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RVP keen to prolong United stay

Robin van Persie scored in Manchester United's victory over Crystal Palace on Saturday

Robin van Persie scored in Manchester United's victory over Crystal Palace on Saturday

Robin van Persie wants to extend his stay at Manchester United beyond the remaining three years of his contract.

Van Persie enjoyed a stellar debut campaign with the Old Trafford outfit, collecting a second successive Golden Boot prize as he fired United to the Barclays Premier League title.

It justified the Dutchman's decision to leave Arsenal for a major domestic rival.

And, speaking to former United European Cup winner Paddy Crerand in an exclusive interview for MUTV, Van Persie revealed he intends to stick around for a while.

"I have three more years to go and I would like to stay longer," the 30-year-old said. "I know, and I see people around me, making decisions where I think these guys will look back and say 'was that a good one?'. I don't want that.

"I want to play as long as possible at the highest level."

Winning trophies is a key motivation for Van Persie, who had not won anything at Arsenal since their FA Cup final victory over United in 2005.

Already he has added the Community Shield to his collection.

And he does not feel United should be settling for that.

"That (winning trophies) is what it is all about," he said. "Last year we got one trophy in four. Now we have to look at it from the opposite side.

"We have the chance to get five this year. How many do we get out of those five? In my opinion we should be able to win two or three."

After two games without a win and a goal, United got their Premier League season back on track this weekend, with Van Persie grabbing his fifth of the season in a comfortable 2-0 triumph over 10-man Crystal Palace.

Now the Red Devils prepare to launch their first Champions League campaign of the David Moyes era against Bayer Leverkusen on Tuesday night.

For Van Persie it is a reminder of his only disappointment last term - the knockout-phase defeat to Real Madrid, when the tie turned on a controversial dismissal for Nani, who must serve a one-match suspension.

"It is probably my only regret about last year," Van Persie said.

"The referee played an important part but I should have scored at least one or two goals in those games. I didn't, which I don't like. I have to improve on that.

"Hopefully we can do better this year."

OO Acording to you and the other haters on here United are already finished lol. I think we will wait until the end of the season eh GLORY GLORY
Rooney and Robin must to play together as strikers..and everything will go in old rails.
16/09/2013 12:36
I'm surprise Robin even mentioning it considering he still has a couple of years left on his contract, but it won't just be up to him where he plays in the future, as long as he continues to score 30 goals a season then Moyes will keep him, but as he gets older, his body will slow down etc & whether he can maintain the level required to play at his best remains to be seen.

As usual all the man utd haters come out of the

 woodwork.I bet the haters would love Robin  and Wayne in their team.

16/09/2013 20:35
If VP had contributed as much in the 1st 7 seasons at Arsenal as he did in the last we might have won  a trophy. By the time he pulled his finger out our best players had already gone.
16/09/2013 15:10
if real or barca came in for him he would be off like a shot as most players would
16/09/2013 15:39
RVP will play his career out at OT, with the talent he has that could be for another 7 years or so. I think RVP and Waza make a great team and they would be fools to leave. Long live Wazapersie!

Hmm. City after spending £200 million on an academy, £90 million in player purchases and the allocation of £70 million fro ground extensions and improvements will calculate that after player wages having taken into account, and the sponsorship, TV rights cash they have received they still have in reserve £90 million before they have to balance the books at the end of the season. I wonder who they could buy with £ 90 million in January. 


16/09/2013 12:26
gives him the chance to perfect the swan dive just like young welbeck and valencia. absolute disgrace and refs should stand up to them. watch highlights of reading game, their striker got second yellow, yet young did it (twice) so were was his red? blatant cheats end of.
Lol...laughed my nuts off. king Kenny, the well known Knowsley tranny calling others sexual deviants when he spends most evenings in the local public toilets lol. 
16/09/2013 09:40
no wonder he's making noises about staying with the wages he's on, he'll be wanting to renew it asap as he's on his way down the hill, another two seasons and he'll be playing in turkey or the US.
16/09/2013 08:41

Ye until Madrid come calling and then he will be off like all the others


16/09/2013 07:31
he"ll be finished by the time his present contract expires
16/09/2013 12:27
Not really suprising that Robin Van Pervert wants to stay with all the other sexual deviants at the roach motel.
16/09/2013 10:33
If he gets his new contract RVP will go on the sick, like he did at Arsenal. He only plays when he wants to change clubs or get a new contract.
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