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Rooney facing four weeks out

Wayne Rooney sustained a leg injury against Fulham

Wayne Rooney sustained a leg injury against Fulham

Wayne Rooney is being treated in hospital after suffering a nasty leg injury in Manchester United's Premier League match with Fulham.

The England striker was carried off on a stretcher at Old Trafford after the accidental clash with Hugo Rodallega in the home side's 3-2 victory and is expected to be out of action for four weeks. Rooney was charging down a shot by the Fulham substitute, whose boot connected with his leg.

Television pictures showed a severe gash down Rooney's right leg, with blood coming from the deep wound, and United manager Sir Alex Ferguson said: "It was a very bad one. He has gone to hospital. It looks like he will be out for four weeks."

If Ferguson's assessment proves correct it would rule Rooney out of England's Euro 2012 double-header with Moldova and Ukraine at the beginning of next month. In addition, the 26-year-old would miss the start of United's Champions League campaign, whilst also making him a major doubt for the Red Devils' crucial trip to Liverpool on September 23.

"You have to be wary of infection and that kind of thing so he has gone to the best place and hopefully he will be okay," added Ferguson. "Rodallega followed through and caught him - but it was an accident of course."

Rooney's injury capped a bad day for the striker, who had been dropped by Ferguson, who handed Robin van Persie his first start.

That Van Persie levelled Damien Duff's early opener and impressive strike partner Shinji Kagawa also got his name on the scoresheet made it doubtful Rooney would have started at Southampton next Sunday anyway even without his enforced lay-off. Certainly Ferguson was happy at the way Van Persie and Kagawa combined in a thrilling first-half display.

"It was fine," he said. "Obviously it is early doors and there will be a better understanding as time goes on."

And it seems Ferguson is intent on operating with someone occupying a deeper role behind Van Persie, suggesting Rooney will not be able to take his first-team place for granted.

"We normally do that, whether it is Wayne who plays in that role, or Danny Welbeck can do it," said Ferguson. "Ashley Young and Ryan Giggs can play there. We have options that way."

25/08/2012 18:05
not the first big gash hes had,except this one was free,,
25/08/2012 22:30
Asan arsenal fan i hpoe rooney makes a quick recovery .No one dislikes him more than me but even i would not wish an injury like that on any one even him Get well soon
25/08/2012 20:33
Wayne is an example of someone who believes his own publicity. I saw him breaking onto the scene as a really young man and he was awesome. Potentially a great player to come. Instead he has turned into a white elephant. Just an average player at best. He needs to forget the hype and knuckle down before its too late, if its not too late already. Sad really, he could have been a contender. Take a leaf out of Messi's book.
26/08/2012 00:04

RVP has a chance to take control of that possition now. hope welbeck and hernandes also get a chance.  

25/08/2012 17:49
25/08/2012 20:06
When he bought RVP he wouldn't have been thinking Rooney on the bench,  the guy to watch out for is  Kagawa. If those two get a partnership going then Rooney is too expensive as Michael Owen's replacement. So two of England's strikers are bench warmers for their respective clubs now.
25/08/2012 18:32
odds on he'll miss both england games then make an amazing recovery and be back for utd's next game
25/08/2012 19:27
He is an over paid ****, but i don't think that any injury should be a cause for celebration!!!
25/08/2012 19:16
to the united moron laughing at aghero getting injured and going on long holiday
told you your comment would come back to haunt you
ha ha f*cking ha
25/08/2012 20:05
Thats a worry if your a united fan because van persie isnt the most injury proof player himself
25/08/2012 18:24
What a blessing he is out of the England game. 
When was the last time he played a decent game for England? 
When was the last time he turned up fit for an international game?
Hopefully somebody else will play a blinder and eventually he will get forgotten, although it seems whoever is incumbent in the job they pick him regardless.
Club form does not make country form, forget him and move on.
25/08/2012 19:30
looks a bad injury, but as a liverppol fan , i hope the boy recovers soon, no fun it attacking players who get injured.....close call game at 3-2
25/08/2012 18:33
Wow! Anybody would think we'd got some major England matches coming up...!
26/08/2012 09:00
Is there any way the FA can force Alex Ferguson to have surgical stitches........on his gob! As a Scotsman, I'm embarrassed to listen the sh*te he comes out with. Rodallega didn't follow through, Rooney charged in and caused the "accident of course" by himself. I don't like to see Ferguson chewing gum the way he does, like he's an animal that belongs in a field with other cud chewing quadrapeds, but on this occassion he should have continued exercising his chewing muscles rather than his tongue. Pity the TV cameras will still focus some attention on Rooney sitting in the stands at the next few games......I'd be quite happy not to see the stupid, thick, Neanderthal on TV at all!!!
26/08/2012 04:57

Really Rooney will not be missed. 26 more like 46. Rooney has shown how really good he is at drinking and smoking. But years ago yes he was good at football. Now he is not and  is not even worthy of an England place.

Is he a striker? well he puts his tent up near the goal post as he can not run for more than 10 yards.

Rooney waste of space. Waste of money.

Well done Man u on the win. I am not  Man U supporter.

25/08/2012 19:08
who cares about rooney , he gets paid to much money anyway  like most footballers.
25/08/2012 18:59
Cant understand why any fan of football is happy seeing a player hurt. Is that how you want your teams to win? Playing against a team without it's best players? Bit of a hollow victory.
25/08/2012 22:51
Four weeks on the sick and £800,000  . Me?  4 weeks and £1,000. And im better than him???
25/08/2012 19:28
did you not learn anything watching the olympics ....... manners maketh the MAN.......guess you must been out , I not a fan but grow up eh could really imagine mo farrah stevie g chris hoy mouthing off like you....... nah wouldnt happen
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