out long and he fired in a low shot in injury-time.

18/09/2012 22:16
18/09/2012 22:15

man city team cost over 1 billion


joe harts interview and the look on the city staff/players faces = priceless!


citys defence is a massive problem!  ronaldo 10 shots on goal alone! 8 goals conceeded in 5 games yet only one decent team played!  wonder what city will be looking for in the next transfer window!

18/09/2012 22:48
I really enjoyed this game , exciting and great football from both teams , not interested in who what why and how much these players cost they all delivered tonight , if all CLg football games are like this bring it on !!
18/09/2012 22:30
Ronaldo, WHAT can I say "MAGNIFICO", but then I do live in PORUGAL!
19/09/2012 08:54
Ronaldo !!!! ha ha ha ha harrr, loved it, Madrid destroyed Mercenary City and it was a delight to watch :D
Yet again Ronaldo does the business and the city morons bood him when are they going to learn that it just fires him up,. Proof is in the pudding as they say and I get a reply from someone who would have been booing the man if he had been there grow up and enjoy the football.
19/09/2012 10:04
As usual the normal load of so called football fans appear, not to comment honestly on the match, but to sling another load of expletives and rubbish at each other.  No wonder football has lost its appeal to the vast majority of the population.
18/09/2012 22:31
Being a ManU fan, living in Spain and Ronaldo ( ex ManU player) scores the winner for Madrid against the 'noisy neghbours'. It's like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one! Great game of football.




18/09/2012 22:26
wheres the city fans??  u only come on here when u win!! glory hunters qho can give it and not take it! lovvvve it!
magnificent lol?  Hart should just do his job...Mancini.   Trouble in the camp lol. 
Law didnt relegate United....FACT
SAF wouldnt pay £20 mill for Tevez.  Knew he was trouble.  FACT
The decline continues lol.  
City....always to be known as Manchester's SECOND club. And you know it lol.

19/09/2012 10:47
Manchester Blue.....

How old are you?  Typical answer from a little pipsqueak that takes the truth so badly,  Throw as much name calling as you want hid behind the safety of your pc,  Another keyboard hero.  Sums up how you so called city fans act.  Cry as much as you want,  You are still  second class team

18/09/2012 23:05
andy townsend the commentator just said it all, 2 mins left he says well done joe hart for blocking a shot seconds later he lets the ball go through
19/09/2012 11:56
Manchester is Pike

So then.... You don't even know me yet im a pedo?  How do you know if i'm a pedo or not?  Give me one good reason why you know i am a pedo?  Or is it because thats the only Insult your underdevoloped brain can come out with?   My experience of people that can only talk about abusing kids is the ones with the real problem,  We are talking about football YET you bring children into it?  Now Son....  You tell me who's been thinking about kids?  I've been talking about football......
John...do you really think Mancini has done well with the money he has had at his disposal?

Waddington.  Who gives a flying f**k who is allowed to wear the Manchester badge. I couldn't care less. United wore the Manchester crest on their shirt for donkey's years.  And changed it voluntarilly.  If they wanted to use it...they would. And nothing could stop them. And Manchester city council would be proud for them to do so.
I will repeat.......99.9% of football fans abroad, if asked to name a football ream from Manchester would reply,,,,,UNITED.  And you know it.   City......always known as Manchester's SECOND team. 

19/09/2012 08:51
Andale! ¡Andale! Arriba! ¡Arriba! Yii-hah!   HAHAHAHAA Ranaldo gives a lesson in how not to get too cocky....   Stunned is an understatement.   GOOD JOB RONALDO!!!!
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