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Rooney accepts role on sidelines

Wayne Rooney is suspended for England's first two group games at Euro 2012

Wayne Rooney is suspended for England's first two group games at Euro 2012

Wayne Rooney accepts missing England's first two games at Euro 2012 is the price he must pay for a moment of madness in Montenegro.

With so few world-class stars at England's disposal, Rooney's absence from those Group D encounters with France and Sweden has dealt a major blow to the team's preparations.

Yet it could have been worse had UEFA not taken a lenient view when Rooney appealed against an initial three-match suspension for kicking Miodrag Dzudovic in Podgorica. He told BBC TV's Football Focus: "It is the price I have to pay for making that mistake."

He added: "It happened and I have to accept it. I will just prepare myself as if I was playing and hopefully come back into a winning team."

Rooney looks like he will get additional responsibility under new manager Roy Hodgson. The Manchester United striker was offered additional time off prior to Wednesday's departure for Krakow, although he turned it down.

Rooney wore the captain's armband against Belgium at Wembley on Saturday following the departure of Steven Gerrard and was sat next to manager Roy Hodgson for the official team photo.

So, whilst he was one of those who spoke out in favour of Harry Redknapp following Fabio Capello's exit, Rooney is happy working with Hodgson

"When you have a change of manager, regardless who it is, you always think they might be looking to bring fresh players in," he said.

"He said straight away he would take me, which was nice to here. Already you can see he is very organised, which is something we have lacked during my time with England.

"It is great to have an Englishman in change."

07/06/2012 09:02
Isn't about having a choice. Is about accepting responsibility for his actions and accepting the consequences.

He could easily have said " No, I ain't playing Roy, Find somebody else" but he didn't.

Plus Rooney is a match winner. A great a talent. A wild card so to speak and you need players like that.

Must say though. His conduct last season for United was Exceptional. No real outbursts, No stupid acts of Petulance. Good Signs.

Yeah Rooney has no choice but to accept his role on the sidelines for the first 2 games but he has to be responsible for his own actions, we need him but he hasn't really ever been a match winner in a England shirt.


I am a little more hopeful of seeing some of the youngsters showing that they can be prepared for the next World Cup and we can offer a real threat. the lack of expectation is probably a blessing in disguise as it takes the pressure off the players and hopefully they will  play with no fear and spring a surprise or two,


The big kick off is tomorrow so now its time to look forward to our game against France on Monday,


Good luck to Roy and the the squad

07/06/2012 07:35
I don't think he has a choice DOH!!!
07/06/2012 13:49

As others have stated hes a waste of space in the England shirt, has never performed and most likely never will along with the rest of the "golden boys"


I like the look of some of our future potential though, Young has been superb this season and has carried it into his international career. Welbeck's goal at the weekend was a brilliant piece of football, shame the team couldnt create a few more opportunities for him. And Oxlade-Chamberlain plays without fear, ok he made a couple of mistakes but held his hands up and tried again. Its nice to see we have a player who will try to beat their man. Reminds me a lot of Theo just better and a lot more confident :) Shame Theo hasnt got a similar attitude as he is capable of it.


Good luck lads, do us proud and win, loose or draw we cant complain.

07/06/2012 10:41

world cups (no show)

europa league (no show)

champions league ( no show)

euros (no show)

versus wigan man of the match

and the news paper headlines ROONEY BACK TO HIS BEST

hahahaha, talk about stating the obvious !!

it's not the first and won't be the last ...............................

we get the most simplest of groups and then turn up with the most useless of squads ????

Heathrow Airport will be busy on the 16th, believe me !!
07/06/2012 16:08
Rooney will be missed, but lucky they have Wellbeck to fall back on , is going to be a player of the future
08/06/2012 09:41
Sorry Ferdinand, i read in yeaterday;s paper Terry is there to help coaching???
07/06/2012 18:25
I wouldn't take Rooney on a free transfer. Ones to watch for the future are Welbeck and Young.  Two stars in the making. Young though, needs to play football instead of diving. 

07/06/2012 10:38
rooney WE all know cannot hack it at the big table, he will pick up the scaps every week at man u as the ball is pumped into the box all game and team defend against them and it is a matter of time before it drops at his feet
07/06/2012 14:37
"It is great to have an Englishman in change." 

Amen to that. Now all we need are good English players.
07/06/2012 14:21
in 1966 the legue had no foreign players today it is full of foreigners and all the english are doing what all overweight people do PLAY CRICKET
07/06/2012 16:23
rooney has done nothing for england in over two years F.A.C.T., all this crap he'll be missed and we're doomed without him is utter garbage. if hodgson is going for hus favoured 442 then defoe and bent should have been first choice, if not them two then crouch and young both with good records at international level. when are managers and pundits going to start looking beyond rooney, he shouldnt even be in the squad and no doubt what ever happens in the first two games rooney will be thrown straight back into the first team at the expense of a player who probably wouldn't have done anything wrong. if we're building for the next world cup our team should have been hart richards cahill lescott baines oxlade walcott wilshere gerrard (or barry) defoe bent (or wellbeck)

maybe if a manager actually does what he says he's going to do i.e build a team for the next tournament then we may get beyond last 8 but i fear we're in for another summer of let downs from these over paid prima dona's.
07/06/2012 14:23
cricket is not a sport that is why you can play it until you are 60 at a decent level mmm I do not know what a decent level is because thereis no competitions just bounce games like the ashes
07/06/2012 14:07
We've not had a class team since 1966. Where have all the good players gone? Surely there must be some youngsters that could be developed instead of all the pensioners we have. Stop relying on the older, less able players. As others have posted on many occasions, Rooney is NOT a great player, but United fans think he is. That is understandable as they are blinkered and can seen no farther than Old Trafford on a foggy day. All he does is stroll around the pitch picking up garbage thrown by the fans. He never seems to complete a pass, except when he passes  to the opposition.

I will wait with bated breath for the irate ManU fans to give me the thumbs down. BRING IT ON YOU REDS!
07/06/2012 14:42
There have been plenty of foreign players. Take all the Scottish players we had. They were not eligible to play for England. There were Irish and Welsh players too. City had a German goal keeper in the 50's.
07/06/2012 14:46
I would like nothing more than to have all English players and managers in English football, but that's not going to happen. The flood started some time ago and we let it happen. Fingers can also be pointed at English clubs for employing them. It's all down to greed, and I am including my own team in that.

07/06/2012 09:45

Rooney is just a thug who doesnt turn up for England ---hes lucky to be going at all.

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