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Rooney laments shoot-out exit

Wayne Rooney was obviously disappointed with England's penalty shoot-out defeat at Euro 2012

Wayne Rooney was obviously disappointed with England's penalty shoot-out defeat at Euro 2012

Wayne Rooney admitted "it was a horrible way to go out" after England suffered yet more penalty heartache in Kiev.

For the sixth time, England bowed out on penalties, losing 4-2 to Italy after their Euro 2012 quarter-final had finished goalless. This time, they even managed to get their noses in front before Ashley Young and Ashley Cole failed with successive kicks to leave Alessandro Diamanti to belt home the winner.

"It was a horrible way to go out," said Rooney. "We are all gutted. It was a tough game and we all worked hard, so to lose on penalties is a horrible feeling for everyone."

But he added: "We can hold our heads up high. There are a lot of young players in the squad and that will help them in the next tournament."

Although manager Roy Hodgson was understandably disappointed at his team's plight, he could have few complaints.

Other than one Glen Johnson effort in the opening stages, England created barely a chance of note. In contrast, Italy peppered the England goal at regular intervals and, in Andrea Pirlo, had the game's outstanding player.

"It's a sad moment," said Hodgson. "It is always difficult after a defeat, but the support we received was really quite incredible, from the first minute to the 120th.

"The mood back at home and the feeling we have being supported back here has made the defeat even harder. We so much wanted to stay on and give the fans a reward for the support they've given us. I couldn't ask any more than the players gave. They gave their all.

"We have to accept we weren't quite good enough to win it over the 120 minutes and, in the shoot-out, we went down the same road we've been so many times before."

England were like walking wounded at the end, with Scott Parker's Achilles problem forcing him off during extra-time and Steven Gerrard battling to overcome cramp from before the end of the 90 minutes.

25/06/2012 08:51

rooney is a excellent club player. His international performance is not on the same level.

can't see him to be in the rank of world best players.

25/06/2012 10:49
Watch Ronaldo then watch rooney only an idiot would think they are the same class rooney is similar to Dean Windass and that is a FACT
25/06/2012 08:51
back to playing pub teams and commentator saying rooney is back to his best if he plays well agianst reading,west ham and the rest to improve the quality of ball retention they have to play abroad but none are good enough
25/06/2012 09:21

If I was Rooney I would be laying low and keeping quiet.


He was poor at best.


trouble is if he's dropped and we lose the Manager will be crucified by the M U press!

25/06/2012 10:55

Radio & TV pundits were claiming Rooney was England's Messi.

No way, this guy is an overweight lump, on obscene wages from MU., way off the mark when it comes to playing for England.

You just have to look towards Andrea Pirlo, a magestic 33 year old master of the ball.


When someone comes along to show our players the skill of retaining the ball, then the opposition will continue to wipe the floor with England players?

Italy completed 833 passes against England's 364, and possession of 68% which shows how we lost the ball all too often.


Two years to the World Cup, give the youngsters with flair and ability the chance to build a team that can master the art of ball possession.

The FA should also limit the number of foreign players in the Englsh Premiership which I believe is a contributing factor to England's lacking in team cohesion at International level.

25/06/2012 10:47

Im not quite sure why there is so much surprise and upset over the outcome of Euros, A national team that was without a manager until a few weeks before the finals, a patched up team with 2nd/3rd choice players , take that into account I think we did ok. In all honesty im glad we went out to Italy in the end, if we had won on penalties it would have been the wrong result, luck and a good defence and some superb goalkeeping were all that stopped Italy winning in normal time and I think the Germans would have taken us apart and possibly got an embaressing result.


We are not a top team and havent been for a long time, we have to accept this.  


hart played great in all games. Terry played good against Italy, but is now past it. gerrard, best all round performance in the squad over the 4 games. Rooney is too over rated at international level, he never lives up to the immense marketing. defence was good, midfield pretty bad. up front, sh~te.

Italy’s tactics were very good. let carroll win everything in the air. let him have the ball at his feet because he can’t do anything with it. he can’t pass for sh~t. so whereas carroll looked like he had a good game, its only because Italy wanted him to have the ball. Young, should have been taken off for chamberlain. welbeck should have stayed on Rooney off.


roy's last sub of the game, Henderson??????? just when you need to win a game, you bring on henderson?????? why?????? am I missing something?


25/06/2012 08:31
rooney mustnow retirefrominternational duty he is the weakest link
25/06/2012 09:17


WELL DONE at last somebody who knows a bit about football ROONEY should be dropped

his over head fluke last year when the ball was deflected onto his shin was voted by the media as the besst goal for the last 10 years, HE HAD AN EASY OVERHEAD LAST NIGHT AND WAS NOT AGILE ENOUGH TO CONNECT,

25/06/2012 10:03
pirlo played for inter milan/ac milan/juventus won a world cup and two champions leagues this guy is a proven player at the toplevel player , and last night was a stroll in the park it was like arenal v stevanage
25/06/2012 09:20

Fair enough, we seriously lack the true tallent but i still think ROONEY should not have started. I also think COLE.A should not have taken a penalty. 97 appearances for England and not 1 goal.......Blame Hodgson, i do.


Well done TERRY, man of the match for me.

25/06/2012 09:13
We have a big problem with out english football one is the media run it with out the press and the idiiot panel with lineker why dont they say the truth rooney played rubbish he cant run cant tackle all he can do is stand by the goal and wait for people to run there legs of then pass to him that is not a footballer he gets i million pound a month and all lineker and his cronys can say he is not match fit well if he is not fit why play him and why wasnt he taken off half time and let somebody who is fit play the reason he wasnt taken off is that the manager would be bad mouthed  by the press !!!!!!!
25/06/2012 10:09
Well we were beaten by a better team, with around  63% Italy possession and 20 shots on target to England's 4....!! and an Italian midfield general...Pirlo...!! he had so much room....why was he not closed down earlier..?? ...although he did seem to be wary of Carrol when he came on....thought defence played well...with Terry getting stuck in as usual...also have to say for their level...Rooney, Young and Milner performed terrible a times during whole tournament...severe lack of ball retention, when gained... was given back especially by Young..!! and indecision..instead of letting passing flow...far too much hype and self ego on Rooney...good for his team mostly...but not on this occasion....thought Hart had a positive outlook also.. Rooney and Young should have been substituted, along with Milner at half time...fresh legs too...!!

25/06/2012 10:56

if you watched rooney last year in europe where he was not at the races , a normal manager without media pressure would have dropped him from the squad

25/06/2012 09:46
The hype Rooney has had about being a world class player. He may be upset about being knocked out of the tournament, but he was the biggest contributing factor. Talk about a letdown. Man of the match was Glen Johnson. The best attacker we had and an excellent defender with a number of telling blocks and last ditch tackles. Close behind was John Terry, didn't think Gerrard had one of his best games, but he did have a good tournament. Looks like it's back to the drawing board, but I don't think we will win any competitions without a new forward line. Rooney, Wellbeck, Carroll, Young, Milner, Wallcot, Just not good enough.
25/06/2012 09:45

Well i hate to be proven right i stated on a previous post that Rooney was overated and should not have been included in squad let alone play last night.

He was bloody useless anyone who after his two performances in this tornament still thinks he is world class really need to lay off the happy pills!!!!!!

We need to do what Germany did and start afresh.

Rooney,Young,Milner,Terry,Gerrard,and a few others who did not play last night have had thier chance and should never play for England again!!

 time for major change use the world cup qualifiers as a learning period as the germans did and plan long term.

Of course this won't happen because "Rooney can make a difference in a match" and is our only "world class player" so say the experts.

Christ No wonder we are so far behind the best teams if that is what they believe.




Rooney laments penalty agony. What a load of pish. England need a manager with balls, i.e.  Rooney shoud not have even started . He was awful for the two games he played.

Why was Carroll not played from the start? Their only hope last night was to harass the Italians from the air. Also, every man and his dog knew how good Pirlo is - why was he not marked last night? Some of his passes were sublime and the main reason for that was that he more or less was given as much time as he wanted when he had the ball. He ran Gerrard ragged.

I'm an Irishman and will say that Ireland were absolutely abismal - but England gave the a Italians less trouble last night than the Irish did last week.



25/06/2012 08:41
Lets be honest, they have only improved from how they played at the World Cup. Italy had most of the chances but weren't all that impressive themselves. Germany will win the competition.
25/06/2012 10:51
I never want to see Rooney in an England shirt again.
25/06/2012 11:00
rooney is more like spains MANOLO EL DEL BOMBO the famous fan with the drum (16 STONES)
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