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Rooney to captain England

Wayne Rooney will lead England against San Marino

Wayne Rooney will lead England against San Marino

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney will captain England against San Marino in Friday night's World Cup qualifier at Wembley.

The 26-year-old has inherited the armband due to regular captain Steven Gerrard's suspension following his sending-off in the last qualifier against Ukraine and because of a knee injury suffered by official vice-captain Frank Lampard.

After that it was seen as a straight fight between Rooney and Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart for the honour, and the Football Association has now confirmed Rooney is the man. He has captained England just once before, in a friendly against Brazil in Doha in 2009.

Rooney said at a press conference ahead of the game: "It's a great honour, it's something I'm really proud of. It's a big challenge for myself, I'm really looking forward to it and excited, and hopefully we can cap the day off with a good victory."

England boss Roy Hodgson added: "I've enjoyed working with Wayne, we had a good Euros and I enjoyed working with him there.

"I was disappointed when he got that terrible gash and I was even worried it could rule him out of not only the September games, but also the October games. Luckily he's made a very quick recovery and now he's available for the games, and he'll certainly captain the team in the first one."

Hodgson was unwilling to offer any further insight into his team-sheet for the meeting with the joint lowest-ranked team in the world, with speculation in some quarters that key men such as Ashley Cole could be rested ahead of Tuesday's clash with Poland.

"I haven't spoken to the players about the team," he said. "I guess Wayne Rooney realises he's starting the game because he's sitting alongside me as captain of the team. But I haven't told any other players who'll be playing and who won't be. Although I've got a pretty good idea in my own mind what I'm going to do."

Cole's Chelsea team-mates Lampard and Ryan Bertrand will definitely sit out the San Marino clash due to injury and illness respectively but Hodgson hopes both players could yet be fit to face Poland.

"Frank had a scan earlier in the week and tried to train apart from the team but do a bit more on Wednesday morning, and he still felt a slight problem with his calf," he said. "When Ryan Bertrand fell ill we were hoping it would just be one of those 24-hour things but it's turned out to be a bit more of a serious illness than that. We hope to recover him on Sunday along with Frank."

11/10/2012 14:41
what a fkkin joke ! This tw4t cant even put in a performance in for his country, while doing what the phuckk he wants on the pitch. So RH thinks he is good enough to make a difference, while keeping his eye on the others, mediating with the ref ?? A load of ballx, thank fkkk we are only playing a crap team.
11/10/2012 15:02
Wow really choosing 1 of the most unprofesional thusgish players in the team to be Captain and I thought Roy knew what he was doing
11/10/2012 14:45

A reward for not performing in the past?

Is it only me that thought England played better without him?

11/10/2012 16:20
Does this mean he will have to sing the National Anthem now?
11/10/2012 15:05

'England boss Roy Hodgson added: "I've enjoyed working with Wayne, we had a good Euros and I enjoyed working with him there'.


The blokes a fruit cake!!!!!

11/10/2012 16:01
What an absolute joke for this arrogant, foul-mouthed yob to lead his country's football team. Mind you it does illustrate the decline in football's moral standards over the past few years.
11/10/2012 21:22

The most unsuitable person to be captain of England and not a good role model for children.

11/10/2012 19:37
A team captain needs to be firstly a good ambassador for English football not simply a consistent goalscorer which Rooney is not. A team captain also needs to be have a good attitude, be diplomatic, tactful, a good role model and one who commands respect. In fact a gentleman. Where does thicko, hot tempered mouthy Rooney fit into all that? Yes, even Fergie didn't want him as skipper. Now what does that tell you. Buddy Hell  you have described those who criticise the decision to nominate Rooney as captain as muppets. Good use of the English language, just like thicko Rooney which makes you a muppet or is the term wally?
11/10/2012 15:15

Amazing given his track record of playing for his country , i cannot believe he is in the team , yet alone captain still he may try to play better with responsibility.

11/10/2012 15:11
I am a Man U supporter ,but i do not agree with Roy's choice of captain in picking Rooney,not mature enough.
Should have been  joe Hart,other goalkeepers have been captain and  from the back.
Wrong time,when Rooney grows up then perhaps!! ,I hope to goodness he aint captain if we make World Cup 2014!!!
11/10/2012 16:25
Strange that England always meet San Marino for the qualifying games! If England don't beat the partimers of San Marino they might as well stay at home and watch the wolrld cup on the telly!!!
11/10/2012 20:37
did I just read Roy Hodgson say ...we had a good euro....was he watching the same games we were ? Wayne Rooney was the worst performer for England but still the manager kept him on...making him Captain could be a good move but Roy, for gods' sake your not managing Fulham or West Brom now, surviving is not what it is about.It is about WINNING
11/10/2012 19:27

As Diaira O'Brien once quipped: "English is it? Look at his fecking heed!

Has anyone seen the potato-head's lips move during the national anthem? He puts no effort into his game with an English shirt on his back, but let's face it, he's not the only one, is he? He's an item on a balance sheet, just like the rest, and can't afford to get hurt playing for his country. 



11/10/2012 17:06

Hodgson enjoys working with Wayne and they had a good Euros. What the ****..k is this idiot talking about. Come on Roy just speak the truth, Rooney was crap and you like the rest of the country know it.

You have obviously spent to much time with Bernstein.

11/10/2012 20:14
Well Mickey Blue Eyes. You said it.. England are struggling. They have really scraped the barrel on this decision
11/10/2012 20:35
OMFG , If  playing crap, getting sent off and generally a moron to get  to captain England, then god help England, he may do well for utd, but not for England, what was woy thinking of???
11/10/2012 20:12
Oh dear.. Well thats the England team completely finished then. What a captain and an example to the game? What the hell are they thinking.
11/10/2012 15:28
One thing,he may sing the national anthem now,also as my granny would score against san marino perhaps he will increase his goals for england from 2 in 8 years to 3.
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