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RVP saga set to continue

Robin van Persie is, despite reportedly being coveted by many clubs, still an Arsenal player

Robin van Persie is, despite reportedly being coveted by many clubs, still an Arsenal player

Arsenal's £20million asking price for Robin van Persie has yet to be met by any club, Press Association Sport understands.

Van Persie announced six weeks ago that he was determined to leave the Gunners, but despite strong interest from Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus, the 29-year-old remains an Arsenal player.

Arsenal rejected a bid from Manchester United for the striker three weeks ago and although the London club appear to have reduced their asking price to £20million, Van Persie still has not secured the move to Old Trafford that he is understood to want.

While confusion surrounds the striker's future, what is clear is that his suitors value him highly.

Old Trafford appears to be Van Persie's preferred destination, but Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany would love to see Van Persie, who scored a staggering 37 goals last season, move to the Etihad Stadium.

"It's very easy to say you want to play next to Robin van Persie," Kompany told Sky Sports News. "He's a great player. He's proved it so many times last season and any team he would play for he'd make it stronger."

Van Persie made his only pre-season appearance for Arsenal on Sunday against Cologne.

The Dutchman, whose contract expires at the end of the 2012-13 season, was booed by a section of the travelling support when he came off the bench, but Arsenal centre-back Thomas Vermaelen is still confident his captain will stay.

"To me he looks fit and sharp in training," Vermaelen said. "He's working hard. He's working on his fitness. I don't see anything (different) and I hope he stays the next four years as well."

Van Persie cited Arsenal's supposed lack of ambition as one of his reasons for wanting to leave, but the London club have been busy in the transfer market this summer, signing Olivier Giroud, Lukas Podolski and Santiago Cazorla.

14/08/2012 19:28

Two games from the end of last season, I watched Van Persie being post match interviewed by a reporter. On being asked ( again ) about his future, he replied - and I quote - " This is a fantastic club, it's my 8th season here and Im very happy. We will sit down in the next couple of weeks and hopefully we can work out a new deal ". After that it changed to " The Board and Myself have agreed to wait until after the Euros to discuss a new contract. There's no hurry ". Then it became all this talk of no extension being signed, different ideas of where the club should be heading and blah blah blah. Lack of ambition? We've just signed 3 internationals at a cost of 40m+, which for Arsenal is quite a spree, and we may not be finished. By keeping RVP we finally have the squad capable of challenging for honours. For a player who was "very happy" at "a fantastic club", joining our biggest rivals makes all that a load of crap. If a player wants to leave then fine, leave and good luck. Just dont spend 8 weeks or more, like players before him, bull5h1tting the fans. That's what annoys me the most!!

15/08/2012 09:26
This is becoming so boring now . As an arsenal supporter of 48 years i would love to see him stay but lets be fair in that time ive seen better players than him come and go. No one is bigger than the club so go or stay lets get on with the new season arsenal its not just about you rvp  . come on you reds.
14/08/2012 18:03

THis guy is a disgrace, if i we`re wenger i would keep him and sit him on the bench for the next year. He's had one good year for arsenal after all his injuries, and through all of that Arsenal stuck with him, and this is how he repays them.

He's clearly after money, nothing to do with ambition of Arsenal...just his last big pay packet before he has to hang up his boots. Well i say hang em round yr neck fella! cause if i we`re yr boss you wouldn't play again.

15/08/2012 06:41

let him go now   his heart wont be on helping  us win atrophy

take what you can get and rember the good times

14/08/2012 19:24
puts andy carrots transfer fee in perspective....this does
14/08/2012 18:04
come on utd ... get your hands on the glaziers money ... they got enough of it from us .....
15/08/2012 02:23
RVP made the mistake of airing his views very publicly. He should have said what he wanted to say behind closed doors and let his contract run down. The Dutch have a tendency to be outspoken. Now he will always be tainted with the disloyalty tag.
15/08/2012 10:13



Mate your talking rubbi**** not about Van Persie wanting to join a bigger club its about Van Persie throwing the constant support Wenger gave him throughout 7 years of injury back in his face because he thinks he is too good for us after one good season when he was nothing but a let down for the previous 7. As for Henry, Arsenal fans have never had a problem with him because unlike Van Persie, Henry made a genuine contribution to the club during his years here and was a major reason we were so successful between 2000 and 2008 or so. He never once turned around and said he was too good for this club, he simply moved on after a long and very successful period in his career for the club. He never showed a single ounce of disrespect the whole time he was at Arsenal. I don't have an issue with players leaving after showing loyality and helping the club achieve its goals, but to turn around and say the club isn't good enough after being nothing but a massive disappointment for 7 of the 8 years he was here is shockingly disrespectful. Van Persie is not in the same league as Henry, as a player or a person. But Van Persie has proved one thing during this sorry affair: with that attitude, he will never be good enough for a team like Arsenal

15/08/2012 07:17
Anyone who believes that any of these 'want-to-be-away' players are doing it because they want to win things will swallow anything.  £200 000 a week is what they want.  If they want to win things, play better.
14/08/2012 22:13
No player is bigger than the club he plays for, so sell him and move on!
14/08/2012 21:55
at the end of the day theyre all greedy cnuts
14/08/2012 23:09
where ever he goes he will be good, looks more like he might end up staying at arsenal or going on a free somewhere, utd have just signed another striker and don't think they need anyone else.
14/08/2012 20:20
DaveBhoy, no hatred here, i'm just saying don't string along the fans who loyally chant your name and basically pay your salary. Without fans there would be no football and this is no way to repay them. @ Lewis Day, you're just as full of it as the next antagonist. There's plent of players waiting to fill his shoes, and the grass ain't always greener......
15/08/2012 07:50

Im a big man u fan and season ticket holder,but i must say if fergie loses this guy for the sake of a few million quid like he has quite alot of times lateley he should lose his job....He thinks nothing of wasting 7m on the likes of bebe but wont pay 3 or 4m more for a world class striker.


sort it fergie






14/08/2012 19:18
Keep him on the bench ... his mind not on Arsenal ... so if nobody buys let him sit it out ....
15/08/2012 08:30

5 years injury prone and not that good, one year playing out of his skin. How valuable does that make Van Persie ? It is a gamble, whether it is worth 20 million I don't know. That money could have just left your back pocket and he gets injured again for 6 months.

15/08/2012 09:21
A lot is being said about the fact RVP has been injury prone since his time at Arsenal. However, I feel he has proven his fitness by playing a full season and competing in the Euros. I also feel the style of player RVP is he could easily play on until he is 35 (as long as he stays injury free) as he has never relied on pace and technically he is excellent. So paying £20 million for a world class player who potentially could be part of your side for 5-6 years seem a bargain. I
14/08/2012 19:42
same nightmare as last season .Wenger get rid and carry on

RVP is now getting past his best anyway, leave him where he is, not worth 15 mill never mind 20 plus his wages, but Man u do need to spend though, and get rid of the yank's as well.

14/08/2012 22:51

Wishing Arsenal fc the best of luck for the season ahead.

We will at all times support Arsenal -win or lose.

I am very glad to see meaningful activity, unusually, in the transfer market by my beloved club.

In all honesty, it will be foolhardy to blame the departing players for all the ills at Arsenal fc.

Wenger remains the best coach in this country by a mile. But his business leanings mean that he will never achieve as much as Sir Alex Ferguson. Not that Wenger cares anyway.

Given Wenger's Acumen, he would not have needed to spend as much as Man U, Man City and Chelsea. Arsenal only should have slightly increased their spending on more quality players like we have done these few weeks and most recently, and this would not have upset the fastidious accountants at the helm of affairs.

We should not be cleverly  manipulated into yobishly turning against our depating players all the times because it is assuming a familiar pattern as it has become shamefully embarrasing. We should not and will not question Wenger coaching abilities because he remains the best. But we should question Wengers failed policies and business preoccupation. Remember youth only policy, wasted opportunities to bring in quality less expensive talents, buy to sell policy, wage structure policy, and trying to play like Barcelona when you havnt got messi, Pedro, Iniesta, Shavi, Puyol, Pique, Keita, Abidal, Valdez, David Silva, Busquets, Gavron, Fabregas etc. All these policies have been abandoned. And we have lost years. Wenger is great but we should not abandon our great club to him alone. ITS NOT DONE IN THIS ERA.

I don't expect us to win anything this season but I am happy at the efforts in the transfer market so far. And thats all we ask for. Good luck to RVP - whether staying or going. Wish he stayed though.

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